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Team Record in Appearances: 38-30

Days of Rest

Inning/Score Appearance Matrix

Multiple inning appearances: 13,    Entered with runners on base: 15

2004 Pitching Game Log

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2004 Pitching Game Log
Rk Gcar Gtm Date Tm Opp Rslt Inngs Dec DR IP H R ER BB SO HR HBP ERA BF Pit Str StL StS GB FB LD PU Unk GSc IR IS SB CS PO AB 2B 3B IBB GDP SF ROE aLI WPA acLI cWPA RE24 Entered Exited
1341Apr 5CLE@MINL,4-78-10BS(1)992.220003000.00103424464301021000100000002.810.3673.110.24%1.63 8b -23 1 out a110b 3 out tie
2354Apr 8CLE@KCRW,6-19-GF21.010001000.00413113112000000004010000. 9b --- 0 out a5 9b end a 5
3366Apr 10CLE@KCRL,6-79-10L(0-1)11.011101001.934191243210102000040000002.690.2262.930.15%0.85 9b 1-3 2 out tie10b 1-- 2 out tie
4377Apr 11CLE@KCRL,3-58-800.020000001.9324300110002200021000002.34-0.2842.34-0.17%-2.50 8b 12- 1 out tie 8b -23 1 out d2
5388Apr 12CLEMINW,6-38-801.000001001.5931293102010000003000000.320.025.300.01%0.53 8t --- 0 out a4 8t 3 out a4
63911Apr 16CLEDETW,10-39-GF31.010002001.35417125011100000004000000. 9t --- 0 out a7 9t end a 7
74013Apr 18CLEDETW,9-77-8H(1)11.211102102.16615135422010000006000000.930.043.830.02%-0.19 7t --- 1 out a2 8t 3 out a1
84114Apr 19CLEDETL,4-108-8L(0-2)00.133300105.19413922131100000040000002.37-0.4192.19-0.23%-2.75 8t --- 0 out tie 8t --- 1 out d3
94216Apr 22CLEKCRW,5-48-8W(1-2)21.021102005.595231662121000010050100001.19-0.088.89-0.04%-0.47 8t --- 0 out d1 8t 3 out d2
104318Apr 24CLE@DETL,2-57-711.010000005.0646611041000000040000001.550.0901.210.04%0.53 7b --- 0 out tie 7b 3 out tie
114420Apr 27CLE@CHWW,11-78-9W(2-2)22.010003004.267241935131100000070000001.890.2671.550.13%1.15 8b --- 0 out tie 9b 3 out tie
124521Apr 28CLE@CHWL,8-99-GFBL(2-3)00.122000004.15411912220001100030000114.93-0.8684.49-0.48%-2.52 9b -2- 1 out a2 9b end d 1
May Tm Opp Rslt Inngs Dec DR IP H R ER BB SO HR HBP ERA BF Pit Str StL StS GB FB LD PU Unk GSc IR IS SB CS PO AB 2B 3B IBB GDP SF ROE aLI WPA acLI cWPA RE24 Entered Exited
134623May 1CLEBALW,3-29-921.000001003.863141150200000000030000001.850.1431.460.07%0.53 9t --- 0 out tie 9t 3 out tie
144724May 3CLEBOSW,2-19-GFS(1)11.010011003.605221323210000010040000004.500.1683.640.08%0.53 9t --- 0 out a1 9t end a 1
154825May 4CLEBOSW,7-69-GFS(2)00.100001003.5214302000001000010000002.840.0822.490.04%0.24 9t 1-- 2 out a1 9t end a 1
164929May 8CLE@BALL,7-108-GF(8)30.120000003.452840002200220002000000.85-0.102.67-0.05%-1.47 8b 1-3 2 out d1 8b end d 3
175031May 10CLE@BOSW,10-69-GF11.000003003.24316114400000000003000000. 9b --- 0 out a4 9b end a 4
185133May 12CLE@BOSW,6-49-GF11.032203004.086221745120000000062000001.120.024.770.01%-1.41 9b --- 0 out a4 9b end a 2
195234May 14CLETBDW,8-79-9BS(3)11.032200104.826312132241000010061000002.25-0.2791.57-0.12%-1.47 9t --- 0 out a2 9t 3 out tie
205338May 18CLECHWL,2-49-GF31.000001004.583872220000000003000000. 9t --- 0 out d2 9t end d 2
215443May 25CLESEAL,4-59-1062.000000004.156201531241100000060000001.850.2861.050.10%1.06 9t --- 0 out tie10t 3 out tie
