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Recent Game Results

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Season Summary

Team Win/Loss Splits

Team Game-by-Game Schedule

Team Game-by-Game Schedule
Gm# Date Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
1Saturday, Apr 19CHC@CINW541-01 Tied+
2Monday, Apr 21CHC@CINL491-12 1.0-
3Tuesday, Apr 22CHC@CINW1332-11 Tied+
4Wednesday, Apr 23CHC@CINL692-24 1.01:55-
5Friday, Apr 25CHC@CLVL6102-35 2.0--
6Monday, Apr 28CHC@CLVW543-34 1.5+
7Tuesday, Apr 29CHCPITW944-33 0.5++1890-04-29 (Site change)
8Wednesday, Apr 30CHCPITW615-31up 0.5+++1890-04-30 (Site change)
Gm# May Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
9Thursday, May 1CHCPITW436-31up 1.0++++1890-05-01 (Site change)
10Friday, May 2CHCPITL796-41 Tied-1890-05-02 (Site change)
11Monday, May 5CHCCINT226-42 1.0-
12Tuesday, May 6CHCCINW657-42 0.5+
13Wednesday, May 7CHCCINL257-52 1.5-
14Thursday, May 8CHCCINW1898-52 1.5+1890-05-03 (Rain)
15Tuesday, May 13CHCCLVL6108-62 2.0-
16Friday, May 16CHC@BSNW509-62 0.5+
17Saturday, May 17CHC@BSNL499-72 1.5-
18Monday, May 19CHC@BSNW7210-72 0.5+
19Tuesday, May 20CHC@PHIL3710-82 1.5-
20Wednesday, May 21CHC@PHIL3410-93 2.5--
21Thursday, May 22CHC@PHIW5411-93 1.5+
22Friday, May 23CHC@PHIT *T10811-92 1.52:20+
23Saturday, May 24CHC@NYGL3511-105 2.51:303,174-
24Monday, May 26CHC@NYGL3511-115 3.0--
25Tuesday, May 27CHC@NYGL2411-125 4.0---
26Wednesday, May 28CHC@NYGW5412-125 4.5+
27Thursday, May 29CHC@BROL4812-135 5.5-
28Friday, May 30 (1)CHC@BROW6413-134 3.51:302,000+
29Friday, May 30 (2)CHC@BROW11714-134 3.52:007,557++
30Saturday, May 31CHC@BROL4714-144 4.5-
Gm# June Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
31Monday, Jun 2CHC@PITW14115-144 3.5+
32Tuesday, Jun 3CHC@PITW8716-144 3.5300++
33Wednesday, Jun 4CHC@PITW5117-144 3.51:49+++
34Friday, Jun 6CHC@CLVW12418-143 3.5++++
35Saturday, Jun 7 (1)CHC@CLVW5319-143 3.5+++++
36Saturday, Jun 7 (2)CHC@CLVL1919-153 3.5-1890-04-24 (Rain)
37Tuesday, Jun 10CHCCLVW5420-154 4.01:35+
38Wednesday, Jun 11 (1)CHCCLVW7121-153 4.51:20++
39Wednesday, Jun 11 (2)CHCCLVL1321-163 4.51:40-1890-05-09 (Rain)
40Thursday, Jun 12CHCPITW16322-163 4.02:001,047+
41Monday, Jun 16 (1)CHCPITW7323-164 5.51:55++
42Monday, Jun 16 (2)CHCPITL3423-174 5.51:45-1890-06-13 (Rain)
43Tuesday, Jun 17CHC@CINL0323-184 6.5--
44Wednesday, Jun 18CHC@CINL2623-194 7.5---
45Thursday, Jun 19CHC@CINL2423-204 8.51:40----
46Saturday, Jun 21CHCNYGL7823-214 9.01:45-----
47Monday, Jun 23 (1)CHCNYGW7324-214 8.51:30+
48Monday, Jun 23 (2)CHCNYGL4624-224 8.51:50-1890-06-20 (Rain)
49Tuesday, Jun 24CHCNYGL51224-235 8.5--
50Wednesday, Jun 25CHCBROW6425-235 8.51:30954+
51Thursday, Jun 26CHCBROW11526-235 8.5++
52Friday, Jun 27CHCBROL2726-245 8.5-
53Saturday, Jun 28CHCBROL4826-255 9.5--
54Monday, Jun 30CHCPHIW9427-255 8.52:00+
Gm# July Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
55Tuesday, Jul 1CHCPHIL0727-265 9.5-
56Wednesday, Jul 2CHCPHIL4727-275 10.51:50500--
57Thursday, Jul 3CHCPHIW8528-275 10.51:50503+
58Friday, Jul 4 (1)CHCBSNL11228-285 10.51:45-
59Friday, Jul 4 (2)CHCBSNW6529-285 10.510,877+
60Saturday, Jul 5CHCBSNW7530-285 9.5++
61Monday, Jul 7CHC@NYGW4131-285 9.5+++
62Tuesday, Jul 8CHC@NYGW3232-285 8.5++++
63Wednesday, Jul 9CHC@NYGW3233-285 7.5+++++
64Thursday, Jul 10CHC@BSNL3533-295 7.5-
65Friday, Jul 11CHC@BSNL0633-305 8.01:00--
66Saturday, Jul 12CHC@BSNW3234-305 8.0+
67Monday, Jul 14CHC@BROL31034-315 9.02:02-
68Tuesday, Jul 15CHC@BROW12635-315 8.01:50+
