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Milwaukee Brewers, St. Louis Browns and Baltimore Orioles vs. Kansas City Royals from 1871 to 2024

Total Wins for MLA, SLB and BAL 292
Total Wins for KCR 227
Longest Winning Streak for MLA, SLB and BAL 23 May 10, 1969 to August 2, 1970
Longest Winning Streak for KCR 15 July 26, 1987 to April 11, 1989
Most Runs Scored by MLA, SLB and BAL 15 May 9, 2003
Most Runs Scored by KCR 15 August 16, 1992, April 29, 1999 and May 8, 2018
Longest Game 16 May 28, 1979 and June 15, 1996
Times KCR Shutout MLA, SLB and BAL 30
Times MLA, SLB and BAL Shutout KCR 31
Yearly W-L Summary

W-L Records

W-L Records Table
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1969-05-09standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL24481001D. DragoD. Hall
1969-05-10standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW657130111J. HardinM. Drabowsky
1969-05-11standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW50930121J. PalmerR. Nelson
1969-05-16standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW531110013111E. WattS. Jones
1969-05-17standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW42841041J. PalmerB. Butler
1969-05-18standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW50721151M. CuellarD. Drago
1969-07-29standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW41980361M. CuellarW. Bunker
1969-07-30standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW428111171D. McNallyR. NelsonE. Watt
1969-07-31standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW31750181T. PhoebusJ. RookerD. Hall
1969-08-05standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW751013029110E. WattG. Cisco
1969-08-06standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW215510101M. CuellarJ. RookerP. Richert
1969-08-07standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW10212504111D. McNallyD. Drago
For 1969, MLA, SLB and BAL won 11, KCR won 1
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1970-04-24standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW7511920121J. HardinM. HedlundP. Richert
1970-04-25standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW93141100131J. PalmerB. ButlerE. Watt
1970-04-26standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW109101201141D. HallA. FitzmorrisP. Richert
1970-05-05standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW7312510151T. PhoebusD. Drago
1970-05-06standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW319610161D. McNallyB. ButlerP. Richert
1970-05-07standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW76101200171E. WattM. Drabowsky
1970-07-21standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW217700181E. WattB. Johnson
1970-07-22standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW43790119113P. RichertT. AbernathyM. Drabowsky
1970-07-23standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW547901201J. PalmerD. DragoE. Watt
1970-07-31standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW319502211D. McNallyD. Morehead
1970-08-01standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW9114624221J. PalmerD. Drago
1970-08-02standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW108121321231M. CuellarJ. RookerE. Watt
For 1970, MLA, SLB and BAL won 12, KCR won 0
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1971-04-30standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL456900232T. AbernathyT. Dukes
1971-05-01standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL2571100233W. BunkerD. McNallyT. Abernathy
1971-05-02standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW5371002243M. CuellarK. Wright
1971-05-10standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL1451102244B. Dal CantonD. McNally
1971-05-11standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW5411103125410E. WattT. Abernathy
1971-05-12standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW6012101264M. CuellarM. Hedlund
1971-07-20standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL1751400265D. DragoM. Cuellar
1971-07-21standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL27101000266A. FitzmorrisJ. PalmerT. Burgmeier
1971-07-22standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW409500276D. LeonhardM. Hedlund
1971-07-30standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW1012012865J. PalmerD. Drago
1971-07-31standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW409500296P. DobsonB. Dal Canton
For 1971, MLA, SLB and BAL won 6, KCR won 5
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1972-04-25standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL032800297D. DragoP. Dobson
1972-04-26standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL3579002986B. Dal CantonD. McNally
1972-05-05standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW327301308J. PalmerT. BurgmeierE. Watt
1972-05-06standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL1911910309D. DragoM. Cuellar
1972-05-07standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW5491011319P. DobsonB. Dal CantonE. Watt
1972-07-10standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL2356013110K. WrightM. Cuellar
1972-07-11standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW217703321010J. PalmerD. Drago
1972-07-12standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL41191110321110T. AbernathyG. JacksonA. Fitzmorris
1972-07-20standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW85141001331110E. WattK. WrightR. Harrison
1972-07-21standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW761212223411P. DobsonB. Dal CantonG. Jackson
1972-07-22standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL581012303412N. AngeliniR. HarrisonK. Wright
1972-07-23standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW8496003512M. CuellarD. DragoG. Jackson
For 1972, MLA, SLB and BAL won 6, KCR won 6
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1973-05-29standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW3297013612J. PalmerP. Splittorff
1973-05-30standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW54106013712D. McNallyW. SimpsonB. Reynolds
1973-05-31standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL1466013713G. GarberM. Cuellar
1973-06-12standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW6496133813G. JacksonD. Bird
1973-06-13standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL0286003814D. DragoD. McNally
1973-06-14standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW83137013914G. JacksonG. Garber
1973-08-10standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL1266003915A. FitzmorrisD. AlexanderD. Bird
1973-08-11standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL491011103916P. SplittorffD. McNally
1973-08-12standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW1061211224016J. PalmerD. DragoB. Reynolds
1973-08-24standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW60133024116D. McNallyA. Fitzmorris
1973-08-25standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW71119124216D. AlexanderS. Busby
1973-08-26standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW101134024316J. PalmerP. SplittorffE. Watt
