Pittsburgh Pirates Top Prospects

Baseball America
Before 2022 Season
14 Oneil Cruz SS
41 Henry Davis C
49 Nick Gonzales 2B
78 Liover Peguero SS
80 Roansy Contreras RHP
88 Quinn Priester RHP
After 2022 Season
23 Endy Rodríguez C
49 Termarr Johnson 2B
73 Henry Davis C
74 Luis Ortiz RHP
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Before 2022 Season
20 Nick Gonzales 2B
24 Henry Davis C
26 Oneil Cruz SS
54 Quinn Priester RHP
71 Roansy Contreras RHP
79 Liover Peguero SS
After 2022 Season
26 Termarr Johnson 2B
55 Endy Rodríguez C/2B
57 Henry Davis C
60 Quinn Priester RHP
Rankings are by Jonathan Mayo of MLB.com.
Before 2022 Season
12 Oneil Cruz SS
18 Henry Davis C
29 Nick Gonzales 2B
38 Liover Peguero SS
89 Roansy Contreras RHP
After 2022 Season
31 Termarr Johnson 2B
46 Henry Davis C
55 Endy Rodríguez C/OF
Rankings are by BaseballProspectus.com.

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