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Photo of <strong>Clayton Kershaw</strong> Photo of <strong>Jacob deGrom</strong> Photo of <strong>Chris Sale</strong> Photo of <strong>Max Scherzer</strong> Photo of <strong>Gerrit Cole</strong> Photo of <strong>Stephen Strasburg</strong> Photo of <strong>Justin Verlander</strong> Photo of <strong>Hyun Jin Ryu</strong> Photo of <strong>Corey Kluber</strong> Photo of <strong>David Price</strong> Photo of <strong>Adam Wainwright</strong> Photo of <strong>Madison Bumgarner</strong> Photo of <strong>Johnny Cueto</strong> Photo of <strong>Zack Greinke</strong> Photo of <strong>Zack Wheeler</strong> Photo of <strong>Kyle Hendricks</strong> Photo of <strong>Yu Darvish</strong> Photo of <strong>Lance Lynn</strong> Photo of <strong>Sonny Gray</strong> Photo of <strong>Aaron Nola</strong> Photo of <strong>Marcus Stroman</strong> Photo of <strong>Alex Wood</strong> Photo of <strong>Jose Quintana</strong> Photo of <strong>Trevor Bauer</strong>

Rank Player (yrs, age) Earned Run AverageIPThrows
1.Clayton Kershaw (15, 34)2.4862570.0L
2.Jacob deGrom (9, 34)2.5161320.0R
3.Chris Sale (12, 33)3.0301678.0L
4.Max Scherzer (15, 37)3.1072670.1R
5.Gerrit Cole (10, 31)3.2311637.2R
6.Stephen Strasburg (13, 33)3.2451470.0R
7.Justin Verlander (17, 39)3.2503151.0R
8.Hyun Jin Ryu (9, 35)3.2651003.1L
9.Corey Kluber (12, 36)3.3031577.2R
10.David Price (14, 36)3.3202141.2L
11.Adam Wainwright (17, 40)3.3542559.2R
12.Madison Bumgarner (14, 32)3.4232192.2L
13.Johnny Cueto (15, 36)3.4312180.0R
14.Zack Greinke (19, 38)3.4423234.0R
15.Zack Wheeler (8, 32)3.4451175.2R
16.Kyle Hendricks (9, 32)3.4561312.2R
17.Yu Darvish (10, 35)3.4981482.0R
18.Lance Lynn (11, 35)3.5191693.1R
19.Sonny Gray (10, 32)3.5621387.0R
20.Aaron Nola (8, 29)3.6131215.2R
21.Marcus Stroman (8, 31)3.6501154.0R
22.Alex Wood (10, 31)3.6851121.0L
23.Jose Quintana (11, 33)3.7611715.2L
24.Trevor Bauer (10, 31)3.7941297.2R
25.Alex Cobb (11, 34)3.8431150.0R
26.Carlos Carrasco (13, 35)3.8541441.0R
27.Rich Hill (18, 42)3.8901247.0L
28.Chris Archer (10, 33)3.9261357.0R
29.Kevin Gausman (10, 31)3.9351342.2R
30.Robbie Ray (9, 30)3.9391213.1L
31.Danny Duffy (11, 33)3.9461172.1L
32.Dallas Keuchel (11, 34)3.9791588.0L
33.Michael Wacha (10, 30)3.9881146.1R
34.Jake Odorizzi (11, 32)3.9991244.2R
35.Charlie Morton (15, 38)4.0071788.0R
36.Michael Pineda (9, 33)4.0601008.2R
37.Anibal Sanchez (16, 38)4.0612007.2R
38.Ian Kennedy (16, 37)4.1241885.1R
39.Wade Miley (12, 35)4.1321616.0L
40.Jhoulys Chacin (14, 34)4.1751435.2R
41.Nathan Eovaldi (11, 32)4.1831248.0R
42.Jose Berrios (7, 28)4.2321012.1R
43.Mike Minor (11, 34)4.2481409.0L
44.Trevor Cahill (13, 34)4.2561507.2R
45.Patrick Corbin (10, 32)4.2801533.0L
46.Oliver Perez (20, 40)4.3721465.2L
47.Jesse Chavez (15, 38)4.3861030.0R
48.Martin Perez (11, 31)4.4511286.0L
49.Matt Moore (11, 33)4.4711036.2L
50.Kyle Gibson (10, 34)4.4791493.0R
Rank Player (yrs, age) Earned Run AverageIPThrows
51.Derek Holland (13, 35)4.6231466.0L
52.Jordan Lyles (12, 31)5.1171317.1R