For 1973, MLA, SLB and BAL won 8, KCR won 4
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1974-05-27standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL19514114317B. Dal CantonJ. Palmer
1974-05-28standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL59111300431811D. BirdB. Reynolds
1974-05-29standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW1031110014418M. CuellarS. Busby
1974-06-03standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW4399204518D. AlexanderS. BusbyG. Jackson
1974-06-04standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL08310004519A. FitzmorrisR. Grimsley
1974-06-05standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW54710104619B. ReynoldsD. Bird
1974-08-16standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW10103014719R. GrimsleyB. Dal Canton
1974-08-17standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL2361010472010S. MingoriB. Reynolds
1974-08-18standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW1067004820D. McNallyS. Busby
1974-08-30standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW92178034920M. CuellarB. Dal Canton
1974-08-31standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW32810225020J. PalmerP. SplittorffG. Jackson
1974-09-01standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW71147025120D. McNallyS. Busby
For 1974, MLA, SLB and BAL won 8, KCR won 4
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1975-05-23standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL110716115121A. FitzmorrisR. Grimsley
1975-05-24standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL45109205122M. PattinW. Garland
1975-05-25standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL19513205123S. BusbyJ. Palmer
1975-06-06standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW327803522311G. JacksonM. Pattin
1975-06-07standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW73105105323M. TorrezD. Leonard
1975-06-08standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW1041005423J. PalmerS. Busby
1975-08-11standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW4072115523M. CuellarS. Busby
1975-08-12standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL2461102552410D. BirdD. Miller
1975-08-13standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW3072015624J. PalmerM. Pattin
1975-08-26 (1)standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL3498115625D. LeonardJ. PalmerD. Bird
1975-08-26 (2)standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW3249025725D. AlexanderS. BusbyG. Jackson
1975-08-27standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW42139005825M. TorrezP. Splittorff
For 1975, MLA, SLB and BAL won 7, KCR won 5
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1976-05-07standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW4379115925W. GarlandM. Pattin
1976-05-08standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL36912005926D. LeonardK. HoltzmanD. Bird
1976-05-09standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL47119305927M. LittellJ. Palmer
1976-06-10standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL07411115928P. SplittorffJ. Palmer
1976-06-11standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL0449005929D. BirdM. CuellarM. Littell
1976-06-12standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL67911015930S. BusbyD. AlexanderM. Pattin
1976-06-13standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL48911115931D. LeonardM. Flanagan
1976-07-19standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW43612006031J. PalmerD. LeonardT. Martinez
1976-07-20standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW103127106131W. GarlandD. Bird
1976-08-30standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW32512006231R. MayA. Hassler
1976-08-31standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW43610026331J. PalmerM. PattinD. Miller
1976-09-01standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW7176116431M. FlanaganD. Bird
For 1976, MLA, SLB and BAL won 6, KCR won 6
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1977-05-25 (1)standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL14810006432P. SplittorffR. GrimsleyL. Gura
1977-05-25 (2)standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW72105206532D. MartínezJ. Colborn
1977-06-03standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW761314036632R. GrimsleyD. BirdT. Martinez
1977-06-04 (1)standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW5498106732D. MartínezJ. Colborn
1977-06-04 (2)standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL1314171511673310L. GuraM. Flanagan
1977-06-05standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL3475106734A. HasslerJ. PalmerL. Gura
1977-08-22standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL78910026735S. MingoriT. Martinez
1977-08-23standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL2566216736J. ColbornM. FlanaganL. Gura
1977-08-26standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL2367006737D. LeonardJ. Palmer
1977-08-27standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW42910026837M. FlanaganJ. ColbornD. Martínez
1977-08-28standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL05510006838A. HasslerR. GrimsleyD. Bird
For 1977, MLA, SLB and BAL won 4, KCR won 7
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1978-04-10standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL2479106839P. SplittorffN. BrilesA. Hrabosky
1978-04-12standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL2577126840D. LeonardM. FlanaganS. Mingori
1978-04-21standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW2165006940J. PalmerD. LeonardD. Stanhouse
1978-04-22standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL3569206941P. SplittorffM. FlanaganA. Hrabosky
1978-04-23standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL56912106942L. GuraT. StoddardM. Pattin
1978-07-07standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL13410116943P. SplittorffS. McGregor
1978-07-08standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL311814126944R. GaleD. Martínez
1978-07-09standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL410715026945D. LeonardM. Flanagan
1978-08-09standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL0245006946L. GuraS. McGregor
1978-08-10standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW3285107046J. PalmerD. BirdD. Stanhouse
For 1978, MLA, SLB and BAL won 2, KCR won 8
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1979-05-28standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL45111930704716L. GuraS. Stewart
1979-05-29standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW81167107147J. PalmerP. Splittorff
1979-05-30standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL1259017148R. GaleM. FlanaganA. Hrabosky
1979-06-06standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW3074007248D. MartínezP. Splittorff
1979-06-07standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW3152117348S. StewartR. Martin
