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Team Game-by-Game Schedule

Team Game-by-Game Schedule
Gm# Date Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
1Wednesday, Apr 23WSHBOSW731-01 Tied+
2Thursday, Apr 24WSHBOSL3111-13 1.0-
3Friday, Apr 25WSHBOSW1542-11 Tied+
4Saturday, Apr 26WSHBOSW1573-11up 1.0++
5Monday, Apr 28WSHPHAL9123-21 Tied-
6Tuesday, Apr 29WSHPHAW724-21 Tied+
7Wednesday, Apr 30WSHPHAL7114-32 0.5-
Gm# May Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
8Thursday, May 1WSHPHAL364-44 1.0--
9Friday, May 2WSH@PHAW765-42 1.0+1902-05-07 (Schedule change)
10Saturday, May 3WSH@PHAL395-54 2.0-1902-05-08 (Schedule change)
11Monday, May 5WSH@PHAL575-65 2.0--1902-05-09 (Schedule change)
12Tuesday, May 6WSH@PHAL0115-76 2.5---1902-05-10 (Schedule change)
13Wednesday, May 7WSH@BOSL8125-86 3.5----1902-05-02 (Schedule change)
14Thursday, May 8WSH@BOSW516-86 3.5+1902-05-03 (Schedule change)
15Friday, May 9WSH@BOSW547-86 3.0++1902-05-05 (Schedule change)
16Saturday, May 10WSH@BOSL137-96 3.5-1902-05-06 (Schedule change)
17Monday, May 12WSH@BLAL497-106 4.5--
18Tuesday, May 13WSH@BLAL3107-117 4.5---
19Wednesday, May 14WSHBLAW418-116 4.0+
20Thursday, May 15WSHBLAL268-127 4.0-
21Friday, May 16WSH@BLAW979-126 4.0+
22Saturday, May 17WSH@BLAL579-137 4.0-
23Tuesday, May 20WSHBLAL349-147 4.5--
24Wednesday, May 21WSHSLBW5410-147 4.5+
25Thursday, May 22WSHSLBL1910-157 5.5-
26Friday, May 23WSHSLBL5710-167 5.5--
27Saturday, May 24WSHSLBW5111-167 4.5+
28Monday, May 26WSHCLEL3611-177 5.5-
29Tuesday, May 27WSHCLEW7112-177 4.5+
30Wednesday, May 28WSHCLEL2712-187 5.5-
31Thursday, May 29WSHCLEW16413-187 5.5+
32Friday, May 30 (1)WSHCHWW9314-187 5.5++
33Friday, May 30 (2)WSHCHWL2314-197 5.5-
34Saturday, May 31WSHCHWL1414-207 6.5--
Gm# June Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
35Monday, Jun 2WSHCHWW12015-207 6.5+
36Tuesday, Jun 3WSHDETW2016-207 6.5++
37Wednesday, Jun 4WSHDETW13617-207 5.5+++
38Thursday, Jun 5WSHDETW5318-206 4.5++++
39Sunday, Jun 8WSH@CHWL71418-217 5.0-
40Monday, Jun 9WSH@CHWL1218-227 5.5--
41Tuesday, Jun 10WSH@CHWL3418-237 6.5---
42Wednesday, Jun 11WSH@SLBL3618-247 7.5----
43Thursday, Jun 12WSH@SLBW9819-247 7.5+
44Friday, Jun 13WSH@SLBW11120-247 7.5++
45Saturday, Jun 14WSH@SLBW5421-247 6.5+++
46Sunday, Jun 15WSH@DETL21121-257 7.0-
47Monday, Jun 16WSH@DETW6422-256 7.0+
48Tuesday, Jun 17WSH@DETL0422-267 8.0-
49Wednesday, Jun 18WSH@DETL1422-277 8.5--
50Thursday, Jun 19WSH@CLEW5323-276 8.5+
51Friday, Jun 20WSH@CLEL5823-286 9.0-
52Saturday, Jun 21WSH@CLEW14924-286 9.0+
53Sunday, Jun 22WSH@CLEL4624-297 8.5-
54Tuesday, Jun 24WSHBOSW7625-296 9.0+
55Wednesday, Jun 25WSHBOSW4326-295 8.5++
56Thursday, Jun 26WSHBOSL2426-307 8.5-
57Friday, Jun 27WSHPHAL2426-317 9.0--
58Saturday, Jun 28WSHPHAW4327-316 8.5+
Gm# July Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
59Tuesday, Jul 1WSH@BOSL2927-325 9.5-
60Wednesday, Jul 2WSH@BOSW8328-325 8.0+
61Friday, Jul 4 (1)WSH@PHAL1328-336 10.5-
62Friday, Jul 4 (2)WSH@PHAL91228-346 10.5--
63Saturday, Jul 5WSH@PHAW9529-346 10.5+
64Monday, Jul 7WSH@BLAL01329-357 10.0-
65Tuesday, Jul 8WSH@BLAL1829-366 11.0--
66Wednesday, Jul 9WSH@BLAL41129-376 11.5---
67Thursday, Jul 10WSHBLAW7330-376 11.0+
68Friday, Jul 11WSHBLAW4331-376 11.0++1902-05-19 (Rain)
69Saturday, Jul 12WSHBLAW4132-375 11.0+++
