Texas Rangers Top Prospects

Baseball America
Before 2008 Season
19 Elvis Andrus SS
65 Chris Davis 3B/1B
77 Eric Hurley RHP
80 Taylor Teagarden C
93 Neftali Feliz RHP
After 2008 Season
10 Neftali Feliz RHP
23 Justin Smoak 1B
31 Derek Holland LHP
37 Elvis Andrus SS
73 Taylor Teagarden C
84 Max Ramirez C
86 Martin Perez LHP
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Before 2008 Season
30 Neftali Feliz P
49 Eric Hurley P
58 Elvis Andrus SS
73 Michael Main P
74 Chris Davis 3B
77 Taylor Teagarden C
After 2008 Season
6 Neftali Feliz P
22 Justin Smoak 1B
40 Derek Holland P
66 Michael Main P
68 Engel Beltre CF
73 Elvis Andrus SS
Rankings are by BaseballProspectus.com.

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