69Wednesday, Jul 16CHC@BROL2735-325 9.0-
70Thursday, Jul 17CHC@PHIL5735-335 10.0--
71Friday, Jul 18CHC@PHIL2735-345 11.0---
72Saturday, Jul 19CHC@PHIL0435-355 12.01:30----
73Monday, Jul 21CHCNYGW7236-355 12.0+
74Tuesday, Jul 22CHCNYGW14737-355 12.02:00++
75Wednesday, Jul 23CHCNYGW131238-355 12.0+++
76Thursday, Jul 24CHCBROL4838-365 12.5-
77Friday, Jul 25CHCBROW5339-365 12.5+
78Saturday, Jul 26CHCBROL41039-375 13.52:003,329-
79Monday, Jul 28CHCPHIW12440-375 12.5+
80Tuesday, Jul 29CHCPHIW8641-375 11.51:15++
81Wednesday, Jul 30CHCPHIL8941-385 12.52:00-
82Thursday, Jul 31CHCBSNW4142-385 11.5+
Gm# August Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
83Friday, Aug 1CHCBSNL3842-395 12.5-
84Saturday, Aug 2CHCBSNL4542-405 12.5--
85Monday, Aug 4CHCBSNL3442-415 13.5---
86Tuesday, Aug 5CHC@CLVW10643-415 13.0+1890-04-26 (Rain)
87Wednesday, Aug 6 (1)CHC@CLVL1843-425 13.5-
88Wednesday, Aug 6 (2)CHC@CLVW7144-425 13.5+1890-06-05 (Rain)
89Thursday, Aug 7CHC@CLVL41644-435 14.5-
90Friday, Aug 8CHC@CLVW7045-435 14.0+
91Saturday, Aug 9CHC@PITW6446-435 14.0++
92Monday, Aug 11CHC@PITL4646-445 14.02:00-
93Tuesday, Aug 12CHC@PITW131247-445 13.0+
94Wednesday, Aug 13CHC@CINW6448-445 13.0++
95Thursday, Aug 14CHC@CINL1248-455 13.0-
96Friday, Aug 15CHC@CINW9249-455 13.0+
97Saturday, Aug 16CHCPITW18550-455 12.0++
98Monday, Aug 18CHCPITW9351-455 12.0+++
99Tuesday, Aug 19 (1)CHCPITW7452-455 11.0++++
100Tuesday, Aug 19 (2)CHCPITW18353-455 11.0+++++1890-06-14 (Rain)
101Thursday, Aug 21CHC@BROL0453-465 13.0-
102Friday, Aug 22CHC@BROW1054-465 12.0+
103Saturday, Aug 23CHC@BROL3454-475 13.01:484,087-
104Monday, Aug 25CHC@NYGW6555-475 12.0+
105Tuesday, Aug 26CHC@NYGW4256-475 12.0++
106Wednesday, Aug 27CHC@NYGW5157-475 11.01:29+++
107Thursday, Aug 28CHC@PHIW13358-475 11.0++++
108Friday, Aug 29CHC@PHIW6459-475 11.0+++++
109Saturday, Aug 30CHC@PHIW10960-475 11.0++++++
Gm# September Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
110Monday, Sep 1 (1)CHC@BSNW4161-475 11.5+++++++
111Monday, Sep 1 (2)CHC@BSNW151162-475 11.5++++++++
112Tuesday, Sep 2CHC@BSNL3462-485 12.52:00-
113Thursday, Sep 4CHCCINW7463-485 13.0+
114Friday, Sep 5CHCCINW12864-485 12.0++
115Saturday, Sep 6CHCCINW1065-485 11.0+++
116Monday, Sep 8CHCPITW7366-485 10.0++++
117Tuesday, Sep 9CHCPITW12467-484 9.0+++++
118Wednesday, Sep 10CHCPITW8168-484 8.0++++++
119Thursday, Sep 11 (1)CHCCLVW5069-484 7.0+++++++
120Thursday, Sep 11 (2)CHCCLVW7670-484 7.0++++++++1890-05-10 (Rain)
121Friday, Sep 12 (1)CHCCLVW17271-484 6.0+++++++++
122Friday, Sep 12 (2)CHCCLVW11472-484 6.0++++++++++1890-05-12 (Rain)
123Saturday, Sep 13 (1)CHCCLVW11673-484 6.52,300+++++++++++
124Saturday, Sep 13 (2)CHCCLVL4873-494 6.5-1890-06-09 (Rain)
125Monday, Sep 15CHCCINW6374-494 6.0+
126Tuesday, Sep 16CHCCINW5275-493 6.0++
127Wednesday, Sep 17CHCCINT6675-493 6.0++
128Thursday, Sep 18 (1)CHCCINW8476-493 6.0+++
129Thursday, Sep 18 (2)CHCCINL51076-503 6.0-
130Friday, Sep 19CHCBROW10577-502 5.0+
131Saturday, Sep 20CHCBROL0977-512 6.0-
132Monday, Sep 22CHCBROW14178-512 5.0+
133Wednesday, Sep 24CHCPHIL3978-522 6.0-
134Friday, Sep 26CHCPHIL4578-533 6.5--
135Saturday, Sep 27CHCBSNW6279-532 6.5+
136Monday, Sep 29CHCBSNW3080-532 6.5++
137Tuesday, Sep 30CHCBSNW6481-532 6.51:55+++
Gm# October Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
138Thursday, Oct 2CHCNYGW7382-532 6.51:25++++
139Friday, Oct 3CHCNYGW3283-532 6.5+++++
Gm# Date Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
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