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Recent Game Results

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Season Summary

Team Win/Loss Splits

Team Game-by-Game Schedule

Team Game-by-Game Schedule
Gm# Date Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
1Thursday, Apr 27WHSBLNW751-01 Tied+
2Friday, Apr 28WHSBLNW1262-01 Tied++
3Saturday, Apr 29WHS@BLNL682-13 0.5-
Gm# May Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
4Monday, May 1WHSBROW1523-11 Tied+
5Tuesday, May 2WHSBROL193-24 1.0-
6Thursday, May 4WHSNYGW854-22 0.52:00+
7Friday, May 5WHSNYGW1135-21up 0.51:45++
8Saturday, May 6WHS@NYGL6185-32 0.5-1893-05-06 (Site change)
9Monday, May 8WHSBSNL395-44 1.0--
10Tuesday, May 9WHSBSNW1586-43 0.5+
11Wednesday, May 10WHSBSNW1097-42 0.5++
12Thursday, May 11WHS@BLNW638-41 Tied2:00+++
13Friday, May 12WHSBLNL678-52 1.0-
14Saturday, May 13WHS@BLNW12109-51 Tied+
15Monday, May 15WHS@PHIL1159-63 1.0-
16Wednesday, May 17WHS@PHIL9119-75 1.02:10--
17Thursday, May 18WHS@NYGL1159-87 1.51:57---
18Friday, May 19WHS@NYGL799-97 2.51:55----
19Saturday, May 20WHS@NYGL129-108 3.5-----
20Monday, May 22WHS@BROL349-117 4.5------
21Tuesday, May 23WHS@BROL199-129 4.51:40-------
22Wednesday, May 24WHS@BROL179-139 5.02:00--------
23Thursday, May 25WHS@BSNW7510-139 5.02:04+
24Friday, May 26WHS@BSNL121310-149 6.0-
25Saturday, May 27WHS@BSNW8711-149 5.02:35+
26Tuesday, May 30 (1)WHSSTLW10712-147 5.5++
27Tuesday, May 30 (2)WHSSTLW9613-147 5.57,450+++
28Wednesday, May 31WHSCINL5613-158 5.52:00-
Gm# June Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
29Thursday, Jun 1WHSCINW12614-157 5.52:15+
30Saturday, Jun 3WHSPITL5914-167 7.01:50-
31Monday, Jun 5WHSPITW14715-167 6.0+
32Tuesday, Jun 6WHSPITW3116-167 5.0++
33Wednesday, Jun 7WHSCLVW4317-165 5.02:20+++
34Thursday, Jun 8WHSCLVL2917-177 5.02:00-
35Friday, Jun 9WHSCLVL51117-188 5.02:05--
36Saturday, Jun 10WHSCHCL1217-198 5.0---
37Monday, Jun 12WHSCHCW7618-198 5.0+
38Tuesday, Jun 13WHSCHCL61018-208 5.0-
39Wednesday, Jun 14WHSLOUL5918-218 6.02:00--
40Thursday, Jun 15WHSLOUL1318-228 7.0---
41Saturday, Jun 17WHS@NYGW7519-228 7.0+
42Monday, Jun 19WHS@NYGL81419-238 8.02:00-
43Tuesday, Jun 20WHS@NYGW16820-238 8.02:12+
44Wednesday, Jun 21WHS@PHIW111021-238 7.0++1893-05-16 (Rain)
45Thursday, Jun 22WHS@BROW6322-237 7.02:05+++
46Saturday, Jun 24 (1)WHS@BROL5822-248 8.0-
47Saturday, Jun 24 (2)WHS@BROL101422-258 8.0--1893-06-23 (Wet grounds)
48Monday, Jun 26WHS@CLVL4822-268 9.01:50---
49Tuesday, Jun 27WHS@CLVL91322-279 9.0----
50Wednesday, Jun 28WHS@CLVL6822-289 10.0-----
51Thursday, Jun 29WHS@CINW5323-289 10.0+1893-06-02 (Rain; Site change)
52Friday, Jun 30WHS@CINW11524-288 10.01:50++
Gm# July Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
53Saturday, Jul 1WHS@CINL4524-299 11.02:10-
54Sunday, Jul 2WHS@CINL6724-309 11.52:18--
55Monday, Jul 3WHS@LOUL5924-319 11.52:05---
56Tuesday, Jul 4 (1)WHS@LOUW2125-319 12.51:30+
57Tuesday, Jul 4 (2)WHS@LOUL4825-329 12.52:10-
58Thursday, Jul 6WHS@STLL41225-339 12.5--
59Friday, Jul 7WHS@STLL3925-3410 13.52:10---
60Saturday, Jul 8WHS@STLL0725-3510 14.52:00----
61Sunday, Jul 9WHS@CHCL6925-3610 15.0-----
62Monday, Jul 10WHS@CHCW3226-3610 15.0+
63Tuesday, Jul 11WHS@CHCL51526-3710 15.0-
64Thursday, Jul 13WHS@PITL3626-3811 15.5--
65Friday, Jul 14WHS@PITL81026-3911 16.5---
66Saturday, Jul 15WHS@PITL01926-4011 17.52:20----
67Monday, Jul 17WHSPHIW7127-4011 16.5+
68Tuesday, Jul 18WHSPHIW11928-4011 15.5++
69Wednesday, Jul 19WHSPHIL31428-4111 16.52:077,728-
70Thursday, Jul 20WHS@PHIL1828-4211 17.52:059,516--
71Friday, Jul 21WHS@PHIL42028-4311 18.52:25---
