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Franchise Attendance, Stadiums and More

Franchise Attendance, Stadiums and More
Year Tm Lg W L Finish Playoffs Attendance Attend/G Rank Est. Payroll PPF BPF Stadium
2019St. Louis CardinalsNL Central91711Lost NLCS (4-0)3,480,39342,9682nd of 15$161,120,2679798Busch Stadium III
2018St. Louis CardinalsNL Central887433,403,58742,0202nd of 15$157,713,6679697Busch Stadium III
2017St. Louis CardinalsNL Central837933,448,33742,5722nd of 15$129,652,9339798Busch Stadium III
2016St. Louis CardinalsNL Central867623,444,49042,5252nd of 15$150,353,5009798Busch Stadium III
2015St. Louis CardinalsNL Central100621Lost LDS (3-1)3,520,88943,4682nd of 15$128,241,500100101Busch Stadium III
2014St. Louis CardinalsNL Central90721Lost NLCS (4-1)3,540,64943,7122nd of 15$129,932,50099100Busch Stadium III
2013St. Louis CardinalsNL Central97651Lost WS (4-2)3,369,76941,6022nd of 15$112,583,000100101Busch Stadium III
2012St. Louis CardinalsNL Central88742Lost NLCS (4-3)3,262,10940,2734th of 16$112,071,0009698Busch Stadium III
2011St. Louis CardinalsNL Central90722Won WS (4-3)3,093,95438,1973rd of 16$105,433,5729798Busch Stadium III
2010St. Louis CardinalsNL Central867623,301,21840,7563rd of 16$93,540,7519697Busch Stadium III
2009St. Louis CardinalsNL Central91711Lost LDS (3-0)3,343,25241,2753rd of 16$90,928,4099798Busch Stadium III
2008St. Louis CardinalsNL Central867643,432,91742,3823rd of 16$99,624,4499898Busch Stadium III
2007St. Louis CardinalsNL Central788433,552,18043,8543rd of 16$90,286,8239999Busch Stadium III
2006St. Louis CardinalsNL Central83781Won WS (4-1)3,407,10442,5892nd of 16$88,891,3719999Busch Stadium III
2005St. Louis CardinalsNL Central100621Lost NLCS (4-2)3,538,98843,6912nd of 16$92,106,833100101Busch Stadium II
2004St. Louis CardinalsNL Central105571Lost WS (4-0)3,048,42737,6356th of 16$84,340,3339899Busch Stadium II
2003St. Louis CardinalsNL Central857732,910,38635,9314th of 16$83,786,6669697Busch Stadium II
2002St. Louis CardinalsNL Central97651Lost NLCS (4-1)3,011,75637,1824th of 16$74,660,8759798Busch Stadium II
2001St. Louis CardinalsNL Central93692Lost LDS (3-2)3,109,57837,9223rd of 16$79,373,33399100Busch Stadium II
2000St. Louis CardinalsNL Central95671Lost NLCS (4-1)3,336,49341,1911st of 16$61,653,863101101Busch Stadium II
1999St. Louis CardinalsNL Central758643,225,33440,3173rd of 16$49,988,195101101Busch Stadium II
1998St. Louis CardinalsNL Central837933,195,69138,9724th of 16$54,672,521100100Busch Stadium II
1997St. Louis CardinalsNL Central738942,634,01432,5194th of 14$45,456,6679999Busch Stadium II
1996St. Louis CardinalsNL Central88741Lost NLCS (4-3)2,654,71832,7744th of 14$40,269,6679999Busch Stadium II
1995St. Louis CardinalsNL Central628141,756,72724,3997th of 14$37,101,0009998Busch Stadium II
1994St. Louis CardinalsNL Central536131,866,54433,3315th of 14$29,275,6019898Busch Stadium II
1993St. Louis CardinalsNL East877532,844,97735,1236th of 14$23,367,3349797Busch Stadium II
1992St. Louis CardinalsNL East837932,418,48329,8583rd of 12$27,583,8369797Busch Stadium II
1991St. Louis CardinalsNL East847822,448,69929,1513rd of 12$21,860,001100100Busch Stadium II
1990St. Louis CardinalsNL East709262,573,22531,7683rd of 12$21,048,334100100Busch Stadium II
1989St. Louis CardinalsNL East867633,080,98037,1201st of 12$16,078,833103103Busch Stadium II
1988St. Louis CardinalsNL East768652,892,79935,7143rd of 12$13,192,500101101Busch Stadium II
1987St. Louis CardinalsNL East95671Lost WS (4-3)3,072,12237,9271st of 12$11,758,000102102Busch Stadium II
1986St. Louis CardinalsNL East798232,471,97430,5183rd of 12$9,875,01098100Busch Stadium II
1985St. Louis CardinalsNL East101611Lost WS (4-3)2,637,56332,5633rd of 12$11,817,08399100Busch Stadium II
1984St. Louis CardinalsNL East847832,037,44825,1544th of 129798Busch Stadium II
