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Recent Game Results

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Season Summary

Team Win/Loss Splits

Team Game-by-Game Schedule

Team Game-by-Game Schedule
Gm# Date Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
1Thursday, Apr 27CLV@PITW721-01 Tied+
2Friday, Apr 28CLV@PITW542-01 Tied1:45++
Gm# May Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
3Tuesday, May 2CLV@CINW323-01 Tied+++
4Wednesday, May 3CLV@CINL12173-12 0.5-
5Thursday, May 4CLVCHCL353-23 1.01:50--
6Friday, May 5CLVCHCW964-22 0.5+
7Saturday, May 6CLVCHCW655-21up 0.51:40++
8Friday, May 12CLV@STLL785-34 1.52:10-
9Saturday, May 13CLV@STLW1936-33 0.5+
10Thursday, May 18CLVCINW2147-31 Tied++
11Friday, May 19CLVCINW1958-31 Tied2:05+++
12Saturday, May 20CLVCINW989-31up 1.0++++
13Monday, May 22CLV@CHCW10510-31up 1.5+++++
14Tuesday, May 23CLV@CHCL6810-41up 0.5-
15Wednesday, May 24CLV@CHCL51310-53 0.5--
16Thursday, May 25CLVSTLW7411-52 0.51:55+
17Saturday, May 27CLVSTLL2311-62 1.0-
18Monday, May 29CLV@PHIL0511-72 2.0--
19Tuesday, May 30 (1)CLV@PHIL1211-85 4.0---
20Tuesday, May 30 (2)CLV@PHIL31211-95 4.02:00----
21Wednesday, May 31CLV@NYGW8712-94 3.02:00+
Gm# June Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
22Thursday, Jun 1CLV@NYGL81312-105 4.01:55-
23Friday, Jun 2CLV@NYGW8713-104 4.02:15+
24Saturday, Jun 3CLV@BSNL6913-115 5.0-
25Monday, Jun 5CLV@BSNL101213-126 5.0--
26Tuesday, Jun 6CLV@BSNW131114-125 4.0+
27Wednesday, Jun 7CLV@WHSL3414-135 5.02:20-
28Thursday, Jun 8CLV@WHSW9215-135 4.02:00+
29Friday, Jun 9CLV@WHSW11516-135 3.02:05++
30Saturday, Jun 10CLV@BLNL1416-146 3.02:00-
31Monday, Jun 12CLV@BLNW131217-145 3.0+
32Tuesday, Jun 13CLV@BLNW8218-145 2.0++
33Wednesday, Jun 14CLV@BROL2418-156 3.0-
34Thursday, Jun 15CLV@BROL61418-166 4.0--
35Friday, Jun 16CLV@BROL5718-177 5.01:55---
36Saturday, Jun 17CLV@PITL7818-187 5.5----
37Monday, Jun 19CLV@PITW17419-186 5.5+
38Tuesday, Jun 20CLV@PITW10620-185 5.51:50++
39Wednesday, Jun 21CLV@PITL5620-195 5.52:20-1893-04-29 (Rain)
40Thursday, Jun 22CLVPITW3121-195 5.5+1893-06-21 (Schedule change)
41Friday, Jun 23CLVPITW151222-194 4.5++
42Saturday, Jun 24CLVPITW9523-194 4.52:00+++
43Monday, Jun 26CLVWHSW8424-194 4.51:50++++
44Tuesday, Jun 27CLVWHSW13925-194 3.5+++++
45Wednesday, Jun 28CLVWHSW8626-194 3.5++++++
46Thursday, Jun 29CLVPHIL61626-204 4.5-
47Friday, Jun 30CLVPHIL5626-214 5.51:40--
Gm# July Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
48Saturday, Jul 1CLVPHIW13627-214 5.52:00+
49Monday, Jul 3CLVBROW131028-214 4.5++
50Tuesday, Jul 4 (1)CLVBROT121228-214 5.02:50++
51Tuesday, Jul 4 (2)CLVBROW16829-214 5.02:00+++
52Wednesday, Jul 5CLVBROW9730-214 4.5++++
53Friday, Jul 7CLVBLNL51530-224 5.0-
54Saturday, Jul 8CLVBLNL7930-234 6.0--
55Monday, Jul 10CLVBSNL121330-244 7.0---
56Tuesday, Jul 11CLVBSNW12431-244 6.0+
57Wednesday, Jul 12CLVBSNL71731-255 7.0-
58Thursday, Jul 13CLVNYGW9732-255 6.0+
59Friday, Jul 14CLVNYGW6233-254 6.01:40++
60Saturday, Jul 15CLVNYGL3733-264 7.0-
61Monday, Jul 17CLVPITW161334-264 6.0+
62Tuesday, Jul 18CLVPITW14535-263 5.0++
63Wednesday, Jul 19CLVPITL61035-274 6.02:002,800-
64Thursday, Jul 20CLV@LOUW15936-274 6.02:35+
65Friday, Jul 21CLV@LOUW11637-273 6.02:00++
66Saturday, Jul 22CLV@LOUL101237-284 6.0-
