Most Common Pitchers

Year Starting Pitchers Closer Bullpen
Most Years Dierker Niekro Oswalt Ryan Knepper Smith Andersen Ray Sipp
2021 (6-6)           Smith Stanek Taylor
2020 (29-31) Greinke McCullers Valdez Javier Bielak Pressly Paredes Scrubb Taylor
2019 (107-55) Greinke Verlander Cole Miley Peacock Osuna Harris Rondon Devenski
2018 (103-59) Keuchel Verlander Cole Morton McCullers Rondon Harris Peacock McHugh
2017 (101-61) Keuchel Fiers Peacock Morton McCullers Giles Gregerson Devenski Sipp
2016 (84-78) Keuchel Fiers McHugh Fister McCullers Gregerson Giles Harris Sipp
2015 (86-76) Keuchel Feldman McHugh Kazmir McCullers Gregerson Neshek Harris Sipp
2014 (70-92) Keuchel Feldman McHugh Oberholtzer Peacock Qualls Fields Downs Sipp
2013 (51-111) Keuchel Bedard Lyles Harrell Norris Veras Wright Ambriz Blackley
2012 (55-107) Rodriguez Happ Lyles Harrell Norris Myers Wright Rodriguez Lopez
2011 (56-106) Rodriguez Happ Lyles Myers Norris Melancon Del Rosario Escalona Lopez
2010 (76-86) Rodriguez Oswalt Paulino Myers Norris Lindstrom Lyon Byrdak Lopez
2009 (74-88) Rodriguez Oswalt Paulino Moehler Hampton Valverde Hawkins Byrdak Fulchino
2008 (86-75) Rodriguez Oswalt Backe Moehler Chacon Valverde Brocail Byrdak Wright
2007 (73-89) Rodriguez Oswalt Williams Sampson Jennings Lidge Qualls Miller Borkowski
2006 (82-80) Rodriguez Oswalt Pettitte Clemens Buchholz Lidge Qualls Wheeler Springer
2005 (89-73) Rodriguez Oswalt Pettitte Clemens Backe Lidge Qualls Wheeler Springer
2004 (92-70) Munro Oswalt Redding Clemens Miller Lidge Miceli Gallo Harville
2003 (87-75) Robertson Oswalt Redding Villone Miller Wagner Lidge Dotel Stone
2002 (84-78) Hernandez Oswalt Saarloos Mlicki Miller Wagner Borbon Dotel Stone
2001 (93-69) Reynolds Oswalt Elarton Mlicki Miller Wagner Jackson Dotel Cruz
2000 (72-90) Reynolds Lima Elarton Holt Dotel Dotel Slusarski Valdes Cabrera
1999 (97-65) Reynolds Lima Hampton Holt Bergman Wagner Powell Williams Miller
1998 (102-60) Reynolds Lima Hampton Schourek Bergman Wagner Henry Magnante Nitkowski
1997 (84-78) Reynolds Kile Hampton Holt Garcia Wagner Martin Springer Lima
1996 (82-80) Reynolds Kile Hampton Drabek Wall Jones Hernandez Morman Wagner
1995 (76-68) Reynolds Kile Hampton Drabek Swindell Jones Veres Dougherty Hartgraves
1994 (66-49) Reynolds Kile Harnisch Drabek Swindell Hudek Jones Hampton Edens
1993 (85-77) Portugal Kile Harnisch Drabek Swindell Jones Hernandez Osuna Edens
1992 (81-81) Portugal Kile Harnisch Henry Jones Jones Hernandez Osuna Boever
1991 (65-97) Portugal Kile Harnisch Deshaies Jones Osuna Schilling Henry Corsi
1990 (75-87) Portugal Scott Gullickson Deshaies Darwin Smith Agosto Andersen Schatzeder
1989 (86-76) Clancy Scott Knepper Deshaies Rhoden Smith Agosto Andersen Darwin
1988 (82-80) Ryan Scott Knepper Deshaies Darwin Smith Agosto Andersen Darwin
1987 (76-86) Ryan Scott Knepper Deshaies Darwin Smith Meads Andersen Childress
1986 (96-66) Ryan Scott Knepper Deshaies Darwin Smith Kerfeld Andersen Lopez
1985 (83-79) Ryan Scott Knepper Niekro Mathis Smith DiPino Dawley Calhoun
1984 (80-82) Ryan Scott Knepper Niekro LaCoss DiPino Smith Dawley Ruhle
1983 (85-77) Ryan Scott Knepper Niekro LaCoss DiPino Smith Dawley LaCorte
1982 (77-85) Ryan Sutton Knepper Niekro Ruhle Smith LaCoss Moffitt LaCorte
1981 (61-49) Ryan Sutton Knepper Niekro Ruhle Sambito Smith Sprowl LaCorte
1980 (93-70) Ryan Forsch Richard Niekro Ruhle Sambito Smith Andujar LaCorte
1979 (89-73) Andujar Forsch Richard Niekro Williams Sambito Roberge Andujar Niemann
1978 (74-88) Lemongello Dixon Richard Niekro Bannister Sambito Forsch Andujar Williams
1977 (81-81) Lemongello Andujar Richard Niekro Bannister Forsch Sambito McLaughlin Pentz
1976 (80-82) Dierker Andujar Richard Niekro Cosgrove Forsch Niekro Siebert Pentz
1975 (64-97) Dierker Konieczny Richard Roberts Griffin Niekro Granger Crawford
1974 (81-81) Dierker Wilson Osteen Roberts Griffin Forsch Scherman Cosgrove Johnson
1973 (82-80) Reuss Wilson Forsch Roberts Griffin York Crawford Ray Upshaw
1972 (84-69) Reuss Wilson Forsch Roberts Dierker Gladding Culver Ray Griffin
1971 (79-83) Billingham Wilson Forsch Blasingame Dierker Gladding Culver Ray Lemaster
1970 (79-83) Billingham Wilson Lemaster Griffin Dierker Gladding DiLauro Ray Cook
1969 (81-81) Ray Wilson Lemaster Griffin Dierker Gladding Billingham Womack Guinn
1968 (72-90) Giusti Wilson Lemaster Cuellar Dierker Shea Dukes Ray Coombs
1967 (69-93) Giusti Wilson Belinsky Cuellar Dierker Sherry Schneider Sembera Latman
1966 (72-90) Giusti Bruce Farrell Cuellar Dierker Raymond Owens Sembera Taylor
1965 (65-97) Giusti Bruce Farrell Nottebart Dierker Owens Woodeshick Raymond Taylor
1964 (66-96) Johnson Bruce Farrell Nottebart Brown Woodeshick Owens Raymond Jones
1963 (66-96) Johnson Bruce Farrell Nottebart Brown Woodeshick McMahon Umbricht Kemmerer
1962 (64-96) Johnson Bruce Farrell Woodeshick Golden McMahon Tiefenauer Umbricht Kemmerer
60 years 102 pitchers 30 pitchers 122 pitchers
Shading is not used to differentiate the players' performances. It is merely used to quickly illustrate long strings of games/years played by a single player. When a player in the column changes, so does the color of the shading.