Managerial Stats

Managerial Stats Table
Rk Year Age Tm Lg W L W-L% Ties G Finish Wpost Lpost W-L%post Ejections
1200554Baltimore OriolesAL2nd of 22332.4180554002
2200655Baltimore OriolesAL7092.43201624004
3200756Baltimore OriolesAL1st of 22940.4200695002
3 years122164.42702864.3008

Managerial Tendencies

Managerial Tendencies Table
Stealing 2nd Stealing 3rd Sac Bunts Intentional Walks Substitutions
Rk Year Age Tm Lg G Ch Att Rate Rate+ Ch Att Rate Rate+ Ch Att Rate Rate+ PA IBB Rate Rate+ PH/G PH/G+ PR/G PR/G+ P/G P/G+
1200554Baltimore OriolesAL2nd of 255476428.8%11532961.8%129495163.2%135212930.1%270.4690.31724.3118
2200655Baltimore OriolesAL16214721218.2%106939232.4%1391482392.6%1246327260.4%680.6980.21253.9106
3200756Baltimore OriolesAL1st of 269586345.8%7439471.8%116562142.5%111265280.3%490.6930.31154.1107
3 years28625341977.8%1001662362.2%1322539692.7%12311108370.3%570.5910.31314.0108

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