1979-07-27standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW80143027448M. FlanaganD. Leonard
1979-07-28standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL3669127449R. GaleD. Martínez
1979-07-29standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW64108137549S. McGregorP. SplittorffD. Ford
1979-08-16standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL2449107550P. SplittorffD. Martínez
1979-08-17standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL1738207551C. ChamberlainJ. Palmer
1979-08-18standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW921410027651S. McGregorL. GuraD. Ford
1979-08-19standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL711101311765210S. BusbyD. Stanhouse
For 1979, MLA, SLB and BAL won 6, KCR won 6
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1980-04-15standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW122126117752J. PalmerD. Leonard
1980-04-16standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW2177007852M. FlanaganL. Gura
1980-04-17standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW5288007952S. StoneR. GaleT. Stoddard
1980-04-25standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL0749407953L. GuraS. Stone
1980-04-26standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW4087128053M. FlanaganR. Gale
1980-04-27standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL2365018054P. SplittorffD. Ford
1980-07-12standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW3165118154S. StoneR. MartinT. Stoddard
1980-07-13standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL15714108155L. GuraM. Flanagan
1980-07-14standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL481017308156P. SplittorffS. McGregorD. Quisenberry
1980-08-11standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW2168008256D. MartínezL. Gura
1980-08-12standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL341110018257D. QuisenberryS. McGregor
1980-08-13standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL1669108258R. GaleJ. Palmer
For 1980, MLA, SLB and BAL won 6, KCR won 6
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1981-04-10standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW53610118358S. StoneL. GuraS. Stewart
1981-04-12standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL2438028359D. LeonardM. FlanaganD. Quisenberry
1981-04-17standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW32108008459T. MartinezD. Leonard
1981-04-19standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL2359008460R. GaleM. FlanaganR. Martin
1981-08-10standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW324900856012T. MartinezR. Martin
1981-08-12 (1)standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL010713208561L. GuraJ. PalmerR. Martin
1981-08-12 (2)standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW43105008661S. McGregorJ. WrightT. Stoddard
1981-08-13standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW2197018761M. FlanaganR. GaleT. Stoddard
For 1981, MLA, SLB and BAL won 5, KCR won 3
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1982-04-05standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW135168018861S. StewartD. Leonard
1982-04-13standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL561111008862D. FrostS. StewartD. Quisenberry
1982-04-14standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL34710218863D. FrostD. Stanhouse
1982-07-29standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL27811018864D. BotelhoD. Martínez
1982-07-30standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL34610108865L. GuraS. StewartD. Quisenberry
1982-07-31standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL0277008866V. BlueM. Flanagan
1982-08-01standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL24911118867B. CastroT. MartinezD. Quisenberry
1982-08-05standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW5193008967J. PalmerV. Blue
1982-08-06 (1)standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL1359008968D. FrostS. DavisM. Armstrong
1982-08-06 (2)standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL0467128969D. HoodS. McGregorD. Quisenberry
1982-08-07standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW65610119069T. MartinezD. Quisenberry
1982-08-08standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW1061013029169T. StoddardM. Armstrong
For 1982, MLA, SLB and BAL won 4, KCR won 8
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1983-04-04standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL27711229170L. GuraD. Martínez
1983-04-06standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW111148019270M. FlanaganD. Leonard
1983-05-26standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL28711009271S. RenkoM. Boddicker
1983-05-27standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW7498009371S. DavisL. GuraT. Martinez
1983-05-28standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW1032109471S. McGregorM. Armstrong
1983-05-29standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL04710109472P. SplittorffD. MartínezD. Quisenberry
1983-08-19 (1)standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW54812009572S. StewartD. Quisenberry
1983-08-19 (2)standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW3166009672T. MartinezE. Rasmussen
1983-08-20standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW61114109772M. BoddickerL. GuraT. Martinez
1983-08-21standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL38814009773B. BlackJ. PalmerD. Quisenberry
1983-08-29standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW92158009873S. McGregorG. Perry
1983-08-30standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW124157119973S. DavisE. Rasmussen
For 1983, MLA, SLB and BAL won 8, KCR won 4
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1984-04-10standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW63970210073S. McGregorP. SplittorffS. Davis
1984-04-11standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL25431010074L. GuraM. BoddickerD. Quisenberry
1984-04-25standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL23452110075D. QuisenberryT. Martinez
1984-04-26standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW1131780210175M. FlanaganD. Jackson
1984-07-06standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL267112010176C. LeibrandtM. BoddickerD. Quisenberry
1984-07-07 (1)standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW62781110276S. McGregorL. Gura
1984-07-07 (2)standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW801230110376M. FlanaganM. Jones
1984-07-08standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL16380010377B. BlackD. Martínez
1984-07-19standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL367130210378M. GubiczaM. Flanagan
1984-07-20standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL349120210379B. SaberhagenT. MartinezD. Quisenberry
1984-07-21standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW4310101010479S. DavisM. HuismannS. Stewart
1984-07-22standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL4810141010480L. GuraS. McGregor
For 1984, MLA, SLB and BAL won 5, KCR won 7
