Fielding stats are given overall and by position. In some cases, they will be identical.

2010 Fielding Gamelog (overall)

2010 Fielding Gamelog (overall)
Rk Gtm Date Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
11Apr 5COL@MILW,5-3CG419.020020RF
22Apr 6COL@MILL,5-7CG368.020020RF
34 (1)Apr 9COLSDPW,7-0CG309.020020RF
45Apr 10COLSDPL,4-5CG6014.040040RF
56Apr 11COLSDPW,4-2CG389.010010RF
67Apr 13COLNYMW,11-3GS41.000000RF
710 (2)Apr 16COL@ATLL,5-9CG428.010010RF
811Apr 17COL@ATLW,4-0CG319.010010RF
913 (1)Apr 19COL@WSNL,2-5CG368.030030RF
1014Apr 20COL@WSNW,10-4CG439.030030RF
1115Apr 21COL@WSNL,4-6CG378.000000RF
1217 (1)Apr 24 (1)COLFLAL,1-4GS174.000000RF
May Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
1332 (14)May 10COLPHIL,5-9CG469.010120RF
1433May 12COLPHIW,4-3CG4210.020020RF
1534May 13COLWSNL,6-14CG428.000000RF
1635May 15 (1)COLWSNW,6-2GS308.020020RF
1736May 15 (2)COLWSNW,4-3GS277.000000RF
1837May 16COLWSNW,2-1CG369.000000RF
1938May 17COL@CHCL,2-4GS277.010010RF
2039May 18COL@CHCL,2-6CG398.030030RF
2140May 19COL@HOUL,3-7CG398.020020RF
2241May 20COL@HOUW,4-0CG319.000000RF
2342May 21COL@KCRL,2-9CG388.010010RF
2443May 22COL@KCRW,3-0CG329.040040RF
2545 (1)May 25COLARIW,3-2GS298.030030RF
2646May 26COLARIW,7-3CG359.010010RF
2747May 27COLARIW,8-2CG389.010010RF
2848May 28COLLADL,4-5CG359.030030RF
2949May 29COLLADW,11-3CG359.020020RF
3050May 30COLLADL,3-4CG389.020020RF
3151May 31COL@SFGW,4-0CG329.020020RF
Jun Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
3252Jun 1COL@SFGW,2-1CG3911.040040RF
3353Jun 2COL@SFGL,1-4CG318.010010RF
3454Jun 4COL@ARIL,6-7GS377.120020RF
3555Jun 5COL@ARIL,3-4CG368.010010RF
3656Jun 6COL@ARIW,3-2CG379.010010RF
3757Jun 7COLHOUW,5-1CG369.010010RF
3858Jun 8COLHOUL,3-4CG359.030030RF
3959Jun 9COLHOUL,2-6CG4210.010010RF
4060Jun 10COLHOUL,4-5CG369.030030RF
4161Jun 11COLTORW,5-3CG276.000000RF
4262Jun 12COLTORW,1-0CG339.030030RF
4363Jun 13COLTORW,10-3CG389.020020RF
4465 (1)Jun 16COL@MINL,1-2CG338.010010RF
4566Jun 17COL@MINW,5-1CG329.010010RF
4667Jun 18COLMILW,2-0CG379.010010RF
4768Jun 19COLMILW,8-7CG429.010010RF
4869Jun 20COLMILL,1-6CG439.020020RF
4970Jun 22COLBOSW,2-1CG369.010010RF
5071Jun 23COLBOSW,8-6GS285.200000RF
5172Jun 24COLBOSL,11-13CG4910.010010RF
5273Jun 25COL@LAAW,4-3GS41.000000RF
5378 (4)Jun 30COL@SDPL,3-13GS335.010010RF
Jul Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
5485 (6)Jul 8COLSTLW,4-2GS247.010010RF
5586Jul 9COLSDPW,10-8GS388.010010RF
5690 (3)Jul 17COL@CINL,1-8CG348.0510611B
5792 (1)Jul 19COL@FLAL,8-9GS378.000000RF
5894 (1)Jul 21COL@FLAL,2-5CG358.010010RF
5997 (2)Jul 24COL@PHIL,2-10CG428.0610711B
60100 (2)Jul 27COLPITL,2-4CG359.0810921B
61101Jul 28COLPITL,2-6CG399.0600611B
62103 (1)Jul 30COLCHCW,17-2CG329.0700701B
63104Jul 31COLCHCW,6-5CG349.010101111B
Aug Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
64106 (1)Aug 3COLSFGL,0-10CG499.000000RF
65107Aug 4COLSFGW,6-1GS267.020020RF
66108Aug 5COL@PITL,1-5CG358.031040RF
67110 (1)Aug 7COL@PITL,7-8GS459.030030RF
68112 (1)Aug 10COL@NYML,0-1CG338.020020RF
69115 (2)Aug 13COLMILW,5-4GS348.040040RF
September Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
Player went from Colorado Rockies to Tampa Bay Rays
70137Sep 6TBR@BOSL,5-12GF92.000000PH RF
71138Sep 7TBR@BOSW,14-5GF143.030031PH 1B
72141 (2)Sep 11TBR@TORW,13-1GF62.000000DH RF
73142Sep 12TBR@TORL,4-5GS328.0300301B
74143Sep 13TBRNYYW,1-0GF41.010010PH RF
75148 (4)Sep 19TBRLAAL,3-6CG399.0600601B

2010 Fielding Gamelog (as 1B)

2010 Fielding Gamelog (as RF)

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