Summary of 93 Home Runs

0 leading off, 2 walk-off, 10 tying, 26 go ahead

6 Tms
TOR 35
ARI 33
vs RHP 68
vs LHP 25
Home 50
Away 43
2 34
1 30
0 29
30 Opps
24 Parks
Chase Field 23
SkyDome 17
Dodger Stad 7
Petco Pk 6
US Cellular 5
Where Hit
9 29
7 28
89 15
8 13
78 8
General field locations
when available.
2 24
3 19
1 17
4 11
5 9
Pitches in PA
when available.
Game Totals
1·HR gms 85
2·HR gms 4
Gms w/ this # = 0
are not shown.
--- 51
1-- 19
-2- 8
12- 7
1-3 3
1 8
2 8
3 16
4 11
5 11
+4.. 11
+3 5
+2 7
+1 14
Tied 21
Before event,
for batter
0-0 17
1-0 16
3-2 9
2-1 9
0-1 8
2B 89
DH 2
PH 1
3B 1
2nd 27
7th 20
3rd 15
8th 13
6th 8
High Lev 14
Medium Lev 32
Low Lev 47

Play By Play

Play By Play
2002 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
11112002-08-05TORBALRodrigo Lopezahead 2-1b 41--32,(1-0) BX2840.11484%Home Run (Fly Ball); Berg Scores
22212002-08-06TORSEARyan Franklinahead 6-2b 50---1,(0-0) X1840.03196%Home Run (Fly Ball)
33312002-08-17TOR@TEXRob Bellbehind 3-4t 40---1,(0-0) X1640.11450%Home Run (Fly Ball)
44412002-09-22TOR@TBDJesus Colomeahead 9-5t 811--6,(3-2) FBBBFX2640.02899%Home Run (Fly Ball to CF-RF); Cruz Scores
2003 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
55112003-05-06TOR@TEXEsteban Yanahead 6-4t 3012-4,(1-2) FBCX3740.12489%Home Run (Fly Ball); Phelps Scores; Myers Scores
66212003-05-13TORTBDLance Carterbehind 4-7b 92---4,(2-1) BCBX1240.0122%Home Run (Fly Ball)
77312003-06-10TORPITKris Bensonahead 6-5b 30---4,(1-2) FCBX1740.09276%Home Run (Fly Ball)
88412003-06-11TORPITJeff D'Amicoahead 1-0b 21---3,(0-2) FCX1740.09172%Home Run (Fly Ball)
99512003-06-20TOR@MONJavier Vazquezahead 3-1t 621--2,(1-0) BX2640.14990%Home Run (Fly Ball); Myers Scores
1010612003-07-31TORTBDTravis Harperbehind 1-5b 611--1,(0-0) .X2640.12824%Home Run (Fly Ball); Kielty Scores
1111712003-08-20TORSEAGil Mecheahead 4-2b 61---2,(1-0) BX1740.07389%Home Run (Fly Ball)
1212812003-09-09TOR@TBDDoug Waechtertied 3-3t 40---2,(0-1) CX1740.12362%Home Run (Fly Ball)
1313912003-09-16TOR@DETNate Cornejobehind 0-1t 30---3,(2-0) BBX1840.11350%Home Run (Fly Ball)
2004 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
1414112004-04-10TOR@BOSPedro Martinezbehind 0-2t 72---4,(2-1) CBBX1740.10525%Home Run (Fly Ball)
1515212004-05-01 (2)TOR@CHWDan Wrightahead 1-0t 201--3,(0-2) CCX2840.13576%Home Run; Zaun Scores
1616312004-05-07TORCHWJon Garlandbehind 2-3b 62-2-1,(0-0) X2840.30769%Home Run (Fly Ball); Zaun Scores
1717412004-05-10TOR@KCRBrian Andersonahead 3-0t 1212-3,(2-0) BBX3840.14889%Home Run (Fly Ball to LF-CF); Delgado Scores/unER; Hinske Scores/unER; Hudson Scores/unER
1818522004-05-10TOR@KCRBrian Andersonahead 6-0t 31---4,(2-1) BCBX1840.02695%Home Run (Fly Ball)
1919612004-06-20TOR@SDPBrian Lawrenceahead 1-0t 71---3,(2-0) BBX1740.13481%Home Run (Fly Ball)
2020712004-06-24TORTBDRob Bellbehind 7-19b 90-234,(2-1) FB.*BX3640.0000%Home Run (Fly Ball); Hinske Scores; Zaun Scores
2121812004-08-12TOR@CLECliff Leeahead 1-0t 52---7,(3-2) BFBFFBX1240.12372%Home Run (Fly Ball)
2222912004-08-24TORBOSTim Wakefieldahead 1-0b 31---5,(2-2) BSFBX1240.09574%Home Run (Fly Ball to CF-RF)
