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Recent Game Results

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Season Summary

Team Win/Loss Splits

Team Game-by-Game Schedule

Team Game-by-Game Schedule
Gm# Date Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
1Saturday, Apr 14PHA@WSHW431-01 Tied12,963+
2Monday, Apr 16PHA@WSHW532-01 Tied++
3Tuesday, Apr 17PHA@WSHL252-12 1.04,137-
4Wednesday, Apr 18PHAWSHW423-12 0.516,000+
5Thursday, Apr 19PHAWSHL10113-22 1.0-
6Friday, Apr 20PHANYYW1134-22 0.5+
7Saturday, Apr 21PHANYYW315-21up 0.515,115++
8Tuesday, Apr 24PHANYYL475-31up 0.5-
9Wednesday, Apr 25PHABOSW506-31up 1.0+
10Thursday, Apr 26PHABOSL0126-41 Tied-
11Friday, Apr 27PHABOSW307-41 Tied+
12Saturday, Apr 28PHABOSL677-51 Tied-
13Monday, Apr 30PHAWSHW638-51up 1.0+
Gm# May Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
14Tuesday, May 1PHAWSHW1629-51up 1.5++
15Thursday, May 3PHA@NYYL569-61up 0.53,000-
16Friday, May 4PHA@NYYL269-72 0.5--
17Saturday, May 5PHA@NYYW9310-71 Tied6,000+
18Monday, May 7PHA@BOSW4011-71up 1.0++
19Tuesday, May 8PHA@BOSW11412-71up 1.0+++
20Wednesday, May 9PHA@BOSW9613-71up 1.5++++
21Thursday, May 10PHA@BOSW5114-71up 2.0+++++
22Saturday, May 12PHACHWW4015-71up 2.0++++++
23Tuesday, May 15PHACHWW1016-71up 2.5+++++++
24Wednesday, May 16PHADETW9217-71up 3.5++++++++
25Thursday, May 17PHADETW5018-71up 3.5+++++++++
26Friday, May 18PHADETW4319-71up 3.5++++++++++
27Saturday, May 19PHADETW2120-71up 3.5+++++++++++
28Monday, May 21PHACLEL1220-81up 2.5-
29Tuesday, May 22PHACLEL5820-91up 1.5--
30Wednesday, May 23PHACLEW4321-91up 2.5+
31Thursday, May 24PHACLEL7921-101up 1.5-
32Friday, May 25PHASLBW6222-101up 1.5+
33Saturday, May 26PHASLBW3223-101up 1.5++
34Tuesday, May 29PHA@BOSW2124-101up 1.5+++
35Wednesday, May 30 (1)PHA@BOSL1524-111up 1.5-
36Wednesday, May 30 (2)PHA@BOSL3524-121up 1.5--
37Thursday, May 31PHA@NYYL3724-131up 0.5---
Gm# June Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
38Friday, Jun 1PHA@NYYL21024-142 0.5----
39Saturday, Jun 2 (1)PHA@NYYL41424-152 0.5-----
40Saturday, Jun 2 (2)PHA@NYYW7125-152 0.5+1906-05-02 (Rain)
41Monday, Jun 4PHA@CHWL2325-162 1.5-
42Tuesday, Jun 5PHA@CHWL1725-172 1.5--
43Wednesday, Jun 6PHA@CHWL3425-183 1.5---
44Saturday, Jun 9PHA@SLBW2026-183 2.5+
45Sunday, Jun 10PHA@SLBW5227-183 1.5++
46Monday, Jun 11PHA@SLBW5128-182 1.5+++
47Tuesday, Jun 12PHA@DETL7828-193 1.5-
48Wednesday, Jun 13PHA@DETW5429-192 1.5+
