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Full-Season Roster & Games by Position

Full-Season Roster & Games by Position
Name Age B T Ht Wt DoB Yrs G GS Batting Defense P C 1B 2B 3B SS LF CF RF OF PH PR WAR Salary
Phil Collins33us USRR5' 11"175Aug 27, 19018268262626000000000000.0
Ripper Collins31us USBL5' 9"165Mar 30, 19045150150150150001500000000004.7All-Star
Mays Copeland21us USRR6' 0"180Aug 31, 19131st1011100000000000-0.1
Spud Davis30us USRR6' 1"197Dec 20, 190481028010286081500000001901.8
Dizzy Dean HOF25us USRR6' 2"182Jan 16, 191055336535050000000000307.3$18,500All-Star
Paul Dean22us USRR6' 0"175Aug 14, 191224633464646000000000004.9
Bill DeLancey23us USLR5' 11"185Nov 28, 191131037710383083000000002201.1$6,000
Leo Durocher HOF29us USRR5' 10"160Jul 27, 19059143139143142000001420000011.7
Al Eckert29us USLL5' 10"174May 17, 190632022200000000000-0.2
Frankie Frisch HOF37us USBR5' 11"165Sep 9, 1897171038910393000885000001011.5All-Star
Charlie Gelbert29us USRR5' 11"170Jan 26, 1906562426256000337200000510.8
Jesse Haines HOF41us USRR6' 0"190Jul 22, 1893173012303030000000000002.0
Bill Hallahan32us USRL5' 10"170Aug 4, 190294023404040000000000001.4
Ray Harrell23us USRR6' 1"185Feb 16, 19121st11111111100000000000-0.8
Ed Heusser26us USBR6' 0"187May 7, 19091st3311333333000000000002.3
Lyle Judy21us USRR5' 10"150Nov 15, 19131st8385000500000004-0.2
Tony Kaufmann34us USRR5' 11"165Dec 16, 19001270733000000000040.1
Lynn King27us USLR5' 9"165Nov 28, 19071st86860000000606110.1
Nub Kleinke24us USRR6' 1"170May 19, 19111st42444000000000000.0
Pepper Martin31us USRR5' 8"170Feb 29, 1904713512613512800001140151016521.7All-Star
Bill McGee25us USRR6' 1"215Nov 16, 19091st11111000000000000.5
Joe Medwick HOF23us USRR5' 10"187Nov 24, 1911415415315415400000015400154006.1All-Star
Gene Moore25us USLL5' 11"175Aug 26, 190943030000000000030-0.1
Terry Moore23us USRR5' 11"195May 27, 19121st11911411911700000001170117121.3
Sam Narron21us USRR5' 10"180Aug 25, 19131st41410100000000300.1
Bob O'Farrell38us USRR5' 9"180Oct 19, 189621140148080000000060-0.2
Ernie Orsatti32us USLL5' 7"154Sep 8, 19029914891610000007262861276-0.9
Jack Rothrock30us USBR5' 11"165Mar 14, 19051012912412912700000016120127210.6
Mike Ryba32us USRR5' 11"180Jun 9, 19031st21222000000000000.6
Bud Tinning29us USBR5' 11"198Mar 12, 190644044400000000000-0.1
Bill Walker31us USRL6' 0"175Oct 7, 190393825383737000000000011.7All-Star
Dick Ward26us USRR6' 1"198May 21, 1909210111000000000000.0
Burgess Whitehead25us USRR5' 10"160Jun 29, 191031077310791000791060000125-0.3All-Star
Charlie Wilson30us USBR5' 10"178Jan 13, 190541651680000800000810.1
Jim Winford25us USRR6' 1"180Oct 9, 1909321222000000000000.2
Tom Winsett25us USLR6' 2"190Nov 24, 1909472720000000022500.1
Name Age B T Ht Wt DoB Yrs G GS Batting Defense P C 1B 2B 3B SS LF CF RF OF PH PR WAR Salary

Coaching Staff

Coaching Staff
Name Age DoB Role Start Date End Date
Frankie Frisch37us USSep 9, 1897ManagerApr 16Sep 29
Mike Gonzalez44cu CUSep 24, 1890Apr 16Sep 29
Buzzy Wares49us USMay 23, 1886Apr 16Sep 29
Name Age DoB Role Start Date End Date