72Saturday, Jul 22WHS@PHIW11429-4311 17.52:0015,000+
73Monday, Jul 24WHS@BSNW171530-4311 16.52:272,945++
74Tuesday, Jul 25WHS@BSNL61330-4411 17.5-
75Wednesday, Jul 26WHS@BSNL2530-4511 18.51:50--
76Thursday, Jul 27WHSNYGL5730-4611 19.5---
77Friday, Jul 28WHSNYGW8131-4611 20.02:00+
78Saturday, Jul 29WHS@NYGL6731-4711 21.0-1893-07-29 (Site change)
79Monday, Jul 31WHSBLNL2331-4811 22.01:50--
Gm# August Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
80Tuesday, Aug 1WHS@BLNL2531-4911 23.02:05---
81Wednesday, Aug 2WHS@BLNL7831-5011 23.02:10----
82Thursday, Aug 3WHS@PHIL72231-5111 24.02:10-----1893-08-03 (Site change)
83Friday, Aug 4WHS@PHIL71431-5211 24.52:20------1893-08-04 (Site change)
84Saturday, Aug 5WHS@PHIL82131-5312 26.0-------1893-08-05 (Site change)
85Monday, Aug 7WHSBSNL3431-5412 27.0--------
86Tuesday, Aug 8WHSBSNL5731-5512 28.02:00---------
87Wednesday, Aug 9WHSBSNL2931-5612 29.01:45----------
88Thursday, Aug 10WHSBROL1431-5712 30.0500-----------
89Friday, Aug 11WHSBROL7831-5812 31.02:00------------
90Saturday, Aug 12WHS@BROW3232-5812 31.0+1893-08-12 (Site change)
91Monday, Aug 14WHSBLNL31132-5912 31.02:20-
92Tuesday, Aug 15WHS@BLNW14733-5912 31.02:10+
93Wednesday, Aug 16WHSBLNL0533-6012 32.01:45-
94Friday, Aug 18WHS@CHCL3733-6112 33.01:47--1893-08-18 (Site change)
95Saturday, Aug 19WHS@CHCL41533-6212 34.01:50---1893-08-19 (Site change)
96Sunday, Aug 20WHS@CHCL71133-6312 34.51:45----1893-08-21 (Late arrival (CHN); Site change)
97Tuesday, Aug 22WHSLOUL2833-6412 35.51:50-----
98Wednesday, Aug 23 (1)WHSLOUL2533-6512 36.0------
99Wednesday, Aug 23 (2)WHSLOUW3034-6512 36.01:45+1893-06-16 (Rain)
100Thursday, Aug 24WHSLOUW10935-6512 35.02:10++
101Friday, Aug 25WHSSTLL0835-6612 36.0-
102Saturday, Aug 26 (1)WHSSTLL61135-6712 36.02:00--
103Saturday, Aug 26 (2)WHSSTLT4435-6712 36.02:17--1893-05-29 (Rain)
104Monday, Aug 28WHSSTLW6336-6712 36.02:50+
105Tuesday, Aug 29WHSCINW8137-6712 35.52:00++
106Wednesday, Aug 30WHSCINL5637-6812 36.02:15-
107Thursday, Aug 31WHSCINL1237-6912 37.01:30--
Gm# September Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
108Saturday, Sep 2 (1)WHS@PITL31237-7012 38.5---1893-09-04 (Site change)
109Saturday, Sep 2 (2)WHS@PITL91237-7112 38.51:55----1893-09-02 (Site change)
110Monday, Sep 4WHS@PITL6737-7212 39.5-----1893-09-04 (Site change)
111Thursday, Sep 7WHS@CLVL51137-7312 41.01:55------1893-09-07 (Site change)
112Friday, Sep 8WHS@CLVL0737-7412 42.01:40-------1893-09-08 (Site change)
113Saturday, Sep 9WHS@CLVL2637-7512 43.01:30--------1893-09-06 (Site change)
114Sunday, Sep 10WHS@CHCL31237-7612 43.51:25---------1893-09-20 (Schedule change)
115Wednesday, Sep 13WHS@LOUL31437-7712 44.0----------
116Thursday, Sep 14 (1)WHS@LOUL2637-7812 43.5-----------1893-09-12 (Rain)
117Thursday, Sep 14 (2)WHS@LOUW7138-7812 43.5+1893-09-11 (Schedule change)
118Friday, Sep 15WHS@STLL61338-7912 43.52:00-
119Saturday, Sep 16WHS@STLL6738-8012 44.52:00--
120Sunday, Sep 17 (1)WHS@STLW5039-8012 44.51:30+
121Sunday, Sep 17 (2)WHS@STLL1539-8112 44.51:40-
122Monday, Sep 18WHS@CHCL2739-8212 44.5--
123Tuesday, Sep 19WHS@CHCW7640-8212 43.5+
124Thursday, Sep 21WHS@PITL41840-8312 44.01:50-
125Saturday, Sep 23WHS@PITL2340-8412 43.5--
126Monday, Sep 25WHS@CLVL51040-8512 44.5---
127Tuesday, Sep 26WHS@CLVL71340-8612 44.5----
128Wednesday, Sep 27WHS@CLVL7840-8712 45.5-----
129Thursday, Sep 28WHS@CINL4840-8812 46.51:25------
130Friday, Sep 29WHS@CINL41040-8912 47.0-------
Gm# Date Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
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