67Monday, Jul 24CLV@CINL3737-294 6.02:00--
68Tuesday, Jul 25CLV@CINL3437-304 7.02:25---
69Wednesday, Jul 26CLV@CINL0237-314 8.0----
70Thursday, Jul 27CLV@STLW6338-314 8.01:40+
71Friday, Jul 28CLV@STLW5439-314 8.51:45++
72Saturday, Jul 29 (1)CLV@STLW7640-314 8.0+++
73Saturday, Jul 29 (2)CLV@STLW5241-314 8.0++++1893-05-11 (Rain)
74Monday, Jul 31CLV@CHCW16942-314 8.01:50+++++
Gm# August Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
75Tuesday, Aug 1CLV@CHCW9243-314 8.0++++++
76Wednesday, Aug 2CLV@CHCL61743-324 8.02:15-
77Thursday, Aug 3CLVCHCW8444-324 8.01:35+
78Friday, Aug 4CLVCHCW7245-324 7.51:45++
79Saturday, Aug 5CLVCHCW8446-324 8.0+++
80Monday, Aug 7 (1)CLVLOUW7247-324 8.51:40++++
81Monday, Aug 7 (2)CLVLOUL61647-334 8.51:38-1893-05-15 (Rain)
82Tuesday, Aug 8 (1)CLVLOUW13348-334 9.01:40+
83Tuesday, Aug 8 (2)CLVLOUL2448-344 9.01:45-1893-05-16 (Rain)
84Wednesday, Aug 9 (1)CLVLOUW4149-344 8.5+
85Wednesday, Aug 9 (2)CLVLOUW9150-344 8.51:40++1893-05-17 (Rain)
86Thursday, Aug 10CLVSTLW11451-344 8.5+++
87Friday, Aug 11CLVSTLL2451-354 9.51:45-
88Saturday, Aug 12 (1)CLVSTLW9352-354 9.0+
89Saturday, Aug 12 (2)CLVSTLW4353-354 9.01:55++1893-05-26 (Wet grounds)
90Monday, Aug 14CLVCINW12554-354 8.02:00+++
91Tuesday, Aug 15CLVCINL1454-364 9.01:50-
92Wednesday, Aug 16CLVCINL1454-374 10.01:40--
93Friday, Aug 18CLV@NYGL91254-383 11.02:35---
94Saturday, Aug 19CLV@NYGL0254-393 12.0----
95Monday, Aug 21CLV@NYGL31354-403 12.5-----
96Tuesday, Aug 22CLV@PHIL51254-414 13.5------
97Wednesday, Aug 23CLV@PHIL1654-424 14.5-------
98Thursday, Aug 24CLV@PHIL0754-434 14.51:45--------
99Friday, Aug 25CLV@BSNL3554-444 15.5---------
100Saturday, Aug 26CLV@BSNW7255-444 14.51:40+
101Monday, Aug 28CLV@BSNL3455-454 15.52:15-
102Tuesday, Aug 29CLV@BLNL7955-464 16.0--
103Wednesday, Aug 30CLV@BLNW12756-464 15.5+
104Thursday, Aug 31CLV@BLNL61156-474 16.5-
Gm# September Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
105Saturday, Sep 2CLV@BROW6057-474 16.52:00+
106Monday, Sep 4 (1)CLV@BROL4557-484 17.0-
107Monday, Sep 4 (2)CLV@BROW9358-484 17.02:00+
108Thursday, Sep 7CLVWHSW11559-484 17.51:55++1893-09-07 (Site change)
109Friday, Sep 8CLVWHSW7060-484 17.51:40+++1893-09-08 (Site change)
110Saturday, Sep 9CLVWHSW6261-484 17.51:30++++1893-09-06 (Site change)
111Monday, Sep 11CLVNYGW8662-484 17.5+++++
112Tuesday, Sep 12CLVNYGL4562-494 18.0-
113Wednesday, Sep 13CLVNYGW3263-494 17.0+
114Thursday, Sep 14CLVBLNL5663-504 17.0-
115Friday, Sep 15 (1)CLVBLNL6763-514 17.52:00--
116Friday, Sep 15 (2)CLVBLNL2963-524 17.51:45---1893-07-06 (Unknown reason)
117Saturday, Sep 16CLVBLNW *H151164-524 17.51:50+
118Monday, Sep 18CLVBSNW7665-524 16.5++
119Tuesday, Sep 19CLVBSNW5466-524 15.51:45+++
120Wednesday, Sep 20CLVBSNL6966-534 16.52:00-
121Thursday, Sep 21CLVBROW16567-534 15.5+
122Friday, Sep 22CLVBROW11468-534 15.01:45++
123Saturday, Sep 23CLVBROL5968-544 14.5-
124Monday, Sep 25CLVWHSW10569-544 14.5+
125Tuesday, Sep 26CLVWHSW13770-544 13.5++
126Wednesday, Sep 27CLVWHSW8771-543 13.5+++
127Thursday, Sep 28CLVPHIW111072-543 13.52:15++++
128Friday, Sep 29CLVPHIW10373-543 13.01:30+++++
129Saturday, Sep 30CLVPHIL21073-553 12.5-
Gm# Date Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
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