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Thanks for updating the win/loss records for all the major league teams. Much appreciated. --Philippe (talk) 17:47, 6 October 2017 (UTC)

10/6/17: No problem. I'm still working on team histories. At this point I'm not certain, when I will have the remaining 15/16 teams finished. I may have a better outlook as to how long it will take me to get it done. During these past few years of writing the team histories, I've come to learn a lot. In my research, I've found myself feeling bad for many of the teams. Mostly the team owners (some), players (those who aren't throwing the games), and some times even the fans. Interestingly enough baseball teams are a lot like football teams. An owner of a team thinks that his successful team or one that is completely new is ready for the big time, and then discovers that they are completely in over their head, and either drop out during the season or at the end of the season. Hindsight says that the owner was foolish to join one of the big leagues, and maybe he was. However at the time it seem like a pretty good idea.

11/5/17: Congrats to the Houston Astros becoming the first team to win pennants in both leagues since the 1926 St. Louis Cardinals.

From last year: Thanks, will keep it in mind. I'm working on a bigger page for the Washington Nationals (not the Expos/Nationals page). I noticed that the individual pages for the Nationals of the AA, UA, and NL are just stubs. I think by combining them into one page works better like with the Philadelphia Athletics etc.

Here are my plans/goals for the summer of 2017 (This looks to be expanded into next year, but can't say for certain)

1) A new Washington Nationals page for the other Nationals teams. (move to Wash. Nat's; write history of Wash. baseball)

2) Organize/fix/edit MLB pages. (work esp. on those that don't have one)

3) League histories (divide league standings into divisions etc.)

Long term goals: Work on Yankee Stadium (I) not Yankee Stadium (II). This one I see taking place possibly in '19. Finishing the Cleveland Indians history page. New York Yankees history

On the 19th century Washington page, you're off to a good start. You should add sub-sections on the other 19th century teams, in the NL and American Association (I forget whether they had a team in the Players League). Do keep the Washington Senators (1892-1899) page alive though, but link to it under "see ... for more information.

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