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1985-05-07standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW42850010580K. DixonB. SaberhagenS. Stewart
1985-05-08standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL898132010581M. LaCossS. McGregor
1985-05-13standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL25981010582D. JacksonS. DavisD. Quisenberry
1985-05-14standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL35670110583M. GubiczaS. McGregorD. Quisenberry
1985-07-04standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW531080010683D. MartínezB. BlackN. Snell
1985-07-05standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW638111410783M. BoddickerM. GubiczaS. Stewart
1985-07-06standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW831382110883S. McGregorD. Jackson
1985-07-07standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL487141010884C. LeibrandtS. DavisD. Quisenberry
1985-07-18standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW831280110984S. McGregorB. SaberhagenS. Stewart
1985-07-19standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL3109152110985C. LeibrandtM. Boddicker
1985-07-20standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL571091110986D. JacksonM. FlanaganD. Quisenberry
1985-07-21standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW64781011086T. MartinezB. BlackD. Aase
For 1985, MLA, SLB and BAL won 6, KCR won 6
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1986-05-02standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL051080011087B. SaberhagenM. Flanagan
1986-05-03standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW32741011187K. DixonM. GubiczaD. Aase
1986-05-04standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL1117170011188D. LeonardS. McGregor
1986-05-09standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL475114011189B. BlackK. DixonS. Farr
1986-05-10standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW52840111289M. BoddickerD. LeonardD. Aase
1986-05-11standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW435122011389S. DavisC. LeibrandtD. Aase
1986-07-07standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW811481011489M. BoddickerC. Leibrandt
1986-07-08standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW84128211158913O. JonesD. Quisenberry
1986-07-09standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL03370111590D. JacksonR. BordiB. Black
1986-07-21standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL16671011591D. JacksonK. DixonS. Farr
1986-07-22standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW547110111691D. AaseB. Black
1986-07-23standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL371090111692M. GubiczaS. McGregor
For 1986, MLA, SLB and BAL won 6, KCR won 6
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1987-04-28standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW30710211792M. BoddickerD. Jackson
1987-04-29standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL4515112111793D. QuisenberryD. Schmidt
1987-05-13standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL781414001179412S. FarrM. Williamson
1987-05-14standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW431290111894D. SchmidtB. SaberhagenK. Dixon
1987-07-16standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW548100111994M. BoddickerC. LeibrandtT. Niedenfuer
1987-07-17standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW31760112094E. BellM. GubiczaT. Niedenfuer
1987-07-18standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW11718131012194M. FlanaganD. Jackson
1987-07-19standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW51981012294D. SchmidtB. Black
1987-07-23standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW21650312394E. BellD. Jackson
1987-07-24standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW31570212494T. NiedenfuerS. Farr
1987-07-25standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW438120112594M. WilliamsonB. SaberhagenT. Niedenfuer
1987-07-26standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL042120012595C. LeibrandtK. Dixon
For 1987, MLA, SLB and BAL won 9, KCR won 3
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1988-04-12standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL16280012596M. GubiczaO. Peraza
1988-04-13standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL394181112597F. BannisterM. Thurmond
1988-04-14standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL34853112598B. SaberhagenM. BoddickerG. Garber
1988-04-22standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL1133192212599M. GubiczaM. Morgan
1988-04-23standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL3471001125100T. PowerD. Sisk
1988-04-24standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL136900125101B. SaberhagenM. Thurmond
1988-07-29standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL264911125102B. SaberhagenJ. Ballard
1988-07-30standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL78111300125103T. PowerJ. TibbsS. Farr
1988-07-31standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL144800125104C. LeibrandtJ. Bautista
1988-08-09standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL4591211125105I. SánchezT. Niedenfuer
1988-08-10standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL3481022125106J. MontgomeryJ. BautistaS. Farr
1988-08-11standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL5612140212510712J. MontgomeryT. Niedenfuer
For 1988, MLA, SLB and BAL won 0, KCR won 12
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1989-04-10standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL033700125108B. SaberhagenP. Harnisch
1989-04-11standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL5661000125109F. BannisterJ. BautistaS. Farr
1989-04-12standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW5413121212610915G. OlsonS. Farr
1989-04-18standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL4710120212611013T. GordonM. WilliamsonS. Farr
1989-04-19standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW656820127110D. SchmidtC. LeibrandtM. Williamson
1989-04-20standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW207701128110J. BallardB. SaberhagenM. Williamson
1989-07-28standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW4310130212911013M. WilliamsonJ. Montgomery
1989-07-29standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL0531100129111L. AquinoD. Schmidt
1989-07-30standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL6710901129112S. FarrG. OlsonJ. Montgomery
1989-09-15standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW52111100130112B. MilackiS. CrawfordG. Olson
1989-09-16standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW75111201131112G. OlsonT. Leach
1989-09-17standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL0721300131113B. SaberhagenD. Johnson
For 1989, MLA, SLB and BAL won 6, KCR won 6
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1990-04-09standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW7614102113211311J. AldrichJ. MontgomeryG. Olson
