Carlos de Luna Solano

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Carlos de Luna Solano was a Mexican journalist that wrote in La Afición on the 80's and 90's. He has the surname of "Selene" and was well known by the "Columna de Selene". On the late 80's (87-88) he worked for the Mexican Pacific League team of Potros de Tijuana and organized the Mexican Pacific League All-Star Game. In little leagues, he collaborates with Liga Maya, Liga Olmeca, Liga Petrolera and Liga Mexica among others. He wrote the books: "Confesiones de un Beisbolico" and "El Beisbol Infantil por dentro".
Founder of
As part of La Afición he had several positions, from reporter to baseball section and soccer sections editor-in-chief, being the editor-in-chief for the soccer section on the Mexico's World Cup in 1986 and baseball editor-in-chief on 1984 and 1985.
After that he was administrative director for El Diario de Los Angeles just before the launch of the newspaper.
On 1987 and 1988 he worked for the "Consorcio Tijuana" being Local director of the Al Dia and Baja California newspapers and as the organization chief for the All-Star Game of the Mexican Pacific League, an event that make it possible to remodel the stadium among other things. He helped on the Potros de Tijuana corporate leadership that took the Potros to the championship.
In 1990, he returned to Mexico City and worked again for La Afición until 2000. In 2000, he founded 'Beisbolicos Anónimos and wrote"Confesiones de un beisbólico", as part of the new website He got cancer in 2002. On 2005 he died on "La Raza" Hospital, part of the Mexican Social Security Institute, hospital that he administered on 1970 and 1971.