Fielding stats are given overall and by position. In some cases, they will be identical.

1909 Fielding Game Log (overall)

1909 Fielding Game Log (overall)
Rk Gtm Date Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
14 (3)Apr 16WSHBOSW,3-2CG09.020020
25Apr 17WSHBOSL,1-6CG09.030030
36Apr 19WSHBOSL,4-8CG09.020020
47Apr 22WSH@NYYL,1-8CG08.000000
58Apr 24WSH@NYYL,0-17CG08.040040
69Apr 26WSHPHAL,1-3CG09.030030
710Apr 28WSHPHAW,3-2CG010.040040
May Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
811May 3WSH@BOSL,1-7CG08.030030
912May 4WSH@BOSW,1-0CG09.000000
1013May 5WSH@PHAW,4-3CG09.000000
1114May 6WSH@PHAL,1-2CG08.110010
1215May 7WSH@PHAL,0-1GS0 30030
1316May 8WSH@PHAL,0-1CG08.000000
1417May 10WSH@CHWL,0-1CG010.200000
1518May 11WSH@CHWL,3-5CG08.020020
1619May 12WSH@CHWW,6-2CG09.020020
1720May 13WSH@CHWT,1-1GF0 00000
Player went from Washington Senators to Philadelphia Athletics
1826May 21PHA@DETW,8-4CG09.041051
1927May 22PHA@DETW,7-1CG09.000000
2028May 24PHA@CLEL,2-6CG08.020020
2129May 25PHA@CLEW,13-2CG09.030030
2230May 26PHA@CLEL,2-3CG08.120020
2331May 28PHAWSHW,3-1CG09.040040
2432May 29 (1)PHABOSW,6-2CG09.000000
2533May 29 (2)PHABOSW,4-2CG09.010010
2634May 31 (1)PHABOSL,2-3CG09.040040
2735May 31 (2)PHABOSL,1-2CG09.040040
Jun Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
2836Jun 1 (1)PHABOSW,1-0CG011.040040
2937Jun 1 (2)PHABOSL,0-1CG09.040040
3038Jun 2PHACHWW,5-4CG09.022041
3139Jun 3PHACHWL,6-9CG09.030030
3240Jun 7PHACLEL,1-3CG09.010010
3341Jun 8PHACLEL,0-2CG09.032051
3442Jun 11PHASLBW,2-1CG011.030030
3543Jun 12PHASLBW,4-1CG09.030030
3644Jun 14PHASLBL,6-11CG09.020020
3745Jun 15PHASLBW,3-1CG09.050050
3846Jun 16PHADETW,5-4CG09.010010
3947Jun 17PHADETL,1-4CG09.021030
4048Jun 18PHADETW,3-1CG09.020020
4149Jun 19PHA@BOSL,6-7CG08.030140
4250Jun 21 (1)PHA@BOSL,5-6GS0 30140
4351Jun 21 (2)PHA@BOSL,1-4GS0 20020
4454 (2)Jun 24PHANYYW,5-3CG09.000000
4555Jun 25PHANYYL,2-12GS0 20020
4656Jun 26 (1)PHANYYW,3-0CG09.050050
4757Jun 26 (2)PHANYYW,4-1CG09.010010
4858Jun 28PHANYYL,1-2CG09.010010
4959Jun 29PHA@BOSW,9-0CG09.020020
5060Jun 30 (1)PHA@BOSW,8-4CG09.010010
5161Jun 30 (2)PHA@BOSW,6-2CG09.020020
Jul Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
5262Jul 1PHA@BOSL,1-3CG08.021140
5363Jul 2PHA@BOSW,1-0CG09.020020
5464Jul 3 (1)PHA@NYYW,5-2CG09.030030
5565Jul 3 (2)PHA@NYYW,7-0CG09.000000
5666Jul 5 (1)PHA@NYYW,7-2CG09.040040
5767Jul 5 (2)PHA@NYYW,4-3CG09.000000
5868Jul 6PHA@NYYW,3-2CG09.010010
5969Jul 8PHA@DETW,3-1CG09.000000
6070Jul 9PHA@DETW,2-0CG09.030030
6171Jul 10PHA@DETL,5-9CG08.030030
6272Jul 11PHA@DETW,7-1CG09.040040
6373Jul 13PHA@CLEL,0-1CG09.230030
6474Jul 14PHA@CLEL,3-4CG011.120020
6575Jul 15PHA@CLEL,5-6CG08.000000
6676Jul 16PHA@CLEW,3-0CG09.040040
6777Jul 17 (1)PHA@SLBL,0-2CG08.030030
6878Jul 17 (2)PHA@SLBL,4-5CG08.020020
6979Jul 18PHA@SLBL,4-5CG010.020020
7080Jul 19PHA@SLBW,4-3CG09.010120
7181Jul 20PHA@SLBW,2-0CG09.000000
7282Jul 22PHA@CHWL,3-4CG08.010010
7383Jul 23PHA@CHWL,0-3CG08.000000
7484Jul 24PHA@CHWL,1-5GS0 40040
7585Jul 25PHA@CHWL,0-3CG08.010010
7686Jul 27 (1)PHA@WSHW,8-2CG09.040040
7787Jul 27 (2)PHA@WSHW,5-2CG09.040040
7888Jul 28 (1)PHA@WSHW,7-1CG09.011020
7989Jul 28 (2)PHA@WSHW,6-0CG09.020020
8090Jul 29 (1)PHACLEW,2-1CG09.000000
8191Jul 29 (2)PHACLEW,9-4CG09.020020
8292Jul 30PHACLEW,7-1CG09.050050
8393Jul 31 (1)PHACLEL,1-3CG09.020020
8494Jul 31 (2)PHACLEW,4-3CG09.030030
Aug Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
8595Aug 3 (1)PHACHWW,2-1CG09.030030
8697 (1)Aug 5 (1)PHACHWW,3-0CG09.010010
8798Aug 5 (2)PHACHWL,0-1CG09.030030
8899Aug 6PHADETL,1-3CG09.010010
89100Aug 7PHADETW,5-3CG09.010010
90106 (5)Aug 14PHASLBW,2-1CG012.030030
91107Aug 16PHA@WSHW,6-1CG09.020020
92108Aug 17PHA@WSHL,0-1CG011.201010
September Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
93129 (20)Sep 9PHANYYW,11-3GF0 10010
94gm 193942063

1909 Fielding Game Log (as LF)

1909 Fielding Game Log (as CF)

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