49Thursday, Jun 14PHA@DETL4529-203 1.5-
50Friday, Jun 15PHA@DETW4030-203 0.5+
51Saturday, Jun 16PHA@CLEL4930-213 1.5-
52Monday, Jun 18PHA@CLEW3231-213 0.5+
53Tuesday, Jun 19PHA@CLEW2032-211up 0.5++
54Wednesday, Jun 20PHA@CLEL3732-222 0.5-
55Thursday, Jun 21PHA@WSHT1132-222 1.5-
56Friday, Jun 22PHABOSL4632-232 2.5--
57Saturday, Jun 23PHABOSW8033-232 1.5+
58Monday, Jun 25PHABOSW1034-232 1.5++
59Tuesday, Jun 26PHABOSW3135-232 0.5+++
60Wednesday, Jun 27PHA@WSHW5036-231up 0.5++++
61Thursday, Jun 28PHA@WSHL2436-241 Tied-
62Friday, Jun 29 (1)PHA@WSHW9537-243 0.5+
63Friday, Jun 29 (2)PHA@WSHL5637-253 0.5-
64Saturday, Jun 30PHA@WSHW6538-251 Tied+
Gm# July Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
65Monday, Jul 2 (1)PHANYYW5439-251 Tied++
66Monday, Jul 2 (2)PHANYYL *V1539-261 Tied-1906-04-23 (Rain)
67Wednesday, Jul 4 (1)PHANYYW3140-262 1.5+
68Wednesday, Jul 4 (2)PHANYYL1240-272 1.519,524-
69Thursday, Jul 5PHAWSHW3041-272 0.5+
70Friday, Jul 6PHAWSHW2142-272 0.54,765++
71Saturday, Jul 7PHACLEW3243-271up 0.5+++
72Monday, Jul 9PHACLEL0643-282 0.5-
73Wednesday, Jul 11PHACLEW5144-281 Tied+
74Thursday, Jul 12PHADETW2145-281 Tied++
75Friday, Jul 13PHADETL3445-291 Tied-
76Saturday, Jul 14PHADETW5446-291 Tied+
77Monday, Jul 16PHADETW2147-291up 1.0++
78Wednesday, Jul 18 (1)PHASLBL2447-301up 0.5-
79Wednesday, Jul 18 (2)PHASLBW10548-301up 0.5+1906-05-28 (Rain)
80Thursday, Jul 19PHASLBL0448-311up 0.5-
81Friday, Jul 20PHASLBW5249-311up 1.0+
82Saturday, Jul 21PHACHWW3250-311up 2.0++
83Monday, Jul 23 (1)PHACHWL0450-321up 1.5-
84Monday, Jul 23 (2)PHACHWW5051-321up 1.5+1906-05-11 (Rain)
85Tuesday, Jul 24PHACHWW7152-321up 1.5++
86Wednesday, Jul 25 (1)PHACHWW5153-321up 1.5+++
87Wednesday, Jul 25 (2)PHACHWW4254-321up 1.515,926++++1906-05-14 (Rain)
88Saturday, Jul 28PHA@DETW8255-321up 1.5+++++
89Monday, Jul 30PHA@DETW6356-321up 1.5++++++
90Tuesday, Jul 31PHA@DETL3556-331up 1.5-
Gm# August Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
91Wednesday, Aug 1PHA@CLEL3856-341up 1.5--
92Thursday, Aug 2PHA@CLEW3257-341up 1.5+
93Friday, Aug 3PHA@CLEW10758-341up 2.5++
94Saturday, Aug 4PHA@CLEW8159-341up 2.5+++
95Sunday, Aug 5PHA@CHWL21059-351up 2.510,000-
96Monday, Aug 6PHA@CHWL2759-361up 1.5--
97Tuesday, Aug 7PHA@CHWL0459-371up 1.04,280---
98Wednesday, Aug 8PHA@CHWL0159-381up 1.09,400----
99Thursday, Aug 9PHA@CHWL2359-391up 0.511,300-----1906-06-07 (Rain)
100Friday, Aug 10PHA@SLBL0159-401up 0.5------
