Most Common Pitchers

Year Starting Pitchers Closer Bullpen
Most Years Bridges Lolich Newhouser Verlander Dauss Jones Hiller Walker White
2022 (66-96) Skubal Hutchison Alexander Rodriguez Brieske Soto Lange Chafin Jimenez
2021 (77-85) Skubal Mize Manning Urena Peralta Soto Cisnero Funkhouser Jimenez
2020 (23-35) Skubal Mize Boyd Turnbull Fulmer Cisnero Soto Garcia
2019 (47-114) Norris Zimmermann Boyd Turnbull Carpenter Greene Farmer Jimenez Stumpf
2018 (64-98) Liriano Zimmermann Boyd Fulmer Fiers Greene Farmer Jimenez Wilson
2017 (64-98) Verlander Zimmermann Boyd Fulmer Norris Wilson Greene Stumpf Wilson
2016 (86-75) Verlander Sanchez Boyd Fulmer Pelfrey Rodriguez Wilson Ryan Wilson
2015 (74-87) Verlander Sanchez Simon Price Greene Soria Hardy Alburquerque Wilson
2014 (90-72) Verlander Sanchez Scherzer Porcello Smyly Nathan Chamberlain Alburquerque Coke
2013 (93-69) Verlander Sanchez Scherzer Porcello Fister Benoit Smyly Alburquerque Coke
2012 (88-74) Verlander Smyly Scherzer Porcello Fister Valverde Benoit Dotel Coke
2011 (95-67) Verlander Penny Scherzer Porcello Coke Valverde Benoit Schlereth Alburquerque
2010 (81-81) Verlander Bonderman Scherzer Porcello Galarraga Valverde Coke Perry Thomas
2009 (86-77) Verlander Jackson Washburn Porcello Galarraga Rodney Seay Perry Lyon
2008 (74-88) Verlander Rogers Robertson Miner Galarraga Jones Seay Lopez Dolsi
2007 (88-74) Verlander Bonderman Robertson Durbin Miller Jones Seay Grilli Rodney
2006 (95-67) Verlander Bonderman Robertson Rogers Miner Jones Zumaya Walker Rodney
2005 (71-91) Maroth Bonderman Robertson Johnson Douglass Rodney German Walker Spurling
2004 (72-90) Maroth Bonderman Robertson Johnson Knotts Urbina Yan Walker Levine
2003 (43-119) Maroth Bonderman Cornejo Bernero Knotts Spurling Walker German
2002 (55-106) Maroth Sparks Redman Weaver Lima Acevedo Farnsworth Walker Paniagua
2001 (66-96) Holt Sparks Mlicki Weaver Lima Anderson Patterson Nitkowski Jones
2000 (79-83) Nomo Moehler Mlicki Weaver Blair Jones Patterson Nitkowski Anderson
1999 (69-92) Thompson Moehler Mlicki Weaver Blair Jones Brocail Nitkowski Kida
1998 (65-97) Thompson Moehler Greisinger Castillo Powell Jones Brocail Runyan Bochtler
1997 (79-83) Thompson Moehler Blair Olivares Lira Jones Brocail Myers Miceli
1996 (53-109) Thompson Williams Gohr Olivares Lira Olson Lewis Myers Lima
1995 (60-84) Bergman Moore Wells Lima Lira Henneman Boever Doherty Bohanon
1994 (53-62) Belcher Moore Wells Gullickson Doherty Henneman Boever Groom Gardiner
1993 (85-77) Leiter Moore Wells Gullickson Doherty Henneman MacDonald Bolton Knudsen
1992 (75-87) Leiter Tanana Terrell Gullickson King Henneman Munoz Lancaster Knudsen
1991 (84-78) Leiter Tanana Terrell Gullickson Aldred Henneman Gibson Gleaton Cerutti
1990 (79-83) Morris Tanana Terrell Robinson Petry Henneman Gibson Gleaton Nunez
1989 (59-103) Morris Tanana Alexander Robinson Gibson Hernandez Gibson Henneman Williams
1988 (88-74) Morris Tanana Alexander Robinson Terrell Henneman Gibson Hernandez Heinkel
1987 (98-64) Morris Tanana Petry Robinson Terrell King Henneman Hernandez Thurmond
1986 (87-75) Morris Tanana Petry King Terrell Hernandez Campbell O'Neal Cary
1985 (84-77) Morris Tanana Petry Berenguer Terrell Hernandez Lopez Scherrer Bair