1983St. Louis CardinalsNL East798342,317,91428,6163rd of 12100101Busch Stadium II
1982St. Louis CardinalsNL East92701Won WS (4-3)2,111,90626,0734th of 12101101Busch Stadium II
1981St. Louis CardinalsNL East594311,010,24719,0616th of 12102103Busch Stadium II
1980St. Louis CardinalsNL East748841,385,14717,1017th of 12103104Busch Stadium II
1979St. Louis CardinalsNL East867631,627,25619,8457th of 12102102Busch Stadium II
1978St. Louis CardinalsNL East699351,278,21515,7808th of 129999Busch Stadium II
1977St. Louis CardinalsNL East837931,659,28719,9914th of 129999Busch Stadium II
1976St. Louis CardinalsNL East729051,207,07914,9026th of 12101101Busch Stadium II
1975St. Louis CardinalsNL East828031,695,27020,6745th of 12104104Busch Stadium II
1974St. Louis CardinalsNL East867521,838,41322,6963rd of 1299100Busch Stadium II
1973St. Louis CardinalsNL East818121,574,04619,4334th of 12100100Busch Stadium II
1972St. Louis CardinalsNL East758141,196,89415,5448th of 129999Busch Stadium II
1971St. Louis CardinalsNL East907221,604,67119,5694th of 12104104Busch Stadium II
1970St. Louis CardinalsNL East768641,629,73620,1205th of 12102102Busch Stadium II
1969St. Louis CardinalsNL East877541,682,78321,0353rd of 1299100Busch Stadium II
1968St. Louis CardinalsNL97651Lost WS (4-3)2,011,16724,8291st of 109799Busch Stadium II
1967St. Louis CardinalsNL101601Won WS (4-3)2,090,14525,8041st of 109799Busch Stadium II
1966St. Louis CardinalsNL837961,712,98021,1484th of 10100100Busch Stadium I, Busch Stadium II
1965St. Louis CardinalsNL808171,241,20115,3235th of 10109109Busch Stadium I
1964St. Louis CardinalsNL93691Won WS (4-3)1,143,29414,1155th of 10108109Busch Stadium I
1963St. Louis CardinalsNL936921,170,54614,4513rd of 10108110Busch Stadium I
1962St. Louis CardinalsNL84786953,89511,7765th of 10109111Busch Stadium I
1961St. Louis CardinalsNL80745855,30510,9656th of 8109109Busch Stadium I
1960St. Louis CardinalsNL866831,096,63214,2425th of 8108108Busch Stadium I
1959St. Louis CardinalsNL71837929,95312,0775th of 8107106Busch Stadium I
1958St. Louis CardinalsNL728251,063,73013,8155th of 8105105Busch Stadium I
1957St. Louis CardinalsNL876721,183,57515,3712nd of 8102102Busch Stadium I
1956St. Louis CardinalsNL767841,029,77313,2024th of 89999Busch Stadium I
1955St. Louis CardinalsNL68867849,13011,0285th of 810099Busch Stadium I
1954St. Louis CardinalsNL728261,039,69813,5033rd of 8101100Busch Stadium I
1953St. Louis CardinalsNL83713880,24211,2853rd of 899100Busch Stadium I
1952St. Louis CardinalsNL88663913,11311,8594th of 899100Sportsman's Park III
1951St. Louis CardinalsNL817331,013,42912,8283rd of 8100100Sportsman's Park III
1950St. Louis CardinalsNL787551,093,41114,3875th of 8103104Sportsman's Park III
1949St. Louis CardinalsNL965821,430,67618,1103rd of 8102104Sportsman's Park III
1948St. Louis CardinalsNL856921,111,44014,4346th of 8103106Sportsman's Park III
1947St. Louis CardinalsNL896521,247,91316,2076th of 8101104Sportsman's Park III
1946St. Louis CardinalsNL98581Won WS (4-3)1,061,80713,6134th of 8101104Sportsman's Park III
1945St. Louis CardinalsNL95592594,6307,6235th of 899103Sportsman's Park III
1944St. Louis CardinalsNL105491Won WS (4-2)461,9686,0005th of 899103Sportsman's Park III
1943St. Louis CardinalsNL105491Lost WS (4-1)517,1356,3844th of 8100106Sportsman's Park III
1942St. Louis CardinalsNL106481Won WS (4-1)553,5527,0974th of 8103108Sportsman's Park III
1941St. Louis CardinalsNL97562633,6458,0214th of 8104107Sportsman's Park III
1940St. Louis CardinalsNL84693324,0784,2096th of 8103105Sportsman's Park III
1939St. Louis CardinalsNL92612400,2455,0665th of 8105106Sportsman's Park III
1938St. Louis CardinalsNL71806291,4183,5987th of 8104105Sportsman's Park III
1937St. Louis CardinalsNL81734430,8115,3855th of 8101101Sportsman's Park III
1936St. Louis CardinalsNL87672448,0785,8195th of 89899Sportsman's Park III
