NPB Active draft

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The NPB Active draft is the Nippon Professional Baseball's answer to rule 5 Draft, but in a more complex form. It was created in 2022. Any player who don't fit all of the criteria below is eligible for the Active Draft:

  • Foreign Players
  • Players who have a multi-years contract
  • Players who are a development player after the last season
  • Players who are eligible to announced that he is a free agent, or who have done it
  • Players whose salary was more than 50 million yen, but every team can choose one player's salary which is more than 50 million but less than 100 million yen
  • Players who were traded after the end ofthe last season

Every team should pick two players to join the draft, and teams would pre-draft a player after they have the full 24-man roster. The team who had the most picks would be the first to pick, and the team whose player was picked would pick next. All those phases were not public; the league would only revealed the result of the draft. Every team should pick at least one player.

NPB Active draft

2022 · 2023