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For reasons explained in our blog, we have disassociated the 1901 and 1902 Orioles teams from the franchise history of the New York Yankees. The two-year stint in Baltimore is now considered to be that of a separate franchise.

Recent Game Results

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Season Summary

Team Win/Loss Splits

Team Game-by-Game Schedule

Team Game-by-Game Schedule
Gm# Date Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
1Saturday, Apr 19BLA@BOSL670-18 1.0-1902-06-30 (Schedule change; Site change)
2Wednesday, Apr 23BLAPHAL180-28 1.5--
3Thursday, Apr 24BLAPHAW621-27 1.5+
4Saturday, Apr 26BLAPHAW622-22 1.0++
5Monday, Apr 28BLABOSL372-37 1.0-
6Wednesday, Apr 30BLABOSW543-34 1.0+
Gm# May Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
7Thursday, May 1BLABOSL463-47 1.5-
8Friday, May 2BLA@BOSW1464-44 1.5+1902-05-07 (Schedule change)
9Saturday, May 3BLA@BOSL1104-56 2.5-1902-05-08 (Schedule change)
10Monday, May 5BLA@BOSL254-67 2.5--1902-05-09 (Schedule change)
11Tuesday, May 6BLA@BOSL454-77 3.0---1902-05-10 (Schedule change)
12Wednesday, May 7BLA@PHAL564-87 4.0----1902-05-02 (Schedule change)
13Thursday, May 8BLA@PHAL364-97 5.0-----1902-05-03 (Schedule change)
14Friday, May 9BLA@PHAW1365-97 4.5+1902-05-05 (Schedule change)
15Saturday, May 10BLA@PHAL4135-107 5.0-1902-05-06 (Schedule change)
16Monday, May 12BLAWSHW946-107 5.0+
17Tuesday, May 13BLAWSHW1037-106 4.0++
18Wednesday, May 14BLA@WSHL147-117 4.5-
19Thursday, May 15BLA@WSHW628-116 3.5+
20Friday, May 16BLAWSHL798-127 4.5-
21Saturday, May 17BLAWSHW759-126 3.5+
22Tuesday, May 20BLA@WSHW4310-126 3.0++
23Wednesday, May 21BLADETL2410-136 4.0-
24Thursday, May 22BLADETW3111-136 4.0+
25Friday, May 23BLADETL2311-146 4.0-
26Saturday, May 24BLADETW6012-146 3.0+
27Monday, May 26BLACHWL3812-156 4.0-
28Tuesday, May 27BLACHWW7113-156 3.0+
29Wednesday, May 28BLACHWL2513-166 4.0-
30Thursday, May 29BLACHWW6514-166 4.0+
31Friday, May 30 (1)BLACLEW12415-166 3.0++
32Friday, May 30 (2)BLACLEW10716-166 3.0+++
33Saturday, May 31BLACLEL3616-176 4.0-
Gm# June Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
34Monday, Jun 2BLACLEW14117-175 4.0+
35Tuesday, Jun 3BLASLBW7618-174 4.0++
36Wednesday, Jun 4BLASLBL2618-184 4.0-
37Thursday, Jun 5BLASLBL6718-195 4.0--
38Saturday, Jun 7BLA@CLEL3718-206 4.0---
39Sunday, Jun 8BLA@CLEW6219-205 4.0+
40Monday, Jun 9BLA@CLEL51019-216 4.5-
41Tuesday, Jun 10BLA@CLEL71019-226 5.5--
42Wednesday, Jun 11BLA@DETL2519-236 6.5---
43Thursday, Jun 12BLA@DETW9320-236 6.5+
44Friday, Jun 13BLA@DETW4021-236 6.5++
45Saturday, Jun 14BLA@DETW9222-234 5.5+++
46Sunday, Jun 15BLA@SLBL4922-246 6.0-
47Monday, Jun 16BLA@SLBL5622-256 7.0--
48Tuesday, Jun 17BLA@SLBT2222-256 7.5--
49Wednesday, Jun 18BLA@SLBL6922-266 8.0---
50Thursday, Jun 19BLA@CHWL0222-277 9.0----
51Saturday, Jun 21BLA@CHWL2322-287 10.0-----
52Sunday, Jun 22 (1)BLA@CHWW3223-286 8.0+
53Sunday, Jun 22 (2)BLA@CHWW2124-286 8.0++1902-06-20 (Rain)
54Tuesday, Jun 24BLAPHAW6425-285 8.5+++
55Wednesday, Jun 25BLAPHAL6825-296 9.0-
56Thursday, Jun 26BLAPHAW7326-295 8.0+
57Friday, Jun 27BLABOSL3626-306 8.5-
58Saturday, Jun 28BLABOSL *V4926-317 9.0--
Gm# July Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
59Tuesday, Jul 1BLA@PHAL0226-327 10.0---
60Wednesday, Jul 2BLA@PHAW2127-327 8.5+
61Friday, Jul 4 (1)BLA@BOSL3527-337 11.0-
62Friday, Jul 4 (2)BLA@BOSL4527-347 11.0--
63Saturday, Jul 5BLA@BOSW5428-347 11.0+
64Monday, Jul 7BLAWSHW13029-345 9.5++
65Tuesday, Jul 8BLAWSHW8130-345 9.5+++
66Wednesday, Jul 9BLAWSHW11431-345 9.0++++
67Thursday, Jul 10BLA@WSHL3731-355 9.5-
68Friday, Jul 11BLA@WSHL3431-365 10.5--1902-05-19 (Rain)
69Saturday, Jul 12BLA@WSHL1431-376 11.5---
70Monday, Jul 14BLA@WSHL91031-386 12.0----
71Tuesday, Jul 15BLASLBL61331-397 12.0-----
72Wednesday, Jul 16BLASLBL5631-407 13.0------
73Thursday, Jul 17BLASLBL *V0031-417 13.0-------
74Friday, Jul 18BLASLBL3431-427 13.0--------
75Saturday, Jul 19BLADETW2132-427 12.0+
76Monday, Jul 21BLADETL0832-437 12.0-1902-07-20 (Schedule change)
77Tuesday, Jul 22BLADETL5732-448 12.0--
78Wednesday, Jul 23BLACHWW7533-447 11.0+
79Friday, Jul 25 (1)BLACHWL41533-457 11.0-
80Friday, Jul 25 (2)BLACHWW5434-457 11.0+1902-07-24 (Rain)
81Saturday, Jul 26BLACLEW9835-457 11.0++
82Monday, Jul 28BLACLEW15536-456 10.0+++
83Tuesday, Jul 29BLACLEW8737-456 9.0++++
Gm# August Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
84Friday, Aug 1BLA@CHWL6737-467 9.5-
85Saturday, Aug 2 (1)BLA@CHWL3837-478 11.5--
86Saturday, Aug 2 (2)BLA@CHWL2537-488 11.5---1902-07-31 (Wet grounds)
87Sunday, Aug 3BLA@SLBL3937-498 12.5----
88Monday, Aug 4BLA@SLBL2837-508 13.5-----
89Tuesday, Aug 5BLA@SLBL7837-518 13.5------
90Wednesday, Aug 6BLA@DETW2138-518 13.5+
91Friday, Aug 8BLA@DETL0238-528 13.0-
92Saturday, Aug 9BLA@CLEL0738-538 14.0--
93Monday, Aug 11BLA@CLEL111738-548 14.5---
94Tuesday, Aug 12BLA@CLEL3638-558 15.0----1902-08-10 (Postponed by agreement)
95Wednesday, Aug 13BLACLEW14439-558 14.5+
96Thursday, Aug 14BLACLEW8740-558 14.0++
97Friday, Aug 15BLACLEL1540-567 14.0-
98Saturday, Aug 16BLASLBL51240-577 15.0--
99Monday, Aug 18BLASLBW11141-577 15.0+
100Tuesday, Aug 19BLASLBL41141-587 15.0-
101Wednesday, Aug 20BLADETW7642-587 15.0+
102Thursday, Aug 21BLADETW6543-587 15.0++
103Friday, Aug 22BLADETL21043-597 16.0-
104Saturday, Aug 23BLACHWW14844-597 16.0+
105Monday, Aug 25BLACHWW21645-597 16.0++
106Tuesday, Aug 26BLACHWL01045-607 17.0-
107Thursday, Aug 28BLA@SLBL0145-617 17.0--
108Friday, Aug 29 (1)BLA@SLBL1745-627 18.5---
109Friday, Aug 29 (2)BLA@SLBL2445-637 18.5----
110Saturday, Aug 30BLA@SLBL2845-647 19.0-----
111Sunday, Aug 31BLA@CHWL21145-657 18.5------
Gm# September Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
112Monday, Sep 1 (1)BLA@CHWL4845-667 18.0-------
113Monday, Sep 1 (2)BLA@CHWT5545-667 18.0-------
114Tuesday, Sep 2BLA@CLEL72345-677 19.0--------
115Wednesday, Sep 3BLA@CLEL6845-687 20.0---------
116Thursday, Sep 4BLA@CLEL5745-697 21.0----------
117Friday, Sep 5BLA@DETW15146-697 20.0+
118Saturday, Sep 6 (1)BLA@DETL41246-708 21.5-
119Saturday, Sep 6 (2)BLA@DETL2646-718 21.5--1902-08-07 (Rain)
120Sunday, Sep 7BLA@DETL61146-728 22.0---
121Wednesday, Sep 10 (1)BLA@PHAL5946-738 24.5----
122Wednesday, Sep 10 (2)BLA@PHAL4546-748 24.5-----1902-07-03 (Rain)
123Thursday, Sep 11 (1)BLA@PHAL1946-758 26.5------
124Thursday, Sep 11 (2)BLA@PHAL3446-768 26.5-------1902-09-09 (Rain)
125Friday, Sep 12BLAWSHL11546-778 26.5--------
126Monday, Sep 15 (1)BLAWSHL81146-788 28.0---------
127Monday, Sep 15 (2)BLAWSHT4446-788 28.0---------1902-09-13 (Rain)
128Tuesday, Sep 16BLA@BOSL2746-798 29.0----------
129Wednesday, Sep 17 (1)BLA@BOSL11346-808 29.5-----------
130Wednesday, Sep 17 (2)BLA@BOSW5447-808 29.5+1902-09-26 (Schedule change; Site change)
131Thursday, Sep 18BLA@BOSL2547-818 30.5-
132Saturday, Sep 20 (1)BLA@WSHW6548-817 30.5+
133Saturday, Sep 20 (2)BLA@WSHW9649-817 30.5++1902-09-19 (Rain)
134Monday, Sep 22 (1)BLA@WSHW9450-817 30.5+++
135Monday, Sep 22 (2)BLA@WSHL31450-827 30.5-
136Tuesday, Sep 23BLA@PHAL3450-838 31.5--1902-09-23 (Site change)
137Wednesday, Sep 24 (1)BLA@PHAL5750-848 33.5---1902-09-25 (Site change)
138Wednesday, Sep 24 (2)BLA@PHAL4550-858 33.5----1902-09-24 (Site change)
139Saturday, Sep 27 (1)BLABOSL8950-868 33.5-----
140Saturday, Sep 27 (2)BLABOSL2450-878 33.5------1902-04-29 (Wet grounds)
141Monday, Sep 29BLABOSL5950-888 34.0-------
Gm# Date Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
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