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Recent Game Results

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Season Summary

Team Win/Loss Splits

Team Game-by-Game Schedule

Team Game-by-Game Schedule
Gm# Date Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
1Thursday, Apr 27BLN@WHSL570-19 1.0-
2Friday, Apr 28BLN@WHSL6120-210 2.0--
3Saturday, Apr 29BLNWHSW861-29 1.5+
Gm# May Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
4Monday, May 1BLN@NYGL591-310 2.0-
5Tuesday, May 2BLN@NYGL151-410 3.01:55--
6Thursday, May 4BLNBSNL7111-511 3.5---
7Friday, May 5BLNBSNW822-511 3.0+
8Saturday, May 6BLNBSNW16123-511 2.5++
9Monday, May 8BLNPHIW424-59 2.01:50+++
10Tuesday, May 9BLNPHIW965-57 1.52:00++++
11Wednesday, May 10BLNPHIL795-67 2.5-
12Thursday, May 11BLNWHSL365-79 3.02:00--
13Friday, May 12BLN@WHSW766-77 3.0+
14Saturday, May 13BLNWHSL10126-89 3.0-
15Monday, May 15BLN@BROL346-99 4.0--
16Wednesday, May 17BLN@BROW1177-99 3.0+
17Thursday, May 18BLN@PHIL2107-109 3.52:00-
18Friday, May 19BLN@PHIW438-109 3.51:50+
19Saturday, May 20BLN@PHIL8178-119 4.5-
20Monday, May 22BLNNYGW879-117 4.5+
21Tuesday, May 23BLNNYGW7510-117 3.52:10++
22Wednesday, May 24BLNNYGL111610-128 4.0-
23Thursday, May 25BLNBROW5411-127 4.02:00+
24Friday, May 26BLNBROW6112-127 4.0++
25Saturday, May 27BLNBROW15413-125 3.02:10+++
26Monday, May 29BLN@PITL11013-137 4.0-1893-05-29 (Site change)
27Tuesday, May 30 (1)BLN@PITL1913-148 6.01:55--1893-05-30 (Site change)
28Tuesday, May 30 (2)BLN@PITL31013-158 6.02:00---1893-05-30 (Site change)
29Wednesday, May 31BLNSTLW10914-156 5.0+
Gm# June Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
30Thursday, Jun 1BLNSTLW5315-156 5.01:40++
31Saturday, Jun 3BLNLOUW9116-156 5.5+++
32Monday, Jun 5BLNLOUW5317-155 4.5++++
33Tuesday, Jun 6BLNLOUL61017-166 4.5-
34Wednesday, Jun 7BLNCHCL4917-177 5.51:50--
35Thursday, Jun 8BLNCHCW12718-176 4.52:15+
36Friday, Jun 9BLNCHCW11919-176 3.52:05++
37Saturday, Jun 10BLNCLVW4120-175 2.52:00+++
38Monday, Jun 12BLNCLVL121320-186 3.5-
39Tuesday, Jun 13BLNCLVL2820-197 3.5--
40Wednesday, Jun 14BLNCINL6720-207 4.5---
41Thursday, Jun 15BLNCINW8221-207 4.5+
42Friday, Jun 16BLNCINW19722-205 4.5++
43Saturday, Jun 17BLN@PHIL4622-215 5.0-
44Monday, Jun 19BLN@PHIL3622-227 6.0--
45Tuesday, Jun 20BLN@PHIL21022-237 7.0---1893-06-21 (Unknown reason)
46Wednesday, Jun 21BLN@NYGW5123-236 6.0+1893-05-03 (Rain)
47Saturday, Jun 24BLN@BSNL2423-246 7.01:30-
48Monday, Jun 26BLN@STLL5723-257 8.0--
49Tuesday, Jun 27BLN@STLW10624-256 7.0+
50Wednesday, Jun 28BLN@STLL51424-266 8.0-
51Thursday, Jun 29BLN@LOUL6724-277 9.0--
Gm# July Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
52Saturday, Jul 1BLN@LOUW7525-276 9.52:10+
53Tuesday, Jul 4 (1)BLN@PITL31125-287 11.0-
54Tuesday, Jul 4 (2)BLN@PITL71425-297 11.02:20--
55Wednesday, Jul 5BLN@PITL0225-307 11.52:00---
56Friday, Jul 7BLN@CLVW15526-306 11.0+
57Saturday, Jul 8BLN@CLVW9727-306 11.0++
58Sunday, Jul 9BLN@CINL2327-317 11.52:00-
59Monday, Jul 10BLN@CINL2327-328 12.51:50--
60Tuesday, Jul 11BLN@CINL101227-338 12.5---
61Thursday, Jul 13BLN@CHCL3727-348 13.0----
62Friday, Jul 14BLN@CHCL21027-358 14.0-----
63Saturday, Jul 15BLN@CHCL1927-3610 15.01:45------
64Monday, Jul 17BLNBROW9828-3610 14.0+
65Tuesday, Jul 18BLNBROW10529-3610 13.01:55++
66Wednesday, Jul 19BLNBROW12230-368 13.01:452,400+++
67Thursday, Jul 20BLN@BROW5331-367 13.0++++
68Friday, Jul 21BLN@BROL8931-377 14.0-
