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Team Game-by-Game Schedule

Team Game-by-Game Schedule
Gm# Date Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
1Sunday, Apr 18 (1)STLPITW841-01 Tied1:403,000+1886-04-17 (Rain)
2Sunday, Apr 18 (2)STLPITW1052-01 Tied1:4012,000++
3Monday, Apr 19STLPITL562-13 0.51:35-
4Tuesday, Apr 20STLPITW11103-11up 0.52:05+
5Wednesday, Apr 21STLLOUL1123-23 0.52:10-
6Thursday, Apr 22STLLOUL563-34 1.52:30--
7Saturday, Apr 24STLLOUW1594-33 0.52:15+
8Sunday, Apr 25STLLOUW16105-31 Tied1:45++
9Monday, Apr 26STLCINW14126-31up 0.52:30+++
10Tuesday, Apr 27STLCINW2037-31up 1.0++++
11Wednesday, Apr 28STLCINW738-31up 1.0+++++
12Thursday, Apr 29STL@CINW949-31up 2.0++++++
Gm# May Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
13Saturday, May 1STL@PITW5410-31up 1.5+++++++
14Monday, May 3STL@PITL6710-41up 1.02:15-
15Tuesday, May 4STL@PITW14711-41up 2.0+
16Thursday, May 6STL@PITL0611-51up 1.0-1886-05-05 (Rain)
17Friday, May 7STL@LOUW8112-51up 1.5+
18Saturday, May 8STL@LOUW21513-51up 2.0++
19Sunday, May 9STL@LOUL4513-61up 1.51:45-
20Tuesday, May 11STL@LOUW9114-61up 1.5+
21Thursday, May 13STL@CINL3714-71up 1.5-
22Friday, May 14STL@CINW2115-71up 1.51:50+
23Saturday, May 15STL@CINL2815-81up 1.01:50-
24Sunday, May 16STLCINL6715-91 Tied2:10--1886-04-29 (Schedule mixup (both sites, same day))
25Tuesday, May 18STL@BROL71215-102 0.5---
26Wednesday, May 19STL@BROW7416-101up 0.52:05+
27Thursday, May 20STL@NYPW7117-101up 1.51:40++
28Friday, May 21STL@NYPW3118-101up 2.51:50+++
29Saturday, May 22STL@BROW5319-101up 3.01:50++++
30Sunday, May 23STL@BROL121319-111up 2.5-
31Tuesday, May 25STL@NYPL6819-121up 1.0--
32Wednesday, May 26STL@NYPW9420-121up 1.02:15+
33Thursday, May 27STL@PHAL1320-131 Tied2:00-
34Saturday, May 29 (1)STL@PHAW18121-131up 2.51:58+
35Saturday, May 29 (2)STL@PHAW11322-131up 2.52:00++1886-05-31 (Rain)
Gm# June Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
36Tuesday, Jun 1STL@BALL2722-141up 1.52:20-
37Wednesday, Jun 2STL@BALW6423-141up 2.5+
38Thursday, Jun 3STL@BALW9524-141up 2.52:20++
39Friday, Jun 4STL@BALW13525-141up 3.02:00+++
40Sunday, Jun 6STL@LOUL31825-151up 2.5-
41Monday, Jun 7STL@LOUL4625-161up 1.5--
42Tuesday, Jun 8STL@LOUW9326-161up 2.0+
43Wednesday, Jun 9STLLOUL71626-171up 2.01:30-
44Thursday, Jun 10STLLOUL2326-181up 1.02:05--
45Saturday, Jun 12STLLOUL1326-192 0.51:45---
46Sunday, Jun 13STLPITW2027-191up 0.51:2510,000+
47Wednesday, Jun 16STLPITW1028-191up 2.01:40++
48Friday, Jun 18STLCINW11029-191up 2.02:00+++
49Saturday, Jun 19STLCINW12730-191up 3.02:20++++
50Sunday, Jun 20STLCINW8031-191up 3.01:35+++++
51Monday, Jun 21STL@CINW6532-191up 4.0++++++
52Wednesday, Jun 23STL@PITL0332-201up 3.01:55-
53Thursday, Jun 24STL@PITW2133-201up 3.0+
54Friday, Jun 25STL@CINL1233-211up 3.0-
55Saturday, Jun 26STL@CINW1034-211up 3.02:00+
56Sunday, Jun 27STLCINW9135-211up 3.52:008,000++1886-09-01 (Unknown reason)
57Monday, Jun 28STLNYPW8636-211up 3.52:05+++
58Tuesday, Jun 29STLNYPW5237-211up 3.52:05++++
59Wednesday, Jun 30STLNYPW7338-211up 4.52:00+++++
Gm# July Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
60Thursday, Jul 1STLNYPW9339-211up 5.52:00++++++
61Saturday, Jul 3STLBROW4040-211up 6.51:45+++++++
62Sunday, Jul 4STLBROW7141-211up 7.51:55++++++++
63Monday, Jul 5 (1)STLBROW7342-211up 6.51:55+++++++++
64Monday, Jul 5 (2)STLBROL4642-221up 6.51:35-
65Wednesday, Jul 7STLBALW6043-221up 6.51:40+
66Thursday, Jul 8STLBALW10044-221up 6.51:50++
67Saturday, Jul 10STLBALW4245-221up 8.01:20+++
68Sunday, Jul 11STLBALL2345-231up 7.51:45-
69Monday, Jul 12STLPHAW10846-231up 8.52:15+
70Tuesday, Jul 13STLPHAW7147-231up 8.51:40++