1990-04-11standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL125800132114M. GubiczaJ. BallardM. Davis
1990-04-23standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW8511701133114P. HarnischS. DavisJ. Aldrich
1990-07-11standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW7591211134114C. SchillingS. FarrG. Olson
1990-07-27standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW9214902135114B. McDonaldS. Davis
1990-07-28 (1)standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL910121121135115S. CrawfordM. WilliamsonJ. Montgomery
1990-07-28 (2)standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW317400136115D. JohnsonS. FarrG. Olson
1990-07-29standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW4112400137115J. MitchellT. GordonG. Olson
1990-08-02standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW516603138115D. JohnsonP. FilsonG. Olson
1990-08-03standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW14116721139115J. MitchellT. Gordon
1990-08-04standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL1961310139116A. McGaffiganP. Harnisch
For 1990, MLA, SLB and BAL won 8, KCR won 3
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1991-06-11standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL01171620139117M. GubiczaJ. MesaS. Crawford
1991-06-12standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL891182313911810M. DavisM. WilliamsonJ. Montgomery
1991-06-13standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL4691210139119M. DavisP. KilgusJ. Montgomery
1991-06-20standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL23890013912010S. CrawfordT. Frohwirth
1991-06-22standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW103302140120B. MilackiT. GordonG. Olson
1991-06-23 (1)standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW11817141114112010T. FrohwirthJ. MontgomeryG. Olson
1991-06-23 (2)standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW9818161114212012G. OlsonS. DavisP. Kilgus
1991-07-17standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL8919212214212115L. AquinoM. Williamson
1991-07-18standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL157720142122B. SaberhagenB. Milacki
1991-09-06standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW629610143122J. PooleB. Saberhagen
1991-09-07standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL4771220143123L. AquinoJ. Mesa
1991-09-08standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL2310801143124J. JohnstonT. FrohwirthJ. Montgomery
For 1991, MLA, SLB and BAL won 4, KCR won 8
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1992-04-21standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW104141011144124J. MesaM. Gubicza
1992-04-22standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW216610145124R. SutcliffeK. Appier
1992-04-23standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW8112601146124M. MussinaM. Davis
1992-06-26standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW65131000147124T. FrohwirthR. MeachamG. Olson
1992-06-27standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL024601147125K. AppierM. MussinaJ. Montgomery
1992-06-28standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL29111900147126H. PichardoJ. MesaM. Boddicker
1992-08-14standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW3151001148126R. SutcliffeK. AppierG. Olson
1992-08-15standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL45101110148127R. MeachamG. Olson
1992-08-16standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL21581710148128H. PichardoA. Mills
1992-09-14standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW216400149128R. SutcliffeR. ReedG. Olson
1992-09-15standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW211491115012814S. DavisB. Sampen
1992-09-16standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW3013401151128M. MussinaC. Haney
For 1992, MLA, SLB and BAL won 8, KCR won 4
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1993-04-23standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL677811151129M. GardnerA. RhodesJ. Montgomery
1993-04-24standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW6513901152129M. MussinaJ. MontgomeryT. Frohwirth
1993-04-25standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL238911152130K. AppierB. McDonaldJ. Montgomery
1993-04-30standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW12513911153130B. McDonaldK. AppierG. Olson
1993-05-01standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL4510800153131B. SampenA. MillsJ. Montgomery
1993-05-02standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW4371101154131T. FrohwirthD. Rasmussen
1993-07-05standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL179911154132M. GubiczaB. Pennington
1993-07-06standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW8011401155132J. MoyerM. Gardner
1993-07-07standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW8310600156132M. MussinaH. Pichardo
1993-07-19standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW65111000157132J. MoyerD. RasmussenG. Olson
1993-07-20standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW7010112158132B. McDonaldD. Cone
1993-07-21standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL6881512158133B. BrewerG. OlsonJ. Montgomery
For 1993, MLA, SLB and BAL won 7, KCR won 5
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1994-04-04standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW6311503159133M. MussinaK. AppierL. Smith
1994-04-06standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW426900160133B. McDonaldD. ConeL. Smith
1994-06-06standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW428732161133M. MussinaT. GordonL. Smith
1994-06-07standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL3761201161134D. ConeB. McDonald
1994-06-08standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW6412801162134A. MillsB. MilackiL. Smith
For 1994, MLA, SLB and BAL won 4, KCR won 1
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1995-04-26standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL152820162135K. AppierJ. Moyer
1995-07-13standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL89131210162136R. MeachamD. JonesJ. Montgomery
1995-07-14standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL277831162137T. GordonB. McDonald
1995-07-15standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW9117710163137S. EricksonK. Appier
1995-07-16standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW324410164137J. MoyerM. BunchD. Jones
1995-07-21standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW106111202165137M. OquistM. Bunch
1995-07-22standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL3510800165138B. BrewerA. RhodesJ. Montgomery
1995-07-23standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW628600166138M. MussinaT. Gordon
1995-08-17standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL231071116613910G. OlsonJ. OroscoJ. Montgomery
For 1995, MLA, SLB and BAL won 4, KCR won 5
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1996-04-02standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW429500167139M. MussinaK. AppierR. Myers
