Managerial Stats

Managerial Stats Table
Rk Year Age Tm Lg W L W-L% T G Finish Wpost Lpost W-L%post Ejections
1190526Washington NationalsAL6487.42431547002Player/Manager
2190627Washington NationalsAL5595.36711517004Player/Manager
3191233Boston Red SoxAL10547.6912154143.5714WS Champs Player/Manager
4191334Boston Red SoxAL1st of 23941.4881814000Player/Manager
Washington Nationals2 years119182.39543057.0006
Boston Red Sox2 years14488.62132352.043.57141 Pennant and 1 World Series Title
4 years263270.49375404.843.571101 Pennant and 1 World Series Title

Managerial Tendencies

Managerial Tendencies Table
Stealing 2nd Stealing 3rd Sac Bunts Substitutions
Rk Year Age Tm Lg G Ch Att Rate Rate+ Ch Att Rate Rate+ Ch Att Rate Rate+ PH/G PH/G+ PR/G PR/G+ P/G P/G+
2 years235199337018.6%941393412.9%7018661518.1%1060.34650.05541.596

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