1935St. Louis CardinalsNL96582506,0846,5733rd of 8102104Sportsman's Park III
1934St. Louis CardinalsNL95581Won WS (4-3)325,0564,2224th of 8104107Sportsman's Park III
1933St. Louis CardinalsNL82715256,1713,3276th of 8104106Sportsman's Park III
1932St. Louis CardinalsNL72826279,2193,5347th of 8102104Sportsman's Park III
1931St. Louis CardinalsNL101531Won WS (4-3)608,5357,8024th of 8103105Sportsman's Park III
1930St. Louis CardinalsNL92621Lost WS (4-2)508,5016,6044th of 8102105Sportsman's Park III
1929St. Louis CardinalsNL78744399,8875,1935th of 8101103Sportsman's Park III
1928St. Louis CardinalsNL95591Lost WS (4-0)761,5749,8913rd of 8101103Sportsman's Park III
1927St. Louis CardinalsNL92612749,3409,3674th of 8103105Sportsman's Park III
1926St. Louis CardinalsNL89651Won WS (4-3)668,4288,4616th of 8102104Sportsman's Park III
1925St. Louis CardinalsNL77764404,9595,3286th of 8101102Sportsman's Park III
1924St. Louis CardinalsNL65896272,8853,5447th of 89898Sportsman's Park III
1923St. Louis CardinalsNL79745338,5514,3406th of 89797Sportsman's Park III
1922St. Louis CardinalsNL85693536,9986,9743rd of 89495Sportsman's Park III
1921St. Louis CardinalsNL87663384,7734,9335th of 89697Sportsman's Park III
1920St. Louis CardinalsNL75795326,8364,3006th of 89898Robison Field, Sportsman's Park III
1919St. Louis CardinalsNL54837167,0592,4218th of 89795Robison Field
1918St. Louis CardinalsNL51788110,5991,5158th of 89896Robison Field
1917St. Louis CardinalsNL82703288,4913,6994th of 89997Robison Field
1916St. Louis CardinalsNL60937224,3082,9518th of 810098Robison Field
1915St. Louis CardinalsNL72816252,6663,1195th of 8102101Robison Field
1914St. Louis CardinalsNL81723256,0993,2423rd of 810098Robison Field
1913St. Louis CardinalsNL51998203,5312,7507th of 810098Robison Field
1912St. Louis CardinalsNL63906241,7593,1407th of 810097Robison Field
1911St. Louis CardinalsNL75745447,7685,6683rd of 89896Robison Field
1910St. Louis CardinalsNL63907355,6684,6805th of 89896Robison Field
1909St. Louis CardinalsNL54987299,9823,9476th of 89793Robison Field
1908St. Louis CardinalsNL491058205,1292,6648th of 810095Robison Field
1907St. Louis CardinalsNL521018185,3772,3478th of 810096Robison Field
1906St. Louis CardinalsNL52987283,7703,6856th of 89995Robison Field
1905St. Louis CardinalsNL58966292,8003,8036th of 89996Robison Field
1904St. Louis CardinalsNL75795386,7505,0893rd of 89895Robison Field
1903St. Louis CardinalsNL43948226,5383,2835th of 810097Robison Field
1902St. Louis CardinalsNL56786226,4173,2354th of 89895Robison Field
1901St. Louis CardinalsNL76644379,9885,2781st of 89695Robison Field
1900St. Louis CardinalsNL65755270,0003,7503rd of 89898Robison Field
1899St. Louis PerfectosNL84675373,9094,2982nd of 12103102Robison Field
1898St. Louis BrownsNL3911112151,7002,2986th of 12105102Robison Field
1897St. Louis BrownsNL2910212136,4002,2369th of 1210297Robison Field
1896St. Louis BrownsNL409011184,0002,96810th of 129996Robison Field
1895St. Louis BrownsNL399211170,0002,5009th of 1210199Robison Field
1894St. Louis BrownsNL56769155,0002,3488th of 1210199Robison Field
1893St. Louis BrownsNL577510195,0002,7087th of 12101100Robison Field
1892St. Louis BrownsNL569411192,4422,5661st of 12105105Association Park, Sportsman's Park I
1891St. Louis BrownsAA85512106107Sportsman's Park I
1890St. Louis BrownsAA77583112115Sportsman's Park I
1889St. Louis BrownsAA90452109112Sportsman's Park I
1888St. Louis BrownsAA92431Lost WS (6-4)104109Sportsman's Park I
1887St. Louis BrownsAA95401Lost WS (10-5)105110Sportsman's Park I
1886St. Louis BrownsAA93461Won WS (4-2)99104Sportsman's Park I
1885St. Louis BrownsAA79331Tied in WS (3-3-1)102106Sportsman's Park I
1884St. Louis BrownsAA67404101105Sportsman's Park I
1883St. Louis BrownsAA65332106105Sportsman's Park I
1882St. Louis Brown StockingsAA37435103103Sportsman's Park I