Most Common Pitchers

Year Starting Pitchers Closer Bullpen
Most Years Cook De La Rosa Marquez Freeland Gray Fuentes Reed Belisle Estevez
2022 (19-22) Marquez Kuhl Gomber Freeland Senzatela Bard Kinley Estevez Chacin
2021 (74-87) Marquez Gray Gomber Freeland Senzatela Bard Kinley Estevez Stephenson
2020 (26-34) Marquez Gray Castellani Freeland Senzatela Bard Kinley Estevez Almonte
2019 (71-91) Marquez Gray Lambert Freeland Senzatela Davis Shaw Estevez Diaz
2018 (91-72) Marquez Gray Anderson Freeland Bettis Davis Shaw Ottavino McGee
2017 (87-75) Marquez Gray Chatwood Freeland Senzatela Holland Dunn Ottavino Oberg
2016 (75-87) Bettis Gray Chatwood De La Rosa Anderson McGee Logan Estevez Qualls
2015 (68-94) Bettis Kendrick Rusin De La Rosa Butler Axford Logan Friedrich Oberg
2014 (66-96) Morales Lyles Matzek De La Rosa Nicasio Hawkins Ottavino Brothers Belisle
2013 (74-88) Chacin Chatwood Francis De La Rosa Nicasio Brothers Lopez Outman Belisle
2012 (64-98) Pomeranz White Francis Friedrich Guthrie Betancourt Brothers Reynolds Belisle
2011 (73-89) Chacin Hammel Jimenez Cook Nicasio Street Betancourt Reynolds Belisle
2010 (83-79) Chacin Hammel Jimenez Cook De La Rosa Street Betancourt Beimel Belisle
2009 (92-70) Marquis Hammel Jimenez Cook De La Rosa Street Daley Morales Embree
2008 (74-88) Francis Reynolds Jimenez Cook De La Rosa Fuentes Corpas Buchholz Herges
2007 (90-73) Francis Fogg Jimenez Cook Hirsh Fuentes Corpas Affeldt Hawkins
2006 (76-86) Francis Fogg Jennings Cook Kim Fuentes Mesa Martin King
2005 (67-95) Francis Wright Jennings Kennedy Kim Fuentes Cortes Carvajal DeJean
2004 (68-94) Estes Wright Jennings Kennedy Cook Chacon Reed Lopez Harikkala
2003 (74-88) Oliver Chacon Jennings Stark Cook Jimenez Fuentes Lopez Speier
2002 (73-89) Hampton Chacon Jennings Neagle Thomson Jimenez Jones Mercker Speier
2001 (73-89) Hampton Chacon Astacio Neagle Bohanon Jimenez Myers White Davis
2000 (82-80) Yoshii Arrojo Astacio Jarvis Bohanon Jimenez Myers White DeJean
1999 (72-90) Kile Jones Astacio Wright Bohanon Veres Dipoto Leskanic DeJean
1998 (77-85) Kile Jones Astacio Wright Thomson Dipoto McElroy Leskanic Veres
1997 (83-79) Bailey Ritz Castillo Wright Thomson Dipoto Munoz Leskanic Reed
1996 (83-79) Reynoso Ritz Thompson Wright Freeman Ruffin Holmes Leskanic Reed
1995 (77-67) Reynoso Ritz Swift Rekar Freeman Holmes Munoz Leskanic Reed
1994 (53-64) Nied Ritz Harris Painter Freeman Ruffin Munoz Blair Reed
1993 (67-95) Nied Reynoso Blair Henry Bottenfield Holmes Wayne Ruffin Reed
30 years 64 pitchers 16 pitchers 54 pitchers
Shading is not used to differentiate the players' performances. It is merely used to quickly illustrate long strings of games/years played by a single player. When a player in the column changes, so does the color of the shading.