23231012004-08-26TORNYYJon Lieberahead 2-0b 301--2,(0-1) FX2240.10488%Home Run (Fly Ball); Johnson Scores
24241112004-09-02TORSEACha-Seung Baekbehind 0-3b 11---7,(2-2) BCCFFBX1240.08034%Home Run (Fly Ball)
25251212004-09-11TOR@TEXKenny Rogersbehind 1-3t 31-2-3,(2-0) BBX2240.15247%Home Run (Fly Ball); Johnson Scores
2005 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
2626112005-04-04TOR@TBDDewon Brazeltonbehind 0-1t 40-2-5,(3-1) B*BBCX2240.17062%Home Run (Fly Ball); Catalanotto Scores
2727212005-05-17TOR@MINJohan Santanaahead 5-2t 61-2-3,(1-1) BFX2740.07894%Home Run (Fly Ball); Menechino Scores
2828312005-05-30TOR@SEAJulio Mateobehind 1-4t 70---3,(1-1) ..CBX17PH0.07818%Home Run (Fly Ball to CF-RF)
2929412005-06-15TORSTLJason Marquistied 0-0b 221--2,(1-0) B1X2840.19071%Home Run (Fly Ball); Hill Scores
3030512005-06-26TOR@WSNTony Armasbehind 1-2t 51---3,(0-2) CSX1840.14747%Home Run (Fly Ball)
3131622005-06-26TOR@WSNLuis Ayalatied 5-5t 81-2-2,(0-1) CX2840.31486%Home Run (Fly Ball to CF-RF); Hinske Scores
3232712005-07-05TOROAKRicardo Rinconbehind 4-5b 70---1,(0-0) .X1940.21859%Home Run (Fly Ball)
3333812005-08-02TOR@CHWJon Garlandtied 2-2t 22--37,(3-2) *BFSFBBX2940.17566%Home Run (Fly Ball); Johnson Scores
3434912005-08-08TORDETRoman Colonbehind 6-7b 811--1,(0-0) X2240.52585%Home Run (Fly Ball); Catalanotto Scores
35351012005-08-10TORDETCraig Dingmantied 3-3b 91---5,(1-2) CBSFX1840.415100%Walk-OffHome Run (Fly Ball)
2006 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
3636112006-05-27ARI@CINKent Merckerahead 4-0t 811-34,(2-1) SBBX3740.02499%Home Run (Line Drive); Gonzalez Scores; Clark Scores
3737212006-06-03 (1)ARI@ATLJohn Smoltzahead 1-0t 22---5,(2-2) CBSBX1840.09866%Home Run (Fly Ball)
3838312006-06-18ARI@TEXKameron Loebehind 3-5t 22---2,(1-0) BX1940.08936%Home Run (Fly Ball)
3939412006-06-24ARILAABartolo Colontied 0-0b 221--3,(1-1) CBX2840.18571%Home Run (Fly Ball); Tracy Scores
4040512006-06-25ARILAAKelvim Escobartied 4-4b 5112-1,(0-0) X3740.24986%Home Run (Fly Ball); Tracy Scores; Jackson Scores
4141612006-07-04ARI@LADAaron Seletied 0-0t 11---6,(2-2) CBCFBX1240.09557%Home Run (Fly Ball)
4242712006-07-05ARI@LADBrad Pennybehind 1-5t 50---1,(0-0) X1740.06117%Home Run (Fly Ball to CF-RF)
4343812006-07-09ARI@COLJose Mesaahead 7-5t 80---1,(0-0) X1740.07092%Home Run (Fly Ball to CF-RF)
4444912006-07-19ARILADJonathan Broxtonahead 6-0b 721--2,(1-0) BX2740.007100%Home Run (Fly Ball to CF-RF); Green Scores
45451012006-07-31ARI@CHCMark Priorahead 2-1t 321235,(3-1) BBCBX4740.25788%Home Run (Fly Ball); Gonzalez Scores; Jackson Scores; Green Scores
46461122006-07-31ARI@CHCGlendon Ruschahead 7-3t 711--3,(2-0) BBX2740.04498%Home Run (Fly Ball); Green Scores
47471212006-08-25ARILADAaron Seletied 7-7b 1521--7,(3-2) BFBFFB>X2240.430100%Walk-OffHome Run (Fly Ball); Lyon Scores
48481312006-08-29ARISDPChris Youngbehind 0-2b 40---8,(3-2) CFFFBBBX1240.11344%Home Run (Fly Ball)
49491412006-09-12ARIWSNMike O'Connorahead 3-2b 51---5,(3-1) BBBCX1240.10879%Home Run (Fly Ball)
50501512006-09-13ARIWSNTony Armasahead 1-0b 30---2,(0-1) CX1240.09276%Home Run (Fly Ball)
2007 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