69Saturday, Jul 22 (1)BLN@BROW8432-376 12.52:05+
70Saturday, Jul 22 (2)BLN@BROW5233-376 12.51:55++1893-05-16 (Rain)
71Monday, Jul 24BLN@NYGL3433-388 12.52:101,000-
72Tuesday, Jul 25BLN@NYGL3933-398 13.51:45--
73Wednesday, Jul 26BLN@NYGL4533-409 14.5---
74Thursday, Jul 27 (1)BLN@BSNL2633-419 16.02:00----
75Thursday, Jul 27 (2)BLN@BSNL11133-429 16.0-----1893-06-22 (Rain)
76Friday, Jul 28 (1)BLN@BSNL31633-439 18.0------
77Friday, Jul 28 (2)BLN@BSNL5633-449 18.0-------1893-06-23 (Rain)
78Saturday, Jul 29BLN@BSNL4733-4510 19.0--------
79Monday, Jul 31BLN@WHSW3234-459 19.01:50+
Gm# August Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
80Tuesday, Aug 1BLNWHSW5235-459 19.02:05++
81Wednesday, Aug 2BLNWHSW8736-459 18.02:10+++
82Thursday, Aug 3BLNNYGW7637-459 18.0++++
83Friday, Aug 4BLNNYGL3637-469 18.51:00-
84Saturday, Aug 5BLNNYGL111237-479 20.02:50--
85Monday, Aug 7BLNPHIW14938-479 20.02:20+
86Tuesday, Aug 8BLNPHIW6439-479 20.02:10++
87Wednesday, Aug 9BLNPHIL3639-489 21.02:05-
88Thursday, Aug 10BLNBSNL7939-499 22.0--
89Friday, Aug 11BLNBSNL71139-509 23.01:45---
90Saturday, Aug 12BLNBSNL91439-519 24.02:20----
91Monday, Aug 14BLN@WHSW11340-519 23.02:20+
92Tuesday, Aug 15BLNWHSL71440-529 24.02:10-
93Wednesday, Aug 16BLN@WHSW5041-528 24.01:45+
94Thursday, Aug 17BLNSTLW5342-528 24.0++1893-06-02 (Rain)
95Friday, Aug 18BLNLOUL2842-538 24.51:35-
96Saturday, Aug 19BLNLOUW7343-538 24.51:50+
97Monday, Aug 21BLNLOUL91243-549 25.02:00-
98Tuesday, Aug 22BLNSTLW2144-548 25.0+
99Wednesday, Aug 23BLNSTLW131045-548 25.01:45++
100Thursday, Aug 24BLNSTLW5146-548 24.01:50+++
101Friday, Aug 25BLNCINL2446-558 25.01:55-
102Saturday, Aug 26BLNCINW7347-558 24.02:25+
103Monday, Aug 28BLNCINL2347-568 25.0-
104Tuesday, Aug 29BLNCLVW9748-568 24.5+
105Wednesday, Aug 30BLNCLVL71248-578 25.0-
106Thursday, Aug 31BLNCLVW11649-578 25.0+
Gm# September Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
107Saturday, Sep 2BLN@CHCW6550-578 25.02:15++1893-09-02 (Site change)
108Sunday, Sep 3BLN@CHCL8950-588 25.5-1893-09-04 (Site change)
109Monday, Sep 4BLN@CHCL101550-598 26.52:15--1893-09-04 (Site change)
110Wednesday, Sep 6BLN@PITL61250-608 28.0---1893-09-06 (Site change)
111Friday, Sep 8BLN@PITL6950-618 29.02:00----1893-09-08 (Site change)
112Saturday, Sep 9BLN@PITL51150-628 30.0-----1893-09-09 (Site change)
113Monday, Sep 11BLNPITW12551-628 30.01:50+1893-09-11 (Site change)
114Tuesday, Sep 12BLNPITL21351-638 30.5-1893-09-12 (Site change)
115Wednesday, Sep 13BLNPITL1651-648 30.51:50--1893-09-13 (Site change)
116Thursday, Sep 14BLN@CLVW6552-648 29.5+
117Friday, Sep 15 (1)BLN@CLVW7653-648 28.02:00++
118Friday, Sep 15 (2)BLN@CLVW9254-648 28.01:45+++1893-07-06 (Unknown reason)
119Saturday, Sep 16BLN@CLVL *H111554-658 29.01:50-
120Sunday, Sep 17BLN@CINW7555-658 28.52:10+
121Monday, Sep 18BLN@CINL6755-668 28.5-
122Tuesday, Sep 19BLN@CINL4755-678 28.52:10--
123Thursday, Sep 21BLN@CHCW13256-678 28.01:55+
124Friday, Sep 22BLN@CHCL0156-688 28.51:40-
125Saturday, Sep 23BLN@CHCW6457-688 27.01:05+
126Monday, Sep 25BLN@STLW17558-688 27.03:10++
127Tuesday, Sep 26 (1)BLN@STLW8759-688 26.5+++
128Tuesday, Sep 26 (2)BLN@STLL1859-698 26.51:25-1893-09-24 (Unknown reason)
129Thursday, Sep 28BLN@LOUW3160-698 27.0+
130Friday, Sep 29BLN@LOUL0660-708 27.5-
Gm# Date Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
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