225545May 27CLESEAW,9-58-8H(2)11.000002003.97314101301010000003000000.590.045.260.01%0.53 8t --- 0 out a3 8t 3 out a3
235646May 28CLEOAKW,1-07-801.120021003.758281471231001000061010002.810.1121.480.04%0.61 7t -2- 1 out tie 8t -23 2 out tie
245748May 30CLEOAKW,4-37-811.120011003.556291644310101000050011002.330.1811.540.07%0.90 7t --3 2 out tie 8t 3 out tie
Jun Tm Opp Rslt Inngs Dec DR IP H R ER BB SO HR HBP ERA BF Pit Str StL StS GB FB LD PU Unk GSc IR IS SB CS PO AB 2B 3B IBB GDP SF ROE aLI WPA acLI cWPA RE24 Entered Exited
255849Jun 1CLETEXL,5-68-811.010003003.424241846010000000040000001.530.1101.070.05%0.53 8t --- 0 out tie 8t 3 out tie
265950Jun 2CLETEXL,3-59-GFL(2-4)01.022200203.9551091023010000005000000.83-0.403.53-0.16%-1.47 9t --- 0 out tie 9t end d 2
276052Jun 4CLE@ANAW,9-68-8H(3)11.000002003.8139722010000000030000001.900.1481.060.05%0.55 8b --- 0 out a1 8b 3 out a1
286153Jun 5CLE@ANAW,3-28-8H(4)00.210000003.72314830210100000030000001.900.0771.200.03%0.30 8b --- 0 out a1 8b 1-- 2 out a1
296255Jun 8CLEFLAL,5-78-8BS(4)20.131100003.9939611121000000031000002.83-0.2432.06-0.11%-1.02 8t --- 0 out a1 8t 1-- 1 out tie
306359Jun 12CLECINW,8-78-8W(3-4)31.000000003.8631063003020000003000000.720.055.490.02%0.53 8t --- 0 out d1 8t 3 out d1
316462Jun 15CLE@NYML,2-78-GF(8)21.000001003.73320152411000000003000000. 8b --- 0 out d5 8b end d 5
326564Jun 17CLE@NYML,2-66-610.111111003.98314913100000010020000001.18-0.033.97-0.02%-0.41 6b --- 0 out d1 6b 12- 1 out d1
336666Jun 19CLE@ATLL,0-46-712.010012003.74834236414000000007000000. 6b --- 0 out d4 7b 3 out d4
346770Jun 23CLE@CHWW,9-57-8H(5)32.022102103.79826215224300000008000001.87-0.0201.07-0.02%-0.86 7b --- 0 out a2 8b 3 out a4
356872Jun 25CLECOLL,8-106-6BS(5)10.123320004.505271431032002200030000002.46-0.3972.18-0.21%-2.85 6t 12- 1 out a2 6t 123 2 out d1
Jul Tm Opp Rslt Inngs Dec DR IP H R ER BB SO HR HBP ERA BF Pit Str StL StS GB FB LD PU Unk GSc IR IS SB CS PO AB 2B 3B IBB GDP SF ROE aLI WPA acLI cWPA RE24 Entered Exited
366989Jul 16CLE@SEAW,18-67-7201.000001004.383981402000000003000000. 7b --- 0 out a9 7b 3 out a9
377090Jul 17CLE@SEAW,6-57-7H(6)01.020001004.265181412221000000050000002.260.1121.800.05%0.55 7b --- 0 out a1 7b 3 out a1
387192Jul 19CLE@ANAW,8-57-7H(7)10.200000004.1923200110102000020000003.240.1602.670.08%0.96 7b 12- 1 out a2 7b 3 out a2
397295Jul 22CLECHWL,0-38-821.000002004.08318124401000000003000000. 8t --- 0 out d3 8t 3 out d3
407396Jul 23CLEKCRW,3-28-801.010000003.98413711310000000041000001.750.1101.160.04%0.53 8t --- 0 out tie 8t 3 out tie
4174101Jul 27CLEDETW,10-67-731.010001003.89413113321000000004100000.770.031.660.02%0.53 7t --- 0 out a4 7t 3 out a4
4275102Jul 28CLEDETW,5-48-8H(8)01.000000003.80313923211000000030000001.600.1241.410.07%0.53 8t --- 0 out a1 8t 3 out a1
4376103Jul 30CLE@KCRW,7-610-GF(11)W(4-4)12.000004003.636231565020100000060000002.360.3732.410.23%1.1310b --- 0 out tie11b end a 1
Aug Tm Opp Rslt Inngs Dec DR IP H R ER BB SO HR HBP ERA BF Pit Str StL StS GB FB LD PU Unk GSc IR IS SB CS PO AB 2B 3B IBB GDP SF ROE aLI WPA acLI cWPA RE24 Entered Exited