5151112007-04-05ARI@WSNJason Bergmannahead 3-0t 30---5,(3-1) BFBBX1340.06486%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF)
5252212007-04-09ARICINKirk Saarloostied 2-2b 82---4,(2-1) BFBX1340.30483%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
5353312007-05-03ARINYMTom Glavinetied 3-3b 61---2,(1-0) BX1340.16671%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep CF-RF)
5454412007-05-04ARINYMAmbiorix Burgosbehind 1-5b 821--2,(0-1) CX2340.07210%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Montero Scores
5555512007-05-09ARIPHIJamie Moyerahead 1-0b 40---3,(0-2) FSX1340.09778%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
5656612007-05-13ARI@HOUDan Wheelerbehind 1-5t 90---2,(0-1) ...CX1340.0204%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
5757712007-06-15ARI@BALTodd Williamsbehind 2-3t 8212-3,(1-1) .CBX35DH0.58283%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep CF-RF); Byrnes Scores; Reynolds Scores
5858812007-07-23ARIFLADontrelle Willisbehind 0-2b 32-2-6,(3-2) *BFFBBX2240.19451%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF); Ojeda Scores
5959912007-07-24ARIFLASergio Mitreahead 2-0b 31---4,(2-1) BBFX1240.07882%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
60601012007-08-07ARIPITSalomon Torresbehind 2-5b 82---1,(0-0) X1240.05410%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
2008 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
6161112008-04-07ARILADScott Proctorahead 6-3b 701--2,(1-0) 1BX2340.03898%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF); Byrnes Scores
6262212008-04-11ARICOLJeff Francisahead 3-1b 521--3,(2-0) 1BBX2340.12892%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF); Byrnes Scores
6363312008-04-21ARISFGMerkin Valdezahead 3-2b 72---4,(2-1) FB>B.X1340.11486%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
6464412008-05-26ARI@ATLJair Jurrjensbehind 1-5t 50-2-7,(2-2) BCBFFFX2340.10225%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF); Drew Scores
6565512008-05-30ARIWSNTim Reddingbehind 0-2b 41---2,(1-0) BX1340.11340%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep CF-RF)
6666612008-06-01ARIWSNShawn Hilltied 0-0b 101-33,(1-1) FBX3340.13380%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF); Drew Scores; Young Scores
6767712008-06-10ARI@NYMJohn Mainebehind 1-5t 521--2,(1-0) BX2340.11620%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep CF-RF); Owings Scores
6868812008-07-22ARICHCSean Marshallahead 4-1b 72---6,(1-2) CCFB.FX1340.03696%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep LF)
2009 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
6969112009-04-11LAD@ARIYusmeiro Petittied 0-0t 41---1,(0-0) X1240.12660%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF)
7070212009-04-13LADSFGRandy Johnsontied 0-0b 32---2,(1-0) BX1240.12864%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF Line)
7171312009-04-30LADSDPJosh Geerbehind 1-3b 31-2-2,(1-0) BX2240.19353%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Furcal Scores
7272412009-06-09LADSDPChris Youngahead 4-3b 52---6,(3-2) BFBCBX1240.11980%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep CF-RF)