1984 (104-58) Morris Wilcox Petry Berenguer Rozema Hernandez Lopez Monge Bair
1983 (92-70) Morris Wilcox Petry Berenguer Rozema Lopez Bailey Gumpert Bair
1982 (83-79) Morris Wilcox Petry Ujdur Pashnick Tobik Sosa Saucier Rucker
1981 (60-49) Morris Wilcox Petry Schatzeder Rozema Saucier Tobik Lopez Rozema
1980 (84-78) Morris Wilcox Petry Schatzeder Rozema Lopez Tobik Underwood Rozema
1979 (85-76) Morris Wilcox Billingham Underwood Rozema Lopez Tobik Hiller Billingham
1978 (86-76) Slaton Wilcox Billingham Young Rozema Hiller Foucault Morris Crawford
1977 (74-88) Arroyo Wilcox Roberts Sykes Rozema Foucault Hiller Grilli Crawford
1976 (74-87) Ruhle Fidrych Roberts Bare Coleman Hiller Laxton Grilli Crawford
1975 (57-102) Ruhle Lolich LaGrow Bare Coleman Hiller Walker Reynolds Lemanczyk
1974 (72-90) Fryman Lolich LaGrow Walker Coleman Hiller Ray Walker Lemanczyk
1973 (85-77) Fryman Lolich Perry Strahler Coleman Hiller Scherman Farmer Miller
1972 (86-70) Fryman Lolich Timmermann Slayback Coleman Seelbach Scherman Zachary Hiller
1971 (91-71) Cain Lolich Niekro Chance Coleman Scherman Timmermann Denehy Kilkenny
1970 (79-83) Cain Lolich Niekro Kilkenny Wilson Timmermann Scherman Patterson Hiller
1969 (90-72) McLain Lolich Sparma Kilkenny Wilson McMahon Dobson Lasher Hiller
1968 (103-59) McLain Lolich Sparma Hiller Wilson Patterson Dobson Lasher Warden
1967 (91-71) McLain Lolich Sparma Podres Wilson Gladding Marshall Wickersham Aguirre
1966 (88-74) McLain Lolich Monbouquette Wickersham Wilson Sherry Pena Wickersham Gladding
1965 (89-73) McLain Lolich Aguirre Wickersham Sparma Fox Pena Sherry Gladding
1964 (85-77) McLain Lolich Aguirre Wickersham Regan Sherry Fox Rakow Gladding
1963 (79-83) Bunning Lolich Aguirre Mossi Regan Fox Anderson Sturdivant Gladding
1962 (85-76) Bunning Foytack Aguirre Mossi Regan Fox Nischwitz Kline Jones
1961 (101-61) Bunning Foytack Lary Mossi Regan Fox Aguirre Fischer Regan
1960 (71-83) Bunning Burnside Lary Mossi Bruce Aguirre Sisler Morgan Bruce
1959 (76-78) Bunning Foytack Lary Mossi Narleski Morgan Sisler Narleski Burnside
1958 (77-77) Bunning Foytack Lary Hoeft Moford Aguirre Morgan Fischer
1957 (78-76) Bunning Foytack Lary Hoeft Maas Maas Sleater Byrd Aber
1956 (82-72) Trucks Foytack Lary Hoeft Gromek Aber Masterson Gromek Maas
1955 (79-75) Garver Maas Lary Hoeft Gromek Aber Birrer Foytack
1954 (68-86) Garver Zuverink Aber Hoeft Gromek Herbert Marlowe Miller
1953 (60-94) Garver Gray Branca Hoeft Gromek Herbert Madison Marlowe Erickson
1952 (50-104) Trucks Gray Houtteman Newhouser Wight White Littlefield Hoeft
1951 (73-81) Trucks Gray Cain Trout Hutchinson Trout White Bearden Borowy
1950 (95-59) Houtteman Gray Newhouser Trout Hutchinson White Calvert Stuart
1949 (87-67) Houtteman Gray Newhouser Trucks Hutchinson Trout Grissom Kretlow
1948 (78-76) Houtteman Trout Newhouser Trucks Hutchinson Houtteman Overmire Benton White
1947 (85-69) Overmire Trout Newhouser Trucks Hutchinson Benton Gorsica Houtteman White
1946 (92-62) Benton Trout Newhouser Trucks Hutchinson Gorsica Caster Benton
1945 (88-65) Benton Trout Newhouser Overmire Mueller Wilson Caster Eaton
1944 (88-66) Gentry Trout Newhouser Overmire Gorsica Beck Mooty Gorsica
1943 (78-76) Trucks Trout Newhouser White Bridges Trout Henshaw Newhouser Gorsica