1996-04-03standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW7114603168139D. WellsM. Gubicza
1996-04-04standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW53101010169139A. RhodesH. PichardoR. Myers
1996-04-24standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW118181000170139K. MerckerC. Haney
1996-04-25standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW3261000171139A. RhodesJ. ValeraR. Myers
1996-06-13standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL21031400171140D. LintonK. Mercker
1996-06-14standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW618701172140M. MussinaM. Gubicza
1996-06-15standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL6718170017214116M. MagnanteR. Krivda
1996-06-16standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW13518911173141R. CoppingerJ. JacomeA. Mills
1996-06-21standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW9313810174141A. RhodesC. Haney
1996-06-22standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW536830175141S. EricksonJ. Montgomery
1996-06-23standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL042900175142K. AppierR. Krivda
For 1996, MLA, SLB and BAL won 9, KCR won 3
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1997-04-02standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW4210710176142J. KeyJ. WalkerR. Myers
1997-04-03standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW649811177142A. RhodesJ. MontgomeryR. Myers
1997-04-07standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL56101202177143J. WalkerA. Benítez
1997-04-09standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW42882017814311A. MillsB. BevilR. Myers
1997-08-19 (1)standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW129151201179143T. MathewsT. Belcher
1997-08-19 (2)standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL2971300179144R. BonesE. Yan
1997-08-20standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW428501180144J. KeyG. RuschR. Myers
1997-08-21standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW439700181144R. KrivdaK. AppierR. Myers
1997-08-26standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL456910181145M. WhisenantA. BenítezJ. Montgomery
1997-08-27standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW737610182145A. RhodesH. Carrasco
1997-08-28standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL156710182146J. RosadoM. Mussina
For 1997, MLA, SLB and BAL won 7, KCR won 4
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1998-03-31standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL145800182147T. BelcherM. MussinaJ. Montgomery
1998-04-01standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW10111412183147S. EricksonG. Rusch
1998-04-02standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW435910184147A. BenítezJ. Montgomery
1998-04-07standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW117161211185147S. EricksonG. Rusch
1998-04-09standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW217920186147J. KeyJ. RosadoA. Benítez
1998-07-31standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL6971521186148J. RosadoS. Erickson
1998-08-01standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL595901186149C. HaneyS. Kamieniecki
1998-08-02standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW9216801187149S. PonsonG. Rusch
1998-08-28standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL5691010187150P. RappS. PonsonJ. Montgomery
1998-08-29standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL123800187151B. BarberM. MussinaJ. Montgomery
1998-08-30standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL236600187152C. HaneyJ. GuzmánJ. Montgomery
For 1998, MLA, SLB and BAL won 5, KCR won 6
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1999-04-27standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW84121010188152M. MussinaK. AppierM. Timlin
1999-04-28standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL2851022188153J. RosadoJ. Guzmán
1999-04-29standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL51571513188154J. SuppanS. EricksonJ. Santiago
1999-06-14standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW7112900189154S. EricksonK. Appier
1999-06-15standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW6513110119015410M. TimlinS. Service
1999-06-16standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW217900191154S. PonsonJ. Rosado
1999-08-23standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW4210801192154S. EricksonD. ReichertM. Timlin
1999-08-24standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW531071019315410S. KamienieckiD. WallaceM. Timlin
1999-08-25standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL68111402193155J. SuppanD. LintonJ. Montgomery
1999-08-26standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL0641100193156J. WitasickS. Ponson
For 1999, MLA, SLB and BAL won 6, KCR won 4
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
2000-04-11standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL5711112019315712J. SantiagoT. Worrell
2000-04-12standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL678801193158J. SantiagoM. Trombley
2000-04-13standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL56121201193159R. BottalicoB. Ryan
2000-08-11standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL6781114193160D. ReichertM. MussinaR. Bottalico
2000-08-12standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW1211111411194160B. GroomR. BottalicoR. Kohlmeier
2000-08-13standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL510121420194161M. SuzukiL. Brea
2000-08-18standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL148410194162B. SteinP. Rapp
2000-08-19standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL0741111194163M. SuzukiJ. Mercedes
2000-08-20standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW219610195163S. PonsonK. WilsonR. Kohlmeier
2000-08-21standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW217811196163M. MussinaB. MeadowsR. Kohlmeier
For 2000, MLA, SLB and BAL won 3, KCR won 7
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
2001-08-06standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW96141512197163J. JohnsonC. George
2001-08-07standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW7310801198163C. MaduroJ. SuppanW. Roberts
2001-08-08standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW418600199163J. MercedesC. DurbinB. Groom
2001-08-09standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL4681210199164K. WilsonS. PonsonR. Hernández
2001-08-14standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW5212410200164C. MaduroC. DurbinW. Roberts
2001-08-15standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW547501201164J. MercedesK. WilsonW. Roberts
2001-08-16standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL29121120201165P. ByrdS. Ponson
For 2001, MLA, SLB and BAL won 5, KCR won 2
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
2002-04-26standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW10514111220216510B. GroomJ. Grimsley