70Monday, Jul 14WSHBLAW10933-375 10.5++++
71Tuesday, Jul 15WSHDETW5434-375 9.5+++++
72Wednesday, Jul 16WSHDETL81334-385 10.5-
73Thursday, Jul 17WSHDETW9235-385 9.5+
74Saturday, Jul 19WSHSLBL4635-395 9.0-
75Monday, Jul 21WSHSLBW2136-395 8.0+
76Tuesday, Jul 22WSHSLBL6736-405 8.0-
77Wednesday, Jul 23WSHCLEW6537-405 7.0+
78Thursday, Jul 24WSHCLEW3138-405 6.5++
79Friday, Jul 25WSHCLEL3638-415 7.0-
80Saturday, Jul 26WSHCHWL91038-425 8.0--
81Monday, Jul 28WSHCHWW12239-425 7.0+
82Tuesday, Jul 29WSHCHWW5240-425 6.0++
83Thursday, Jul 31WSH@DETL1940-435 6.0-
Gm# August Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
84Friday, Aug 1WSH@DETL01340-445 7.0--
85Saturday, Aug 2WSH@DETL0840-455 8.5---
86Sunday, Aug 3WSH@CLEW5241-455 8.5+
87Monday, Aug 4WSH@CLEL0141-465 9.5-
88Tuesday, Aug 5WSH@CLEL6741-475 9.5--
89Wednesday, Aug 6WSH@CHWL2541-485 10.5---
90Thursday, Aug 7WSH@CHWW4142-485 9.5+
91Friday, Aug 8WSH@CHWW5243-485 8.5++
92Saturday, Aug 9WSH@SLBL41243-496 9.5-
93Sunday, Aug 10WSH@SLBL3643-506 9.5--
94Monday, Aug 11WSH@SLBL1843-516 10.5---
95Wednesday, Aug 13WSHSLBL5743-526 11.0----
96Friday, Aug 15 (1)WSHSLBW6244-526 9.5+
97Friday, Aug 15 (2)WSHSLBW2145-526 9.5++1902-08-14 (Wet grounds)
98Saturday, Aug 16WSHCLEL3445-536 10.5-
99Monday, Aug 18WSHCLEL3645-546 11.5--
100Tuesday, Aug 19WSHCLEW5446-546 10.5+
101Wednesday, Aug 20WSHCHWL61046-556 11.5-
102Thursday, Aug 21WSHCHWW6447-556 11.5+
103Friday, Aug 22WSHCHWL6947-566 12.5-
104Saturday, Aug 23WSHDETW6248-566 12.5+
105Monday, Aug 25 (1)WSHDETW8649-566 12.0++
106Monday, Aug 25 (2)WSHDETW10750-566 12.0+++1902-07-18 (Rain)
107Tuesday, Aug 26WSHDETW8751-565 12.0++++
108Thursday, Aug 28WSH@CLEL3551-576 12.0-
109Friday, Aug 29WSH@CLEL2451-586 13.0--
110Saturday, Aug 30WSH@CLEL0451-596 13.5---
111Sunday, Aug 31WSH@DETW10752-596 12.0+
Gm# September Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
112Monday, Sep 1 (1)WSH@DETL2452-606 12.0-
113Monday, Sep 1 (2)WSH@DETL11352-616 12.0--
114Wednesday, Sep 3 (1)WSH@SLBL4952-626 13.0---
115Wednesday, Sep 3 (2)WSH@SLBW4253-626 13.0+1902-09-02 (Train wreck (WS1))
116Thursday, Sep 4WSH@SLBL3953-636 14.0-
117Friday, Sep 5WSH@CHWL31153-646 14.0--
118Saturday, Sep 6WSH@CHWL4753-656 15.0---
119Sunday, Sep 7 (1)WSH@CHWL3653-666 15.5----
120Sunday, Sep 7 (2)WSH@CHWT3353-666 15.5----1902-06-07 (Rain)
121Tuesday, Sep 9WSH@BOSW3254-666 15.5+
122Wednesday, Sep 10 (1)WSH@BOSL3554-676 17.5-
123Wednesday, Sep 10 (2)WSH@BOSL5754-686 17.5--1902-07-03 (Rain)
124Thursday, Sep 11WSH@BOSW9755-686 18.0+
125Friday, Sep 12WSH@BLAW15156-686 17.0++
126Monday, Sep 15 (1)WSH@BLAW11857-686 17.5+++
127Monday, Sep 15 (2)WSH@BLAT4457-686 17.5+++1902-09-13 (Rain)
128Tuesday, Sep 16WSH@PHAL5757-696 18.5-
129Wednesday, Sep 17WSH@PHAL5657-706 19.5--
130Thursday, Sep 18WSH@PHAL2657-716 20.5---
131Saturday, Sep 20 (1)WSHBLAL5657-726 22.5----
132Saturday, Sep 20 (2)WSHBLAL6957-736 22.5-----1902-09-19 (Rain)
133Monday, Sep 22 (1)WSHBLAL4957-746 22.5------
134Monday, Sep 22 (2)WSHBLAW14358-746 22.5+
135Tuesday, Sep 23WSHBOSL11458-756 23.5-
136Wednesday, Sep 24WSHBOSW8259-756 24.0+
137Saturday, Sep 27 (1)WSHPHAW9460-756 22.0++
138Saturday, Sep 27 (2)WSHPHAW7561-756 22.0+++1902-09-26 (Rain)
Gm# Date Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
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