Managerial Stats

Managerial Stats Table
Rk Year Age Tm Lg W L W-L% T G Finish Wpost Lpost W-L%post Ejections
1190432Chicago White SoxAL2nd of 26647.58411143003Player/Manager
2190533Chicago White SoxAL9260.60561582006Player/Manager
3190634Chicago White SoxAL9358.6163154142.6673WS Champs Player/Manager
4190735Chicago White SoxAL8764.57661573004Player/Manager
5190836Chicago White SoxAL8864.57941563002Player/Manager
6191442St. Louis TerriersFL2nd of 21226.3162408000Player/Manager
7191543St. Louis TerriersFL8767.56551592004Player/Manager
8191644St. Louis BrownsAL7975.51341585003
9191745St. Louis BrownsAL5797.37011557002
10191846St. Louis BrownsAL1st of 32224.4780465000
Chicago White Sox5 years426293.592207392.442.667181 Pennant and 1 World Series Title
St. Louis Terriers2 years9993.51671995.0004
St. Louis Browns3 years158196.44653595.7005
10 years683582.5403212973.942.667271 Pennant and 1 World Series Title

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