101Saturday, Aug 11PHA@SLBL4559-411up 0.5-------
102Sunday, Aug 12PHA@SLBL4759-422 0.5--------
103Monday, Aug 13 (1)PHA@SLBW8060-422 0.5+
104Monday, Aug 13 (2)PHA@SLBL1560-432 0.5-1906-06-08 (Rain)
105Wednesday, Aug 15PHACLET3360-432 1.0-
106Thursday, Aug 16 (1)PHACLEL1460-442 1.5--
107Thursday, Aug 16 (2)PHACLEW2161-442 1.5+1906-07-10 (Rain)
108Friday, Aug 17 (1)PHACLEL4661-452 2.0-
109Friday, Aug 17 (2)PHACLEW4262-452 2.0+
110Saturday, Aug 18PHASLBL4962-462 3.0-
111Monday, Aug 20PHASLBL1762-472 4.0--
112Tuesday, Aug 21PHASLBT1162-472 4.0--
113Wednesday, Aug 22PHASLBW5363-472 4.5+
114Thursday, Aug 23PHADETL6763-482 5.5-
115Saturday, Aug 25PHADETW4364-482 4.0+
116Monday, Aug 27PHACHWL0164-492 5.0-
117Wednesday, Aug 29PHACHWW4365-492 4.0+
118Thursday, Aug 30PHA@BOSL2365-503 4.5-
119Friday, Aug 31PHA@BOSL1865-513 5.5--
Gm# September Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
120Saturday, Sep 1PHA@BOSW4166-513 4.5+
121Monday, Sep 3 (1)PHA@NYYL3466-523 5.0-
122Monday, Sep 3 (2)PHA@NYYL *H3366-533 5.0--
123Tuesday, Sep 4PHA@WSHW10367-533 5.5+
124Wednesday, Sep 5PHA@WSHW3168-533 5.5++
125Thursday, Sep 6PHA@WSHL0468-543 6.5-
126Friday, Sep 7PHA@NYYL2368-554 7.5--
127Saturday, Sep 8PHA@NYYL41168-564 8.5---
128Monday, Sep 10PHAWSHW2169-564 7.5+
129Tuesday, Sep 11PHAWSHW4170-563 7.53,640++
130Wednesday, Sep 12PHAWSHW5171-563 6.5+++
131Thursday, Sep 13PHABOSL3471-573 7.5-
132Friday, Sep 14PHABOSW4072-573 6.5+
133Saturday, Sep 15 (1)PHABOSW3173-573 6.0++
134Saturday, Sep 15 (2)PHABOSW2074-573 6.0+++1906-09-01 (Rain; Site change)
135Monday, Sep 17PHA@CHWL4574-583 7.5-
136Tuesday, Sep 18PHA@CHWL0774-594 8.5--
137Wednesday, Sep 19PHA@CHWW4375-594 7.5+
138Friday, Sep 21PHA@SLBL11175-604 8.0-
139Saturday, Sep 22PHA@SLBL5775-614 8.0--
140Sunday, Sep 23 (1)PHA@SLBL0575-624 9.0---
141Sunday, Sep 23 (2)PHA@SLBT0075-624 9.0---1906-07-17 (Rain; Site change)
142Monday, Sep 24PHA@CLEL0775-634 9.0----
143Tuesday, Sep 25PHA@CLEL0575-644 10.0-----
144Wednesday, Sep 26PHA@CLEL3575-654 11.0------
145Thursday, Sep 27PHA@DETL0375-664 12.0-------
146Friday, Sep 28PHA@DETW7476-664 11.5+
Gm# October Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
147Tuesday, Oct 2PHANYYW4377-664 12.0++
148Wednesday, Oct 3 (1)PHANYYL5777-674 12.0-
149Wednesday, Oct 3 (2)PHANYYW3078-674 12.0+1906-07-03 (Rain)
Gm# Date Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
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