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Rk Tm Year #Matching
1LAD20186Ind. Games
2TEX20104Ind. Games
3NYM20154Ind. Games
4MIN19914Ind. Games
5LAD20174Ind. Games
6OAK19733Ind. Games
7OAK19723Ind. Games
8NYY19813Ind. Games
9CHC20163Ind. Games
10BRO19473Ind. Games
11TEX20112Ind. Games
12STL20112Ind. Games
13STL19822Ind. Games
14SFG19892Ind. Games
15PHI19932Ind. Games
16OAK19892Ind. Games
17NYY20002Ind. Games
18NYY19642Ind. Games
19NYG19372Ind. Games
20KCR19802Ind. Games
21HOU20052Ind. Games
22HOU20172Ind. Games
23DET20062Ind. Games
24CIN19722Ind. Games
25CHC19452Ind. Games
Rk Tm Year #Matching
26BRO19492Ind. Games
27BOS20072Ind. Games
28BAL19792Ind. Games
29ANA20022Ind. Games
30WSH19331Ind. Games
31WSH19241Ind. Games
32STL19641Ind. Games
33STL20041Ind. Games
34STL20131Ind. Games
35SFG20141Ind. Games
36SFG19621Ind. Games
37SFG20021Ind. Games
38SDP19841Ind. Games
39SDP19981Ind. Games
40PIT19791Ind. Games
41PIT19271Ind. Games
42PIT19601Ind. Games
43PHI19501Ind. Games
44PHI20091Ind. Games
45PHI20081Ind. Games
46OAK19901Ind. Games
47NYY19581Ind. Games
48NYY19491Ind. Games
49NYY19551Ind. Games
50NYY19521Ind. Games
Rk Tm Year #Matching
51NYY19321Ind. Games
52NYY20091Ind. Games
53NYY19531Ind. Games
54NYY20031Ind. Games
55NYY19961Ind. Games
56NYY19771Ind. Games
57NYM20001Ind. Games
58NYM19861Ind. Games
59NYM19731Ind. Games
60NYG19511Ind. Games
61NYG19231Ind. Games
62MIN19871Ind. Games
63LAD19651Ind. Games
64LAD19741Ind. Games
65LAD19661Ind. Games
66KCR20151Ind. Games
67KCR20141Ind. Games
68FLA20031Ind. Games
69DET19681Ind. Games
70DET19341Ind. Games
71DET20121Ind. Games
72COL20071Ind. Games
73CLE19971Ind. Games
74CLE19951Ind. Games
75CLE20161Ind. Games
Rk Tm Year #Matching
76CIN19611Ind. Games
77CIN19701Ind. Games
78CHW20051Ind. Games
79CHW19591Ind. Games
80CHC19061Ind. Games
81CHC19321Ind. Games
82BSN19481Ind. Games
83BRO19411Ind. Games
84BRO19551Ind. Games
85BRO19521Ind. Games
86BOS20041Ind. Games
87BOS20131Ind. Games
88BOS19121Ind. Games
89BOS20181Ind. Games
90BAL19711Ind. Games
91BAL19691Ind. Games
92BAL19831Ind. Games
93ATL19911Ind. Games
94ATL19951Ind. Games
95ARI20011Ind. Games
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