1942 (73-81) Benton Trout Newhouser White Bridges Henshaw Manders Gorsica
1941 (75-79) Newsom Trout Newhouser Gorsica Bridges Benton Thomas Trout Giebell
1940 (90-64) Newsom Rowe Newhouser Gorsica Bridges Benton McKain Trout Seats
1939 (81-73) Newsom Rowe Trout Benton Bridges Thomas Coffman Benton
1938 (84-70) Kennedy Auker Gill Lawson Bridges Wade Coffman Eisenstat
1937 (89-65) Wade Auker Poffenberger Lawson Bridges Russell Coffman Gill
1936 (83-71) Wade Auker Rowe Sorrell Bridges Lawson Kimsey Sullivan
1935 (93-58) Crowder Auker Rowe Sullivan Bridges Hogsett Auker Sullivan
1934 (101-53) Marberry Auker Rowe Sorrell Bridges Hogsett Auker Marberry
1933 (75-79) Marberry Fischer Rowe Sorrell Bridges Hogsett Herring Fischer Wyatt
1932 (76-75) Whitehill Wyatt Hogsett Sorrell Bridges Hogsett Herring Uhle Wyatt
1931 (61-93) Whitehill Uhle Herring Sorrell Bridges Herring Sullivan Bridges
1930 (75-79) Whitehill Uhle Hoyt Sorrell Hogsett Herring Sullivan Hogsett
1929 (70-84) Whitehill Uhle Carroll Sorrell Yde Prudhomme Yde Stoner
1928 (68-86) Whitehill Gibson Carroll Sorrell Billings Smith Vangilder Stoner
1927 (82-71) Whitehill Gibson Collins Stoner Holloway Holloway Smith Hankins Carroll
1926 (79-75) Whitehill Gibson Wells Stoner Johns Dauss Smith Holloway Johns
1925 (81-73) Whitehill Dauss Collins Stoner Leonard Doyle Wells Holloway Stoner
1924 (86-68) Whitehill Wells Collins Stoner Holloway Dauss Johnson Holloway Cole
1923 (83-71) Dauss Pillette Collins Johnson Holloway Johnson Francis Cole
1922 (79-75) Dauss Pillette Ehmke Oldham Olsen Johnson Olsen Cole
1921 (71-82) Dauss Leonard Ehmke Oldham Cole Middleton Holling Oldham Cole
1920 (61-93) Dauss Leonard Ehmke Oldham Ayers Ayers Oldham Okrie
1919 (80-60) Dauss Leonard Ehmke Boland Love Ayers Cunningham Love
1918 (55-71) Dauss Kallio James Boland Cunningham Jones Cunningham Kallio
1917 (78-75) Dauss Ehmke James Boland Mitchell Boland Jones Cunningham James
1916 (87-67) Dauss Coveleski James Dubuc Mitchell Boland Cunningham Dubuc
1915 (100-54) Dauss Coveleski James Dubuc Boland Boland Oldham Steen
1914 (80-73) Dauss Coveleski Cavet Dubuc Main Main Reynolds Cavet
1913 (66-87) Dauss Willett Hall Dubuc Lake House Lake Zamloch
1912 (69-84) Mullin Willett Works Dubuc Lake Dubuc Lake Works
1911 (89-65) Mullin Willett Summers Lafitte Donovan Willett Covington Works
1910 (86-68) Mullin Willett Summers Stroud Donovan Willett Stroud Works
1909 (98-54) Mullin Willett Summers Killian Donovan Willett Killian Works
1908 (90-63) Mullin Willett Summers Killian Donovan Willett Mullin Summers
1907 (92-58) Mullin Siever Eubank Killian Donovan Killian Eubank Siever
1906 (71-78) Mullin Siever Donahue Killian Donovan   Eubank  
1905 (79-74) Mullin Kitson Wiggs Killian Donovan Ford Kitson  
1904 (62-90) Mullin Kitson Stovall Killian Donovan Killian    
1903 (65-71) Mullin Kitson Kisinger Deering Donovan      
1902 (52-83) Mullin Mercer Siever Miller Yeager      
1901 (74-61) Cronin Frisk Siever Miller Yeager      
122 years 215 pitchers 44 pitchers 225 pitchers
Shading is not used to differentiate the players' performances. It is merely used to quickly illustrate long strings of games/years played by a single player. When a player in the column changes, so does the color of the shading.