Most Common Pitchers

Year Starting Pitchers Closer Bullpen
Most Years Witt Hough Rogers Lewis Brown Wetteland Rogers Oliver Venafro
2020 (22-38) Lynn Gibson Lyles Allard Minor Montero Hernandez Herget Chavez
2019 (78-84) Lynn Jurado Sampson Allard Minor Leclerc Kelley Martin Chavez
2018 (67-95) Colon Hamels Gallardo Perez Minor Kela Claudio Leclerc Diekman
2017 (78-84) Cashner Hamels Darvish Perez Martinez Claudio Bush Leclerc Barnette
2016 (95-67) Griffin Hamels Holland Perez Lewis Dyson Bush Diekman Barnette
2015 (88-74) Gallardo Martinez Rodriguez Perez Lewis Tolleson Kela Freeman Scheppers
2014 (67-95) Darvish Martinez Tepesch Ross Lewis Soria Cotts Tolleson Frasor
2013 (91-72) Darvish Holland Perez Ogando Grimm Nathan Scheppers Ross Frasor
2012 (93-69) Darvish Holland Harrison Feldman Lewis Nathan Adams Ross Ogando
2011 (96-66) Wilson Holland Harrison Ogando Lewis Feliz Oliver Lowe Tateyama
2010 (90-72) Wilson Hunter Feldman Harden Lewis Feliz Oliver O'Day Francisco
2009 (87-75) Millwood Hunter Feldman Holland Padilla Francisco Wilson O'Day Guardado
2008 (79-83) Millwood Harrison Feldman Gabbard Padilla Wilson Wright Francisco Guardado
2007 (75-87) Millwood Loe McCarthy Tejeda Padilla Gagne Benoit Francisco Wilson
2006 (80-82) Millwood Loe Koronka Tejeda Padilla Otsuka Benoit Mahay Bauer
2005 (79-83) Young Rogers Park Astacio Drese Cordero Shouse Brocail Loe
2004 (89-73) Dickey Rogers Park Benoit Drese Cordero Shouse Almanzar Mahay
2003 (71-91) Dickey Thomson Lewis Benoit Valdez Urbina Shouse Cordero Fultz
2002 (72-90) Rogers Park Burba Bell Valdez Irabu Alvarez Powell Van Poppel
2001 (73-89) Rogers Helling Davis Bell Oliver Zimmerman Venafro Petkovsek Mahomes
2000 (71-91) Rogers Helling Loaiza Glynn Oliver Wetteland Venafro Crabtree Zimmerman
1999 (95-67) Sele Helling Loaiza Morgan Burkett Wetteland Venafro Crabtree Zimmerman
1998 (88-74) Sele Helling Loaiza Oliver Burkett Wetteland Gunderson Crabtree Patterson
1997 (77-85) Witt Hill Santana Oliver Burkett Wetteland Gunderson Hernandez Patterson
1996 (90-72) Witt Hill Pavlik Oliver Gross Henneman Cook Russell Vosberg
1995 (74-70) Witt Rogers Pavlik Tewksbury Gross Russell McDowell Whiteside Vosberg
1994 (52-62) Brown Rogers Pavlik Fajardo Helling Henke Carpenter Whiteside Oliver
1993 (86-76) Brown Rogers Pavlik Leibrandt Ryan Henke Patterson Whiteside Lefferts
1992 (77-85) Brown Guzman Pavlik Witt Ryan Russell Rogers Mathews Nunez
1991 (85-77) Brown Guzman Boyd Witt Ryan Russell Rogers Jeffcoat Gossage
1990 (83-79) Brown Hough Jeffcoat Witt Ryan Rogers Arnsberg Mielke Barfield
1989 (83-79) Brown Hough Jeffcoat Witt Ryan Russell Rogers Mielke Guante
1988 (70-91) Kilgus Hough Guzman Witt Russell Williams Mohorcic McMurtry Vande Berg
1987 (75-87) Harris Hough Guzman Witt Correa Mohorcic Williams Russell Howe
1986 (87-75) Mason Hough Guzman Witt Correa Harris Williams Russell Mohorcic
1985 (62-99) Mason Hough Hooton Noles Tanana Harris Schmidt Stewart Rozema
1984 (69-92) Mason Hough Darwin Stewart Tanana Schmidt Jones Henke Tobik
1983 (77-85) Smithson Hough Darwin Honeycutt Tanana Jones Butcher Schmidt Tobik
1982 (64-98) Medich Hough Matlack Honeycutt Tanana Darwin Mirabella Schmidt Comer
1981 (57-48) Medich Darwin Matlack Honeycutt Jenkins Kern Johnson Babcock Comer
1980 (76-85) Medich Perry Matlack Comer Jenkins Lyle Johnson Darwin Kern
1979 (83-79) Medich Alexander Matlack Comer Jenkins Kern Lyle Darwin Rajsich
1978 (87-75) Medich Alexander Matlack Ellis Jenkins Cleveland Barker Umbarger Comer
1977 (94-68) Perry Alexander Blyleven Ellis Briles Devine Knowles Lindblad Briles
1976 (76-86) Perry Umbarger Blyleven Boggs Briles Hoerner Foucault Terpko Hargan
1975 (79-83) Perry Jenkins Hargan Hands Wright Foucault Thomas Umbarger Kekich
1974 (84-76) Bibby Jenkins Hargan Brown Clyde Foucault Merritt Stanhouse Allen
1973 (57-105) Bibby Broberg Siebert Merritt Clyde Foucault Gogolewski Paul Brown
1972 (54-100) Bosman Broberg Hand Gogolewski Paul Pina Lindblad Panther Cox
1971 (63-96) Bosman Broberg McLain Gogolewski Shellenback Lindblad Riddleberger Pina Grzenda
1970 (70-92) Bosman Cox Coleman Brunet Hannan Knowles Shellenback Pina Grzenda
1969 (86-76) Bosman Moore Coleman Pascual Hannan Higgins Knowles Humphreys Baldwin
1968 (65-96) Bertaina Moore Coleman Pascual Hannan Higgins Bosman Humphreys Baldwin
1967 (76-85) Bertaina Moore Coleman Pascual Ortega Knowles Cox Lines Baldwin
1966 (71-88) Richert McCormick Hannan Segui Ortega Kline Cox Lines Humphreys
1965 (70-92) Richert McCormick Narum Daniels Ortega Kline Ridzik Bridges McCormick
1964 (62-100) Osteen Koch Narum Daniels Stenhouse Kline Ridzik Hannan Duckworth
1963 (56-106) Osteen Rudolph Cheney Daniels Stenhouse Kline Burnside Roebuck Bronstad
1962 (60-101) Osteen Rudolph Cheney Daniels Stenhouse Kutyna Hannan Hamilton
1961 (61-100) McClain Donovan Hobaugh Daniels Burnside Sisler Kutyna Klippstein Gabler
60 years 127 pitchers 40 pitchers 122 pitchers
Shading is not used to differentiate the players' performances. It is merely used to quickly illustrate long strings of games/years played by a single player. When a player in the column changes, so does the color of the shading.