Taichung Baseball Field

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'Taichung Baseball Field'
Address: 雙十路一段16號
Capacity: 10,500
Opened: before 1945
Surface: Grass
Also known as: Hawks Field
Current resident(s): Sinon Bulls
Field dimensions: Lines 325 feet

Centerfield 400 feet

The Taichung Baseball Field (台中棒球場) is a multi-use stadium in Taichung Taiwan. Built in 1935 during the Taiwan under Japanese rule era, this stadium has been repeatedly refurbished and currently seats 10,500. The stadium has been the home of Jungo Bears (1993-1995), Sinon Bears/Bulls (1996-present), and Taichung Agan (1997-2002).

This stadium has long been a part of the National Taiwan College of Physical Education's campus and causes certain inconvenience. Another new local baseball stadium, the Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium, was opened in November 2006 to host the 2006 Intercontinental Cup - along with Taichung Baseball Field. The new stadium will likely be the new home of the Sinon Bulls starting in the 2007 season. This stadium may be reduced for educational and training purpose after that time.

The Yomiuri Giants trained at the stadium during the 1968 spring training season.