2002-04-27standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW948811203165S. PonsonP. Byrd
2002-04-28standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW13015401204165S. EricksonB. Rekar
2002-05-02standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW628800205165S. PonsonP. ByrdR. Bauer
2002-05-03standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW439720206165W. RobertsC. BaileyJ. Julio
2002-05-04standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW10010601207165R. LópezJ. Suppan
2002-05-05standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW3211901208165C. MaduroC. GeorgeJ. Julio
For 2002, MLA, SLB and BAL won 7, KCR won 0
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
2003-05-02standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL2571020208166M. AsencioR. Helling
2003-05-03standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW619601209166S. PonsonR. Hernández
2003-05-04standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL047410209167C. GeorgeE. DuBoseD. Carrasco
2003-05-09 (1)standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW155171112210167R. HellingM. Asencio
2003-05-09 (2)standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW5481112211167S. PonsonR. HernándezJ. Julio
2003-05-10standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL4871400211168D. CarrascoB. Groom
2003-05-11standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL58121200211169S. LoweT. Driskill
For 2003, MLA, SLB and BAL won 3, KCR won 4
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
2004-06-28standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW10113701212169É. BédardD. May
2004-06-29standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL3481000212170M. WoodS. PonsonS. Camp
2004-06-30standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW13415513213170D. CabreraB. Anderson
2004-07-01standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW3210401214170R. LópezZ. GreinkeJ. Julio
2004-07-09standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL0751110214171D. MayÉ. Bédard
2004-07-10standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW7213501215171D. CabreraM. Wood
2004-07-11standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL711121710215172J. GobbleR. López
2004-07-19standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW74121001216172S. PonsonB. Anderson
2004-07-20standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW123161210217172D. CabreraZ. Greinke
For 2004, MLA, SLB and BAL won 6, KCR won 3
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
2005-05-06standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW317500218172S. PonsonD. BautistaB. Ryan
2005-05-07standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW538720219172B. ChenJ. LimaB. Ryan
2005-05-08standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL81011940219173A. BurgosT. Williams
2005-05-17standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW128151210220173J. ParrishJ. CerdaB. Ryan
2005-05-18standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW7414900221173B. ChenD. CarrascoB. Ryan
2005-05-19standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL476500221174J. OviedoR. LópezM. MacDougal
For 2005, MLA, SLB and BAL won 4, KCR won 2
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
2006-05-12standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW65131100222174T. WilliamsE. DessensC. Ray
2006-05-13standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW11111400223174K. BensonM. Redman
2006-05-14standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW8715910224174J. HalamaA. Burgos
2006-07-25standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL57131233224175M. RedmanK. BirkinsA. Burgos
2006-07-26standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW43131100225175A. LoewenR. HernándezC. Ray
2006-07-27standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW6491402226175R. LópezB. DuckworthC. Ray
For 2006, MLA, SLB and BAL won 5, KCR won 1
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
2007-04-12standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW211261022717510C. RayJ. Standridge
2007-04-13standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW8112701228175É. BédardB. Duckworth
2007-04-14standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW6413900229175S. WilliamsonJ. PeraltaC. Ray
2007-05-28standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW9112500230175S. TrachselS. Elarton
2007-05-29standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW6211301231175J. GuthrieJ. De La Rosa
2007-05-30standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW306400232175É. BédardG. MecheC. Ray
2007-09-24standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW327901233175J. WalkerG. MecheC. Bradford
For 2007, MLA, SLB and BAL won 7, KCR won 0
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
2008-05-08standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW416302234175D. CabreraL. Hochevar
2008-05-09standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW74121001235175S. TrachselG. MecheG. Sherrill
2008-05-10standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW65111300236175G. OlsonB. TomkoG. Sherrill
2008-05-11standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL0421102236176B. BannisterB. Burres
2008-06-30standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL5610141023617711R. MahayC. BradfordJ. Soria
2008-07-01standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW7581000237177R. LizL. HochevarG. Sherrill
2008-07-02standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW5210701238177D. CabreraG. Meche
2008-07-03standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL71091310238178J. PeraltaA. LoewenJ. Soria
For 2008, MLA, SLB and BAL won 5, KCR won 3
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
2009-05-14standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW95121100239178J. GuthrieG. Meche
2009-05-15standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL1871300239179Z. GreinkeA. Eaton
2009-05-16standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW329700240179R. HillK. DaviesG. Sherrill
2009-05-17standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL474914240180J. CruzJ. Johnson
2009-07-27standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL3591410240181R. TejedaM. AlbersJ. Soria
2009-07-28standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL3411101024018211J. WrightD. BáezJ. Soria
2009-07-29standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW7310900241182M. AlbersR. TejedaJ. Johnson
2009-07-30standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW73121000242182B. BergesenL. Hochevar
For 2009, MLA, SLB and BAL won 4, KCR won 4
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
2010-05-17standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL34101011242183K. DaviesB. BergesenJ. Soria
2010-05-18standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW438110124318310A. SimónB. Bullington
2010-07-29standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW658101224418311D. HernandezB. WoodA. Simón