71Wednesday, Jul 14STLPHAW9148-231up 8.51:45+++
72Thursday, Jul 15STLPHAL11148-241up 7.51:40-
73Saturday, Jul 17STL@NYPW12249-241up 7.51:45+
74Sunday, Jul 18STL@BROW9050-241up 8.0++
75Tuesday, Jul 20STL@NYPL1350-251up 7.51:45-
76Wednesday, Jul 21STL@PHAW4351-251up 8.51:40+1886-05-31 (Rain)
77Thursday, Jul 22STL@BROL1751-261up 8.52:00-
78Friday, Jul 23STL@NYPW4352-261up 8.52:05+
79Saturday, Jul 24STL@BROL0152-271up 8.51:45-
80Tuesday, Jul 27STL@BALL2452-281up 8.52:10--
81Wednesday, Jul 28STL@BALW6053-281up 8.51:50+
82Thursday, Jul 29STL@PHAW10354-281up 8.51:55++
83Friday, Jul 30STL@PHAL4554-291up 8.01:55-
84Saturday, Jul 31STL@PHAW13455-291up 8.02:20+
Gm# August Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
85Tuesday, Aug 3STLNYPW15256-291up 9.02:00++
86Wednesday, Aug 4STLNYPW12157-291up 9.01:45+++
87Thursday, Aug 5STLNYPW7558-291up10.01:25++++
88Friday, Aug 6STLPHAW10259-291up10.51:40+++++
89Saturday, Aug 7STLPHAW10260-291up10.51:50++++++
90Sunday, Aug 8STLPHAW7361-291up10.51:35+++++++
91Wednesday, Aug 11STLBALW18762-291up 9.52:00++++++++
92Thursday, Aug 12STLBALW13163-291up 9.51:55+++++++++
93Friday, Aug 13STLBALW14264-291up10.02:00++++++++++
94Saturday, Aug 14STLBROW5265-291up10.52:00+++++++++++
95Sunday, Aug 15STLBROW19066-291up10.02:15++++++++++++
96Monday, Aug 16STLBROL91166-301up 9.01:45-
97Thursday, Aug 19STLPITL0666-311up 8.51:50--
98Friday, Aug 20STLPITL0366-321up 8.01:20---1886-06-15 (Rain)
99Saturday, Aug 21STLPITW7367-321up 8.01:30+
100Sunday, Aug 22STLPITL4667-331up 7.01:30-
101Tuesday, Aug 24STL@CINW4068-331up 8.51:35+
102Wednesday, Aug 25STL@CINW6369-331up 9.51:40++
103Thursday, Aug 26STL@CINL3969-341up 9.51:45-1886-08-23 (Rain)
104Friday, Aug 27STLLOUW10270-341up10.51:40+
105Sunday, Aug 29STLLOUW11071-341up10.01:45++
106Monday, Aug 30STLCINW10372-341up10.52:15+++1886-09-02 (Unknown reason)
107Tuesday, Aug 31STLCINW10473-341up10.51:50++++
Gm# September Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
108Friday, Sep 3STL@LOUL71573-351up10.51:55-
109Saturday, Sep 4STL@LOUW11474-351up10.51:50+
110Sunday, Sep 5STL@LOUL2874-361up10.01:50-
111Tuesday, Sep 7STL@PITW2175-361up10.51:30+
112Wednesday, Sep 8 (1)STL@PITW8476-361up12.51:40++1886-06-22 (Rain)
113Wednesday, Sep 8 (2)STL@PITW6277-361up12.51:50+++
114Thursday, Sep 9STL@PITL3477-371up11.52:10-
115Friday, Sep 10STL@NYPW9578-371up11.5+
116Saturday, Sep 11STL@BROW6479-371up12.5++
117Monday, Sep 13STL@NYPL3679-381up12.0-
118Tuesday, Sep 14STL@BROW5480-381up12.51:50+
119Wednesday, Sep 15STL@BROW4381-381up13.0++
120Thursday, Sep 16STL@NYPL1281-391up12.01:35-
121Friday, Sep 17STL@BALL2381-401up12.01:40--
122Saturday, Sep 18STL@BALW3282-401up12.01:35+
123Monday, Sep 20STL@BALL4682-411up12.02:00-
124Tuesday, Sep 21STL@PHAW6183-411up13.01:50+
125Wednesday, Sep 22STL@PHAW6384-411up13.01:40++
126Thursday, Sep 23STL@PHAL61584-421up12.01:50-
127Sunday, Sep 26STLBALW5085-421up12.01:40+
128Tuesday, Sep 28 (1)STLBALL3685-431up11.51:45-1886-09-25 (Rain)
129Tuesday, Sep 28 (2)STLBALW16386-431up11.51:35+
130Wednesday, Sep 29STLBALL71186-441up11.51:50-1886-07-26 (Rain; Site change)
131Thursday, Sep 30STLNYPW3287-441up11.51:35+
Gm# October Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
132Saturday, Oct 2STLNYPW5288-441up12.01:45++
133Sunday, Oct 3STLNYPW6489-441up12.51:40+++
134Monday, Oct 4STLPHAL0289-451up12.01:15-
135Tuesday, Oct 5STLPHAW9490-451up13.01:40+
136Thursday, Oct 7STLPHAW6191-451up13.51:30++1886-10-06 (Unknown reason)
137Friday, Oct 8STLBROL71191-461up12.51:30-
138Saturday, Oct 9STLBROW9492-461up12.5+
139Sunday, Oct 10STLBROW8693-461up13.0++
Gm# Date Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled