Register League Encyclopedia


Open From To Yrs
Pacific Coast League195219576
Negro Majors From To Yrs
Negro American League1937195014
Negro National League1920194828
Negro Southern League193219321
East-West League193219321
American Negro League192919312
Eastern Colored League192319286
Southern Negro League192019201
AAA From To Yrs
Mexican League (Autumn)201820181
International League1946201873
Mexican League (Spring)201820181
Pacific Coast League1946201867
Mexican League1967201751
American Association1946199746
Inter-American League197919791
AA From To Yrs
Southern League1964201854
Eastern League1963201856
Texas League1946201872
Dixie Association197119711
Mexican League1955196612
South Atlantic League196319631
Southern Association1946196116
International League1912194534
American Association1912194534
Pacific Coast League1912194534
Adv A From To Yrs
California League1990201829
Florida State League1990201829
Carolina League1990201829
A From To Yrs
Midwest League1963201856
South Atlantic League1946201856
Florida State League1963198927
Carolina League1963198927
California League1963198927
Western Carolinas League1963197917
Mexican Center League1963197816
Lone Star League197719771
Gulf States League197619761
Mexican Pacific League197619761
Mexican Southeast League196419707
Mexican Northern League196819692
New York-Pennsylvania League193319669
Northwest League196319653
Northern League196319653
Pioneer League196319631
Georgia-Florida League196319631
Eastern League1895196256
Western League1892195856
Western International League195219543
Central League194819514
Texas League1921193515
Southern Association1902193534
American Association190319119
Pacific Coast League190419118
Pacific National League190319031
Western Association188819013
American League190019001
Atlantic League189618992
Eastern Association189118911
A-1 From To Yrs
Southern Association1936194510
Texas League193619427
Short-Season A From To Yrs
New York-Pennsylvania League1967201852
Northwest League1966201853
Northern League196619716
Rookie From To Yrs
Gulf Coast League1966201853
Arizona League1988201831
Appalachian League1963201856
Pioneer League1964201855
Florida East Coast League197219721
Florida Rookie League196519651
Cocoa Rookie League196419641
Sarasota Rookie League196419641
Negro From To Yrs
Negro American League1951196010
Baseball Association Of America194919491
West Coast Baseball League194619461
United States Baseball League194519462
Negro Southern League1920194518
Negro Major Baseball League Of America194219421
Texas-Oklahoma Negro League193319353
Texas-Louisiana League193119311
Texas Negro League192419318
Denver City League193019301
Southern Negro League192119211
National Colored Baseball League188718871
Southern League Of Colored Base Ballists188618861
B From To Yrs
Northwest League195519628
Carolina League1949196214
Illinois-Indiana-Iowa League1902196153
Big State League1947195711
Southwestern League195619572
West Texas-New Mexico League195519551
Tri-State League1907195518
Piedmont League1932195524
Florida International League194919546
Gulf Coast League195119533
Interstate League1897195218
Western International League1922195113
Colonial League194719504
Southeastern League1926195017
New England League1892194931
Mexican National League194619461
South Atlantic League1921194217
Quebec Provincial League194019401
Northeastern League193419341
Central League1903193424
Mississippi Valley League193319331
New York-Pennsylvania League1923193210
Virginia League1895192811
Michigan State League189519262
Michigan-Ontario League191919268
Quebec-Ontario-Vermont League192419241
Eastern Canada League192219232
Pacific Coast International League191819224
Western Canada League192019212
Texas League1892192011
Northwest International League191919191
Eastern League191619183
Northwestern League1905191713
New York State League1894191718
Canadian League191419152
Eastern Association191319142
Connecticut State League189419129
Pacific National League190419052
Pacific Northwest League189219022
Southern League188619018
Western League190019001
Western Association189518995
Atlantic League189718982
Pennsylvania State League189218963
Texas-Southern League189518951
Western Interstate League189518951
Montana State League189218921
California League189218921
Nebraska State League189218921
C From To Yrs
Northern League1913196223
Mexican Center League196119622
Pioneer League1939196221
California League1941196219
Arizona-Mexico League195519584
Central Mexican League195519573
Evangeline League194919579
Longhorn League195119555
Cotton States League1936195515
Provincial League195019556
Western Association1905195435
Arizona-Texas League194019549
West Texas-New Mexico League194619549
Mountain States League195419541
Southwest International League195119522
Canadian-American League1936195113
Border League194619516
Middle Atlantic League1925195124
Sunset League194719504
Rio Grande Valley League195019501
East Texas League193619508
Gulf Coast League195019501
Central Association194719493
Carolina League194519484
Lone Star League194719482
Florida International League194619483
Virginia League1906194216
Mountain State League194219421
Michigan State League194019412
Cape Breton Colliery League193919391
Interstate League189619392
East Dixie League193419352
West Dixie League193419352
Dixie League193319331
Piedmont League1921193111
Ontario League193019301
Utah-Idaho League192619283
Florida State League192119244
Southwestern League192219232
South Atlantic League1904192016
Western Canada League191919191
Southern Michigan League191119153
Colonial League191419141
Wisconsin-Illinois League191019145
Canadian League191219132
Central International League191219121
Minnesota-Wisconsin League191119111
Ohio-Pennsylvania League190519117
Texas League189719109
Hudson River League190419074
Northern-Copper Country League190619061
Interstate Association190619061
South Texas League190319064
Missouri Valley League190419052
North Carolina League190219021
Virginia-North Carolina League190119011
New York State League189719014
Southern League189918991
Central League189718971
New Pacific League189618961
Texas Association189618961
Iron And Oil League189518951
Short-Season D From To Yrs
Appalachian League195719626
Nebraska State League195719593
D From To Yrs
Florida State League1919196229
Georgia-Florida League1935196222
New York-Pennsylvania League195719626
Western Carolina League194819628
Alabama-Florida League1936196216
Midwest League195619627
Sophomore League195819614
Mexican Center League196019601
Sooner State League1947195711
Nebraska State League1910195620
Georgia State League1906195613
Pennsylvania-Ontario-New York League1939195618
Kentucky-Illinois-Tennessee League1903195531
Mississippi-Ohio Valley League194919557
Appalachian League1911195528
Tar Heel League193919544
Mountain States League191119538
Wisconsin State League1905195314
North Carolina State League1913195219
Coastal Plain League1937195212
Kansas-Oklahoma-Missouri League194619527
Georgia-Alabama League1913195114
Far West League194819514
Virginia League190019517
Ohio-Indiana League190719516
Blue Ridge League1915195020
Alabama State League194019507
North Atlantic League194619505
Longhorn League194719504
Tobacco State League194619505
Eastern Shore League1922194916
Rio Grande Valley League193119492
Evangeline League1934194812
Illinois State League194719482
Ohio State League1908194720
West Texas-New Mexico League193719426
Florida East Coast League194019423
Bi-State League1915194210
Pennsylvania State Association193419429
Western League193919413
Mountain State League193719415
Northeast Arkansas League190919419
Northern League1903194013
Arkansas-Missouri League193619405
Arizona-Texas League193119395
Cape Breton Colliery League193719382
Texas Valley League192719383
Alabama-Mississippi League193619361
Oklahoma State League191219365
Keystone League193519351
Arkansas State League190819354
Interstate League1905193210
Cotton States League1902193223
Mississippi Valley League1922193211
Palmetto League193119311
East Texas League191619316
Old Dominion League193019301
Arizona State League192819303
Lone Star League192719293
Eastern Carolina League190819296
California State League191019297
West Texas League192019295
Anthracite League192819281
Texas Association192319264
Southwestern League190419265
Tri-State League192419263
Gulf Coast League190719263
Blue Grass League190819248
North Dakota League192319231
Panhandle-Pecos Valley League192319231
South Dakota League192019232
Texas-Oklahoma League191119226
Dakota League192119222
Northern Utah League192119211
Western Association191119217
Alabama-Tennessee League192119211
Mississippi State League192119211
Louisiana State League192019201
Piedmont League192019201
Dixie League191619172
Central Association1908191710
Central Texas League191419174
Potomac League191619161
Middle Texas League191419152
Florida-Alabama-Georgia League191519151
Atlantic League191419152
Rio Grande Association191519151
Buckeye League191519151
Union Association191119144
Western Canada League190719148
Michigan State League189719146
Illinois-Missouri League190819147
Virginia Mountain League191419141
Western Tri-State League191219143
Kansas State League190519147
Pennsylvania-West Virginia League190819143
Eastern Michigan League191219143
Southern California League191319131
Empire State League190619133
Southern Michigan League190619137
Missouri-Iowa-Nebraska-Kansas League191019134
New Brunswick-Maine League191319131
New York-New Jersey League191319131
Border League191219132
Ohio-Pennsylvania League191219121
Massachusetts-Connecticut League191219121
South Central League190619122
Southeastern League191019123
Washington State League191019123
Minnesota-Wisconsin League190919123
Rocky Mountain League191219121
Carolina Association190819125
Iowa League Of Professional Baseball Clubs190419125
Northern State of Indiana League190919124
Central Kansas League190819125
Eastern Kansas League191019112
Southwest Texas League191019112
Canadian League189919113
Twin States League191119111
Tidewater League191119111
Central California League191019112
Missouri State League191119111
San Joaquin Valley League191019112
Southern California Trolley League191019101
West Virginia League191019101
West Michigan League191019101
Indiana-Michigan League191019101
Connecticut Association191019101
Southern Illinois League191019101
Northern Association191019101
Virginia Valley League191019101
Wisconsin-Illinois League190719093
Inter-Mountain League190919091
Oklahoma-Kansas League190819081
Eastern Illinois League190719082
Atlantic Association190819081
Inland Empire League190219082
International League190819081
Maine State League190719082
South Carolina League190619083
North Texas League190519072
Southern New Hampshire League190719071
New Hampshire State League190719071
Oklahoma-Arkansas-Kansas League190719071
Pennsylvania-Ohio-Maryland League190619072
Northern-Copper Country League190719071
Western Pennsylvania League190719071
Texas League190219063
Southwest Washington League190319064
Arkansas-Texas League190619061
Western Ontario Baseball Association190519051
Copper Country Soo League190419052
Virginia-North Carolina League190519051
Delta League190419052
Oregon State League190419041
Connecticut League190219043
Hudson River League190319031
Missouri Valley League190119033
Iowa-South Dakota League190219032
Southwest Iowa League190319031
Northern New York League190219021
Northern Maine League190219021
Pennsylvania State League190119022
Illinois-Indiana-Iowa League190119011
Pacific Northwest League190119011
California League189818981
New Jersey State League189718971
South New Jersey League189618961
E From To Yrs
Twin Ports League194319431
California League189918991
Indiana-Illinois League189918991
Connecticut State League189118911
F From To Yrs
Connecticut State League189719014
Connecticut League189918991
New England League189918991
Pacific Northwest League189818981
Ohio State League189818981
Iron And Oil League189818981
Central Pennsylvania League189718971
Red River Valley League189718971
Foreign From To Yrs
Japan Pacific League1950201869
Korean Baseball Organization1982201837
Japan Central League1950201869
Australian Baseball League1989201819
Cuban National Series1961201757
Italian Baseball League201620161
Dutch Major League1999201618
Italian Baseball League1999201315
Chinese Professional Baseball League1990201122
Israel Baseball League200720071
China Baseball League200220054
Federation Francaise De Baseball200220043
Japan Western League199720048
Japan Eastern League199720048
International Baseball League199920035
Taiwan Major League199720026
Cuban League1878196083
Cuban Pro. League196019601
Pro. League De Nicaragua196019601
Pro. League De Panama196019601
Japanese Baseball League1939194911
Japanese Baseball League (Spring)193619383
Japanese Baseball League (Fall)193619383
Cuban-American Negro Clubs Series190419159
Cuban-American Major League Clubs Series190819136
Cuban National League191119122
Cuban General League190519117
Havana League190319042
Fall From To Yrs
Arizona Fall League1992201827
California Fall League199919991
Maryland Fall League199819981
Winter From To Yrs
Dominican Winter League1937201869
Venezuelan Winter League1944201874
Puerto Rican Winter League1933201881
Mexican Pacific Winter League1946201873
Florida Winter Baseball League200920091
Probeis Winter League200120044
Hawaii Winter League199319975
Colombian Winter League195319857
Panama Winter League1940196828
Nicaraguan Winter League195719668
Occidental Winter League195419639
Veracruz Winter League195219629
Northern Autumn League196119611
Panama-Nicaragua Winter League196119611
Roberto Avila League196019612
Florida Winter League196019612
Sonora Winter League195819614
Cuban Winter League1882196079
Mexican Pacific Coast League195119577
Southern California Winter League191419572
Canal Zone League194819503
California Winter League1894194745
Cuban Independent Winter League194719471
Cuban Federation Winter League194619461
Imperial Valley League191419152
Spring From To Yrs
Citrus League197219721
Women's From To Yrs
All-American Girls Professional Baseball League1943195412
Foreign A From To Yrs
Tabasco League200320031
Foreign Rookie From To Yrs
Dominican Summer League1985201834
Venezuelan Summer League1997201519
Mexican Academy League199720015
Mexican Rookie League196819681
Winter Rookie From To Yrs
Hawaii Winter Baseball200620083
Florida Instructional League1958200749
Arizona Instructional League1960199132
Florida Instructional League North196919691
Florida Instructional League South196919691
Peninsula Winter League1959196810
Arizona Rookie League196419641
Florida East Coast Instructional League196419641
Independent From To Yrs
Frontier League1993201826
American Association1902201814
Pacific Association201420185
Pecos League201120188
Atlantic League1895201822
Canadian-American Association2005201814
United League Baseball200620147
North American League201120122
Northern League1902201019
Golden Baseball League200520106
Arizona Winter League200720093
Continental Baseball League200720093
South Coast League200720071
Central League200220054
Southwestern League189520042
Northeast League1995200410
Arizona-Mexico League200320031
Canadian Baseball League200320031
Western League199520039
Southeastern League200220032
All-American Association200120011
Texas-Louisiana League199420018
Heartland League199619983
Big South League199619972
Prairie League199519973
North Atlantic League199519962
Atlantic Coast League199519951
Mid-America League199519951
Golden State League199519951
North Central League199419952
Great Central League199419941
Quebec Provincial League1922197036
Manitoba-Dakota League195019578
Mexican League1925195430
Provincial League194819492
Carolina Baseball League193519384
Colonial League191519151
United States League191219132
Federal League191319131
California State League190219095
Pennsylvania-New Jersey League190819081
Eastern Colored Independents190719071
Blue Mountain League190719071
Nevada State League190719071
Tri-State League190419063
Southern Tier League190419052
Empire State League190519051
Tennessee-Alabama League190419041
California State League190419041
Dawson League190419041
Pennsylvania League190319042
Pacific Coast League190319031
Utah State League190219021
Cumberland Valley League189618961
Iowa State League189518951
Southern Illinois League189518951
Northeastern League189518951
Northern Michigan League189518951
Upper Peninsula League189518951
Ohio State League189518951
Colorado State League189518951
Eastern Interstate League189518951
New England Association189518951
Eastern Iowa League189518951
Southwest Interstate League189518951
Northwestern League189518951
Eastern International League189518951
Missouri Valley League189518951
New Hampshire State League189518951
South New Jersey League189518951
Kansas State League189518951
Connecticut State League189518951
Eastern New England League188518851
No Classification From To Yrs
Mexican Northern League197119711
Global League197019701
Western Canada League195119616
Pan American Association196019601
Canadian-American League195919591
Southern Alberta League195919591
Mexican Northwest League195819581
Western Canada League195819581
Saskatchewan League195319542
Independent Negro1914195037
Ohio Valley League194919491
Manitoba Senior League194919491
Northwest League194719471
Carolina League193619383
Tri-State League192819382
Wisconsin State League1902193611
Coastal Plain League193419363
Eastern Wisconsin League193219352
East Texas League193419341
Carolina Textile League193419341
Permain Basin League193419341
Sacramento Valley League193419341
Wisconsin-Illinois League192619322
Texas Association192819281
Southwestern League192819281
Midwest League192319253
Sunshine League192519251
West Arkansas League192419241
Placer-Nevada League192419241
Western Ohio League192319231
Cotton States League191919212
Florida East Coast League192119211
San Francisco Shipbuilders League191819181
Tri-Copper League191719171
Louisiana State League191519151
Northern Association191419141
Oahu League191319131
Missouri-Kansas League189819122
Iowa State League191219121
Southern Texas League191219121
Virginia Mountain League191219121
Ohio Valley League189019122
Pennsylvania Railroad Clerks191119111
Iowa State League191119111
Chicago City League191019101
Central New York League191019101
Illinois-Iowa League191019101
Michigan State League191019101
Chicago City League188719097
Eastern Association188219092
Atlantic League190019094
Texas Valley League190119085
Harrisburg City League190819081
Union Association190819081
Old Dominion League190819081
Lake Shore League190819081
Atlantic League190719071
Texas Valley League190219073
California State League188319067
Northern Independent League190619061
Montana State League188719055
Geauga County League190519051
Northern New York League190019054
Northern New York League190419041
Susquehanna League190419041
Interstate League188519038
Tennessee-Alabama League190319031
California League1879190118
Inter-Mountain League190119011
New England League187719019
North Carolina League190119011
Wisconsin State League188319015
Utah-Idaho League190019001
International League188619005
Indiana State League188819005
Provincial League190019001
Southern California League188619003
North Carolina Association190019001
Central League188719004
Pacific States League189818992
San Joaquin Valley League189618992
Southwestern League188718995
Illinois-Iowa League189018994
Ohio State League1884189910
Eastern New York League189918991
Maine State League188718985
Kansas State League188718984
Central Pennsylvania League188618985
Canadian League188518987
New York State League188418986
Pacific Coast League188718982
Colorado State League188518987
Arizona League189718971
Virginia League188518974
Lehigh Valley League189718971
Southeastern League189718971
South New Jersey League189718971
Arkansas State League189418972
Texas-Southern League188118973
Southeastern Virginia League189718971
Ohio-West Virginia League189618972
Kootenay And Washington League189718971
Washington State League189718971
San Francisco City League189618961
Illinois League189618961
Missouri State League189618961
Naugatuck Valley League189618961
Blue Grass League189218962
Southern Illinois League189618961
Northeastern League188718962
Pennyrile League189618961
Michigan State League188618968
Schuykill Valley League189518962
Kentucky-Indiana League189618961
Central Connecticut League189618961
Canadian Association189518951
Canadian Midland League189418941
Pennsylvania State League189118943
Western Ontario League188418942
Mississippi State League189318942
California Players League189418941
Merrimac Valley League189418941
Monongahela League189418941
Tri-State League188818945
Eastern League188418947
Beaver Valley League189418941
Western League188518946
Ohio-Michigan League189318931
Western Association188918935
Oregon State League189318931
Central New Jersey League189218921
South Atlantic League189218921
Black Hills League189118922
Central California League189218921
Kansas-Missouri League189218921
Iron And Oil League188518922
Florida State League189218921
Mountain League189218921
Wisconsin-Michigan League189218921
Western New York and Pennsylvania League189018912
Central New Jersey League189118911
Pacific Interstate League189118911
New York-Pennsylvania League189018912
Upper Peninsula League188818913
Puget Sound League188718912
Pacific Northwestern League189118911
Northwestern League187918918
New Brunswick League189018901
Pacific Northwest League189018901
Rhode Island League189018901
Texas League188818903
International Association187718905
Atlantic Association188918902
Western New York League188618903
Middle States League188918902
Eastern Interstate League188818902
Central Interstate League188718904
Eastern Iowa League189018901
Pennsylvania State Association188618903
Southern League188518894
Illinois-Indiana League188918891
Delaware State League188918891
Western Pennsylvania League188818892
New England Interstate League188818881
Saginaw Valley League188818881
Central New York League188818881
Connecticut State League188418883
Hudson River League188518883
Interstate Association188318883
New Mexico League188818881
Central Atlantic League188818881
Eastern International League188818881
Nebraska State League188718871
Northern Michigan League188718871
New Hampshire State League188518862
Gulf League188618861
Illinois-Indiana-Iowa League188618861
Georgia State League188418862
Northeastern Connecticut State League188518851
Keystone Association188418852
Southern New England League188518851
Iron & Oil Association188418841
Ontario League188418841
Eastern New England League188418841
Massachusetts State Association188418841
Rhode Island Association188418841
League Alliance187718825
New California League188118811
Eastern Championship Association188118811
National Association187918802
Pacific League187818803
Humboldt County League187918791
Non-League Players187918791

About the Register Data

Historical performance data for professional leagues (affiliated minor leagues, independent minor leagues, fall/winter leagues, and other international leagues) is provided by and licensed from 24-7 Baseball and Chadwick Baseball Bureau. It incorporates the work of many stalwart baseball researchers, including Cliff Blau, Art Cantu, Frank Hamilton, Reed Howard, Kevin Johnson, Bob McConnell, Jack Morris, and Ray Nemec, as well as members of the Minor Leagues Committee of the Society for American Baseball Research.

Perhaps most importantly, it builds upon the seminal work of Ed Washuta, who magnanimously provided the framework to make the whole thing possible.

Minor league Total Zone (Rctch&Rtz, 2005-2009) data provided by and

About the Negro League Data


This data comes from two sources. 1) The Negro Leagues Researchers and Authors Group put together by the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum thanks to a grant provided by Major League Baseball. 2) Gary Ashwill and his collaborators.

The Hall of Fame data is found for the years 1920-1948 and the Ashwill data is found from 1904-1919. Many statistics are incomplete due to ongoing research and/or limitations in published sources, so please be assured that we are aware there are issues with the data and will continue to work with our data providers to improve the data that appears here.

The Hall of Fame dataset

This data is constructed from the best available information as provided by Larry Lester, Wayne Stivers and Dick Clark of the Negro Leagues Researchers and Authors Group. It contains data culled from newspaper boxscores, covering league sanctioned games from 1920 to 1948, which was produced for a study sponsored by Major League Baseball and the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. It reflects totals as compiled by the NLRAG up to 2006. As new credible information is continually unearthed, these numbers will continue to change.

Baseball-Reference and the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum would like to acknowledge Major League Baseball for funding this study, along with the Negro Leagues Researchers and Authors Group for their extensive efforts to collect the raw data and construct the most comprehensive database of Negro Leagues Baseball statistics.  Under the direction of Larry Lester, Wayne Stivers and Dick Clark, this database is the largest dataset ever made publically available and we wish to express our gratitude for all their efforts to help rebuild this lost statistical history.

The Ashwill Negro Leagues Database

Playing statistics and biographical data on the Negro leagues (all pre-1920) and early Latin American professional baseball is licensed from and provided by the Negro Leagues Database, a project organized by Gary Ashwill with the participation of many historians of Negro league and Latin American baseball.

The database is a work in progress, and will include more seasons as development continues. It appears in its original form at

Playing statistics and biographical data for this portion of our dataset (The Negro Leagues Database) are all copyright 2013 by Gary Ashwill. All rights reserved.


Note that our records are missing thousands of players who played in the Negro Leagues for minor league teams, independent teams, barnstorming teams or even Negro major league teams. We will bring their records to light as soon as suitable records are available for those players.

Details about our NLB Data

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