Franchise Attendance, Stadiums and More

Franchise Attendance, Stadiums and More
Year Tm Lg W L Finish Playoffs Attendance Attend/G Rank Est. Payroll PPF BPF Stadium
2024Tampa Bay RaysAL East12115220,12615,7239th of 15$112,458,7129899Tropicana Field
2023Tampa Bay RaysAL East99632Lost ALWC (2-0)1,440,30117,78113th of 15$75,441,2129899Tropicana Field
2022Tampa Bay RaysAL East86763Lost ALWC (2-0)1,128,12713,92714th of 15$73,004,2119496Tropicana Field
2021Tampa Bay RaysAL East100621Lost ALDS (3-1)761,0729,39614th of 15$52,937,1669394Tropicana Field
2020Tampa Bay RaysAL East40201Lost WS (4-2)13th of 15$56,351,6679294Tropicana Field
2019Tampa Bay RaysAL East96662Lost ALDS (3-2)1,178,73514,55215th of 15$57,098,0679596Tropicana Field
2018Tampa Bay RaysAL East907231,154,97314,25915th of 15$46,569,8679697Tropicana Field
2017Tampa Bay RaysAL East808231,253,61915,47715th of 15$79,473,0339696Tropicana Field
2016Tampa Bay RaysAL East689451,286,16315,87915th of 15$48,223,7919595Tropicana Field
2015Tampa Bay RaysAL East808241,287,05415,32215th of 15$64,571,2339796Tropicana Field
2014Tampa Bay RaysAL East778541,446,46417,85814th of 15$77,814,3009797Tropicana Field
2013Tampa Bay RaysAL East92712Lost ALDS (3-1)1,510,30018,64615th of 15$71,163,5009697Tropicana Field
2012Tampa Bay RaysAL East907231,559,68119,25514th of 14$63,368,7009495Tropicana Field
2011Tampa Bay RaysAL East91712Lost ALDS (3-1)1,529,18818,87913th of 14$41,053,5719293Tropicana Field
2010Tampa Bay RaysAL East96661Lost ALDS (3-2)1,864,99923,0259th of 14$71,923,4719495Tropicana Field
2009Tampa Bay RaysAL East847831,874,96223,14811th of 14$67,270,3349798Tropicana Field
2008Tampa Bay RaysAL East97651Lost WS (4-1)1,811,98622,37012th of 14$44,970,597101101Ballpark at Disney's Wide World of Sports, Tropicana Field
2007Tampa Bay Devil RaysAL East669651,387,60317,13114th of 14$24,623,50010098Ballpark at Disney's Wide World of Sports, Tropicana Field
2006Tampa Bay Devil RaysAL East6110151,368,95016,90114th of 14$34,917,96710099Tropicana Field
2005Tampa Bay Devil RaysAL East679551,141,66914,09514th of 14$29,679,06710098Tropicana Field
2004Tampa Bay Devil RaysAL East709141,274,91115,93614th of 14$29,856,6679796Tropicana Field, Tokyo Dome
2003Tampa Bay Devil RaysAL East639951,058,69513,07014th of 14$19,630,0009795Tropicana Field
2002Tampa Bay Devil RaysAL East5510651,065,74213,15714th of 14$34,380,0009997Tropicana Field
2001Tampa Bay Devil RaysAL East6210051,298,36516,02914th of 14$56,980,0009997Tropicana Field
2000Tampa Bay Devil RaysAL East699251,449,67318,12113th of 14$63,265,12910098Tropicana Field
1999Tampa Bay Devil RaysAL East699351,562,82719,29410th of 14$38,870,000101100Tropicana Field
1998Tampa Bay Devil RaysAL East639952,506,29330,9427th of 14$27,280,000102101Tropicana Field