2010-07-30standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL5791102244184B. WoodA. Simón
2010-07-31standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL348710244185Z. GreinkeD. HernandezJ. Soria
2010-08-01standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL45101103244186B. ChenK. MillwoodJ. Soria
For 2010, MLA, SLB and BAL won 2, KCR won 4
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
2011-05-03standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL561092124418710T. CollinsJ. Berken
2011-05-04standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW3210510245187J. ArrietaK. DaviesK. Gregg
2011-05-05standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL1951200245188B. ChenC. Tillman
2011-05-24standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW53101100246188A. SimónJ. Soria
2011-05-25standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW929711247188J. ArrietaL. Hochevar
2011-05-26standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW6514113024818812J. AccardoL. Coleman
2011-08-02standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW8212610249188A. SimónB. Chen
2011-08-03standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL2641101249189L. HochevarJ. GuthrieG. Holland
2011-08-04standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL49131720249190B. WoodZ. Britton
For 2011, MLA, SLB and BAL won 5, KCR won 4
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
2012-05-16standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW4314121025019015K. GreggN. AdcockJ. Johnson
2012-05-17standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW538911251190B. MatuszL. HochevarJ. Johnson
2012-05-25standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW8211921252190J. HammelB. Chen
2012-05-26standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL3481200252191G. HollandP. StropJ. Broxton
2012-05-27standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL248812252192T. CollinsB. MatuszJ. Broxton
2012-08-09standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL2861300252193W. SmithW. Chen
2012-08-10standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW7110610253193M. GonzálezL. Hochevar
2012-08-11standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL378910253194L. MendozaC. Tillman
2012-08-12standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW536800254194L. AyalaB. ChenJ. Johnson
For 2012, MLA, SLB and BAL won 5, KCR won 4
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
2013-05-07standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW4381011255194T. HunterT. CollinsJ. Johnson
2013-05-08standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW535703256194C. TillmanL. MendozaJ. Johnson
2013-05-09standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL268901256195J. GuthrieF. García
2013-07-22standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW9218501257195S. FeldmanW. Davis
2013-07-23standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL2351101257196B. ChenJ. HammelG. Holland
2013-07-24standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL348912257197L. HochevarD. O'Day
2013-07-25standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL1781000257198J. GuthrieM. González
For 2013, MLA, SLB and BAL won 3, KCR won 4
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
2014-04-25standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL0571110257199Y. VenturaU. Jiménez
2014-04-26standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW328110225819910Z. BrittonD. Duffy
2014-04-27standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL3951311258200J. ShieldsM. González
2014-05-15standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW2110700259200W. ChenY. VenturaZ. Britton
2014-05-16standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW408501260200C. TillmanJ. Guthrie
2014-05-17standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL013410260201D. DuffyB. NorrisG. Holland
2014-05-18standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL68121100260202J. ShieldsU. JiménezG. Holland
For 2014, MLA, SLB and BAL won 3, KCR won 4
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
2015-08-24standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL3851310260203K. MedlenU. Jiménez
2015-08-25standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL237601260204D. DuffyM. GonzálezW. Davis
2015-08-26standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW85131100261204W. ChenJ. CuetoZ. Britton
2015-08-27standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL3561201261205Y. VenturaC. Tillman
2015-09-11standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW148121011262205M. GivensK. Herrera
2015-09-12standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL614111421262206Y. VenturaB. Matusz
2015-09-13standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW8212701263206W. ChenJ. Cueto
For 2015, MLA, SLB and BAL won 3, KCR won 4
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
2016-04-22standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL245800263207C. YoungY. GallardoW. Davis
2016-04-23standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsW8314710264207T. WilsonK. Medlen
2016-04-24standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL1641110264208Y. VenturaM. Wright
2016-06-06standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW417511265208M. WrightD. DuffyZ. Britton
2016-06-07standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW91111010266208U. JiménezY. Ventura
2016-06-08standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW404900267208C. TillmanE. VólquezB. Brach
For 2016, MLA, SLB and BAL won 4, KCR won 2
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
2017-05-12standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL239700267209J. SoriaV. NuñoK. Herrera
2017-05-13standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL3461200267210S. ManessA. AsherK. Herrera
2017-05-14standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL89131410267211M. StrahmR. BleierK. Herrera
2017-07-31standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW2110510268211Z. BrittonJ. Soria
2017-08-01standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW7215510269211D. BundyI. Kennedy
2017-08-02standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW607500270211J. HellicksonJ. Vargas
For 2017, MLA, SLB and BAL won 3, KCR won 3
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
2018-05-08standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsL715142000270212D. DuffyD. Bundy
2018-05-09standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW539810271212R. BleierK. McCarthyB. Brach
2018-05-10standingsBaltimore OriolesKansas City RoyalsW116141010272212M. CastroI. Kennedy
2018-08-31standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL2941401272213B. KellerA. Cashner
2018-09-01standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL45131010272214J. NewberryM. Givens
2018-09-02standingsBaltimore Orioles@Kansas City RoyalsL1961430272215J. LópezD. Hess
For 2018, MLA, SLB and BAL won 2, KCR won 4