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Question: Do West Coast teams play better night games on the East Coast than East Coast teams do on the West Coast? I'd certainly rather play from 4-7p "my time", as Western teams do on Eastern road trips, than from 10p to 1 in the morning! No one would admit to having a problem playing past their bedtime, but my guess is the long-term stats would bear out a slight disadvantage to the East on their West Coast swings.

Can someone more adept than I w/ stats run this one, over the course of several years? Of course, we're talking time zones here, so be sure to include the Tigers, Indians, Reds and Pirates in the EST, and toss the Rangers out of the West.

I write this as a transplanted Californian in Pittsburgh. I sure miss the days when I could follow my team (Padres, Giants) without having to stay up past midnight.

Thanks out there, Will Z.