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Full-Season Roster & Games by Position

Full-Season Roster & Games by Position
Name Age B T Ht Wt DoB Yrs G GS Batting Defense P C 1B 2B 3B SS LF CF RF OF PH PR WAR Salary
Spencer Adams27us USLR5' 9"158Jun 21, 1898240104026000163800004120.1$4,000
Win Ballou27us USRR5' 10"170Nov 30, 18971st101101010000000000000.0$3,000
Ossie Bluege24us USRR5' 11"162Oct 24, 19004145145145145000014440000002.4$7,000
Roy Carlyle24us USLR6' 2"195Dec 10, 19001st10100000000000100.0$3,600
Stan Coveleski HOF35us USRR5' 11"166Jul 13, 1889113232323232000000000005.2$7,500
Alex Ferguson28us USRR6' 0"180Feb 16, 1897676777000000000000.9
Goose Goslin HOF24us USLR5' 11"185Oct 16, 19005150150150150000000140200150006.5$9,000
Vean Gregg40us USRL6' 1"185Apr 13, 18858265262626000000000000.5$6,500
Pinky Hargrave29us USBR5' 8"180Jan 31, 1896351510100000000400.1$3,200
Bucky Harris HOF28us USRR5' 9"156Nov 8, 18967144143144144000144000000012.2$24,000
Joe Harris34us USRR5' 9"170May 20, 189171007710087005900016124411613.7
Tex Jeanes24us USRR6' 0"176Dec 19, 19003154151300000011021330-0.1
Walter Johnson HOF37us USRR6' 1"200Nov 6, 1887193629363030000000000606.7$20,000
Joe Judge31us USLL5' 8"155May 25, 189411113103113110001100000000312.9$9,000
Harry Kelley19us USRR5' 9"170Feb 13, 19061st6166600000000000-0.9$2,400
Nemo Leibold33us USLR5' 6"157Feb 17, 189213561556260000102222262310-0.4$5,000
Jim Lyle24us USRR6' 1"180Jul 24, 19001st10111000000000000.0
Firpo Marberry26us USRR6' 1"190Nov 30, 18983550555555000000000000.9
Wid Matthews28us USLL5' 8"155Oct 20, 189631001010000000101820.1$5,000
Frank McGee26us USRR5' 11"175Apr 29, 18991st2022002000000000-0.1
Mike McNally31us USRR5' 11"150Sep 13, 1893101351310000172000012-0.3$5,500
Earl McNeely27us USRR5' 9"155May 12, 1898212391123112001000710321123100.8$6,500
George Mogridge36us USLL6' 2"165Feb 18, 188913108101010000000000000.3
Buddy Myer21us USLR5' 10"163Mar 16, 19041st41440000040000000.0$3,000
Curly Ogden24us USRR6' 1"180Jan 24, 19014174171717000000000000.2
Roger Peckinpaugh34us USRR5' 10"165Feb 5, 189115126125126125001001240000102.6$12,000
Spencer Pumpelly32us USR5' 11"175Apr 11, 18931st10111000000000000.0
Sam Rice HOF35us USLR5' 9"150Feb 20, 189011152152152152000000030132152004.5
Muddy Ruel29us USRR5' 9"150Feb 20, 189610127119127127012610000000003.2$10,000
Dutch Ruether31us USLL6' 1"180Sep 13, 1893954295431300100000002304.1
Allen Russell31us USBR5' 11"165Jul 31, 18931132232323200000000000-1.3$5,000
Everett Scott32us USRR5' 8"148Nov 19, 189212332533320000230000010-0.1
Hank Severeid34us USRR6' 0"175Jun 1, 18911450275035035000000001500.7
Mule Shirley24us USLL5' 11"180May 24, 19012145149009000000050-0.3
Stuffy Stewart31us USRR5' 9"160Jan 31, 1894573760001500000020.1
Bennie Tate23us USLR5' 8"165Dec 3, 19012165161401400000000200.4$3,000
Lefty Thomas21us USLL6' 0"183Oct 4, 19031st2222200000000000-0.1
Bobby Veach37us USLR5' 11"160Jun 29, 188814181018110000004071170-0.2
Tom Zachary29us USLL6' 1"187May 7, 189683833383838000000000002.1$10,000
Name Age B T Ht Wt DoB Yrs G GS Batting Defense P C 1B 2B 3B SS LF CF RF OF PH PR WAR Salary

Coaching Staff

Coaching Staff
Name Age DoB Role Start Date End Date
Bucky Harris HOF28us USNov 8, 1896ManagerApr 14Oct 2
Nick Altrock48us USSep 15, 1876Apr 14Oct 2
Al Schacht32us USNov 11, 1892CoachApr 14Oct 2
Name Age DoB Role Start Date End Date
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