7373512009-06-18LADOAKVin Mazzarobehind 0-1b 32---2,(1-0) BX1340.13051%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep CF)
7474612009-07-12LAD@MILChris Smithahead 5-0t 60---1,(0-0) .X1740.01998%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep RF Line)
7575722009-07-12LAD@MILMitch Stetterahead 6-2t 80---2,(1-0) .BX1740.01798%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
7676812009-08-16LAD@ARIYusmeiro Petitahead 5-0t 421--1,(0-0) 1X2240.05396%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF); Kemp Scores
7777912009-08-29LAD@CINDanny Herreraahead 10-4t 72---1,(0-0) X1740.00999%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF)
2010 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
7878112010-04-17MINKCRJohn Parrishtied 5-5b 70---2,(1-0) .BX1240.20779%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
7979212010-05-02MIN@CLEDavid Hufftied 0-0t 101--2,(0-1) FX2240.16170%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF); Span Scores
8080312010-05-29MINTEXC.J. Wilsonbehind 0-2b 621--2,(1-0) 1BX2240.30652%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Span Scores
8181412010-07-07MIN@TORMarc Rzepczynskibehind 0-1t 401--2,(0-1) CX2240.20262%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF Line); Span Scores
8282512010-08-12MIN@CHWGavin Floydtied 0-0t 11---6,(3-2) BFFBBX1240.09958%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep CF-RF)
8383612010-08-17MINCHWJohn Dankstied 0-0b 11---5,(2-2) BCTBX1240.10463%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF)
2011 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
8484112011-06-20SDP@BOSAndrew Millerbehind 0-3t 6112-1,(0-0) X3640.28047%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Headley Scores; Ludwick Scores
8585212011-07-16SDPSFGBarry Zitoahead 4-0b 321-33,(2-0) BBX3640.06698%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF Line); Denorfia Scores; Guzman Scores
8686312011-08-01SDPLADClayton Kershawbehind 1-4b 70---1,(0-0) X1540.08519%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF)
8787412011-08-20SDPFLAClay Hensleytied 0-0b 1212-3,(2-0) BBX3540.26981%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF); Maybin Scores; Guzman Scores
8888512011-08-28SDP@ARIIan Kennedytied 0-0t 20---4,(2-1) CBBX1540.11061%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep CF-RF)
8989612011-08-30SDP@LADHiroki Kurodabehind 3-8t 61---5,(2-2) CBBFX1540.0255%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep CF-RF)
9090712011-09-17SDPARIJosh Collmentertied 1-1b 42---7,(3-2) 1B>B.BCFFX1640.15467%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF)
2012 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
9191112012-04-25SDPWSNJordan Zimmermannbehind 0-2b 52---3,(1-1) CBX1740.12734%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF Line)
9292212012-06-10CHWHOUFernando Rodriguezbehind 6-11b 9112-3,(1-1) CBX3950.0295%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF); Viciedo Scores; Ramirez Scores
9393312012-09-29CHWTBRChris Archerbehind 0-10b 821231,(0-0) .X44DH0.0030%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF Line); Danks Scores; Olmedo Scores; Johnson Scores

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