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Full-Season Roster & Games by Position

Full-Season Roster & Games by Position
Name Age B T Ht Wt DoB Yrs G GS Batting Defense P C 1B 2B 3B SS LF CF RF OF PH PR WAR Salary
Pete Appleton32us USRR5' 11"180May 20, 190473820383838000000000003.8$4,500
Ossie Bluege35us USRR5' 11"162Oct 24, 190015908590890005215230000021.7$6,500
Joe Bokina26us USRR6' 0"184Apr 4, 19101st5155500000000000-0.2$2,100
Cliff Bolton29us USLR5' 9"160Apr 10, 190758676868308300000000601.1
Joe Cascarella29us USRR5' 10"175Jun 28, 190732216222222000000000002.3
Ben Chapman27us USRR6' 0"190Dec 25, 1908797979797000000097097003.8All-Star
Ken Chase22us USLL6' 2"210Oct 6, 19131st1011100000000000-0.1
Syd Cohen30us USBL5' 11"180May 7, 1906219119191900000000000-0.3
Henry Coppola23us USRR5' 11"175Aug 4, 1912260666000000000000.1
Jimmie DeShong26us USRR5' 11"165Nov 30, 190943531353434000000000011.7
Bill Dietrich26us USRR6' 0"185Mar 29, 191045055500000000000-0.4
Bobby Estalella25cu CURR5' 8"180Apr 25, 1911213013000000000001300.1
Jesse Hill29us USRR5' 9"165Jan 20, 19072855185600000005532601880.8$6,500
Shanty Hogan30us USRR6' 1"240Mar 21, 1906121918191901900000000000.8
Red Kress31us USRR5' 11"165Jan 2, 190510109100109101005330640000801.9$6,500
Joe Kuhel30us USLL6' 0"180Jun 25, 19067149149149149001490000000003.7$8,000
Buddy Lewis19us USLR6' 1"175Aug 10, 19162143139143139000013900000222.1
Ed Linke24us USRR5' 11"180Nov 9, 1911413613131300000000000-0.3$5,000
Firpo Marberry37us USRR6' 1"190Nov 30, 18981451555000000000000.1
John Mihalic24us USRR5' 11"172Nov 13, 191122525252500025000000000.2
Dee Miles27us USLR6' 0"175Feb 15, 19092259251000000010910151-0.4$3,000
Wally Millies29us USRR5' 10"170Oct 18, 190627458747207200000000200.6
Buddy Myer32us USLR5' 10"163Mar 16, 1904125142514300043000000801.3$14,000
Bobo Newsom28us USRR6' 3"200Aug 11, 190764438444343000000000012.8$11,000
Bill Phebus26us USRR5' 9"170Aug 2, 19091st2122200000000000-0.1
Jake Powell27us USRR5' 11"180Jul 15, 1908453535353000000053053000.1
Carl Reynolds33us USRR6' 0"194Feb 1, 190310896989720000000469721700.2$7,000
Jack Russell30us USRR6' 1"178Oct 24, 19051118518181800000000000-1.5$7,000
Alex Sabo26us USRR6' 0"192Feb 14, 19101st41440400000000000.0
Fred Sington26us USRR6' 2"215Feb 24, 1910325252525000000002525000.6$4,200
Chick Starr25us USRR6' 1"175Feb 16, 1911210110100000000000.0
John Stone30us USLR6' 1"178Oct 10, 19059123105123114000000109061141204.6$7,500
Cecil Travis22us USLR6' 1"185Aug 8, 1913413812213812800042711052531202.1$6,500
Monte Weaver30us USLR6' 0"170Jun 15, 19066265262626000000000000.5
Earl Whitehill37us USLL5' 9"174Feb 7, 1899142828282828000000000001.9
Name Age B T Ht Wt DoB Yrs G GS Batting Defense P C 1B 2B 3B SS LF CF RF OF PH PR WAR Salary

Coaching Staff

Coaching Staff
Name Age DoB Role Start Date End Date
Bucky Harris HOF39us USNov 8, 1896ManagerApr 14Sep 27
Nick Altrock59us USSep 15, 1876Apr 14Sep 27
Earl McNeely38us USMay 12, 1898Apr 14Sep 27
Name Age DoB Role Start Date End Date
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