4477107Aug 3CLE@TORL,6-78-8BL(4-5)30.034420104.435261250033000000030010002.31-0.6781.80-0.32%-3.85 8b --- 0 out a2 8b 123 0 out tie
4578109Aug 5CLE@TORW,6-39-9W(5-5)11.000011004.34312631100000001020000002.200.1541.530.06%0.58 9b --- 0 out tie 9b 3 out tie
4679112Aug 8CLE@CHWL,2-38-GFL(5-6)21.231112004.379301963332100010080010001.33-0.3121.75-0.25%-0.11 8b --- 0 out d1 9b end d 1
4780116Aug 12CLETORW,6-28-GF32.000000004.20622143024020000006000000.260.041.380.04%1.06 8t --- 0 out a4 9t end a 4
4881118Aug 14CLEMINW,7-18-811.020001004.11514102222110000005000000.140.007.360.01%0.53 8t --- 0 out a6 8t 3 out a6
4982119Aug 15CLEMINL,2-46-6BS(7)00.232200004.415181040141100000052000001.78-0.2514.97-0.42%-1.81 6t --- 0 out a2 6t -2- 2 out tie
5083122Aug 18CLE@TEXL,2-57-721.000003004.33312116200000000003000000.220.017.320.02%0.61 7b --- 0 out d3 7b 3 out d3
5184126Aug 23CLENYYL,4-67-740.200012004.27315812000000000020000001.170.048.820.02%0.29 7t --- 0 out tie 7t 1-- 2 out tie
5285127Aug 24CLENYYL,4-57-700.100000004.2515300010001000010000002.170.0621.010.02%0.33 7t -2- 2 out tie 7t 3 out tie
5386128Aug 25CLENYYW,4-39-GFS(3)01.000001004.17315850110000000030000002.180.168.910.04%0.53 9t --- 0 out a1 9t end a 1
5487130Aug 27CLECHWW,6-37-7H(9)11.010001004.0941173112110000004100000.710.049.290.01%0.53 7t --- 0 out a3 7t 3 out a3
Sep/Oct Tm Opp Rslt Inngs Dec DR IP H R ER BB SO HR HBP ERA BF Pit Str StL StS GB FB LD PU Unk GSc IR IS SB CS PO AB 2B 3B IBB GDP SF ROE aLI WPA acLI cWPA RE24 Entered Exited
5588134Sep 1CLE@NYYL,3-58-GF(8)41.031103004.18620153621000000006000000.85-0.057.43-0.02%-0.45 8b --- 0 out d1 8b end d 2
5689136Sep 3CLEANAL,5-109-GF11.012221004.42631163212010001003000010.13- 9t --- 0 out d3 9t end d 5
5790138Sep 5CLEANAL,1-29-GF10.100000004.4013320100002000010000001.310.034.070.00%0.45 9t 12- 2 out d1 9t end d 1
5891140Sep 8CLE@SEAW,9-57-721.010001004.3241391121000001004000000.780.039.040.00%0.55 7b --- 0 out a4 7b 3 out a4
5992141Sep 10CLE@OAKW,4-39-911.010013004.255241345011000000041010002.800.148.130.00%0.56 9b --- 0 out tie 9b 3 out tie
6093142Sep 11CLE@OAKL,4-57-7H(10)00.100000004.2211100010101000010000002.560.075.110.00%0.35 7b -2- 2 out a1 7b 3 out a1
6194145Sep 15CLEDETW,5-37-731.000003004.15313934000000000030000001. 7t --- 0 out tie 7t 3 out tie
6295146Sep 16CLEDETL,4-69-GF00.110001004.132542110000110002010000.63- 9t 1-- 2 out d1 9t end d 2
6396149Sep 19CLEKCRW,8-37-721.010000004.06418143122100000004000000. 7t --- 0 out a6 7t 3 out a6
6497153Sep 23CLEMINW,9-79-GFS(4)31.021101004.146201672143000000060000001. 9t --- 0 out a3 9t end a 2
6598157Sep 27CLE@KCRW,6-19-GF31.000001004.0831483202000000003000000. 9b --- 0 out a5 9b end a 5
6699159Sep 29CLE@KCRW,5-27-7H(11)11.010002004.02414961021100000040000001. 7b --- 0 out a3 7b 3 out a3
67100160Oct 1CLE@MINL,3-47-7H(12)10.100000003.9914310100001000010000002.960.085.000.00%0.40 7b --3 2 out a1 7b 3 out a1
68101161Oct 2 suspCLE@MINL,5-69-1001.110020003.92619930220000001030010002.780.085.000.00%0.16 9b --- 0 out tie10b 12- 1 out tie

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