MLB Players Who Wore Number 81

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Uniform Numbers

Uniform Numbers Table
Player Yrs WAR Team (click to sort by first year)
Shaun Anderson1-1.1Baltimore Orioles (21)
Jordan Balazovic10.0Minnesota Twins (23)
Huascar Brazobán11.6Miami Marlins (22)
Ben Diggins1-0.7Milwaukee Brewers (02)
Johneshwy Fargas10.1New York Mets (21)
Aaron Fletcher1-0.6Seattle Mariners (20)
Luis Gil20.6New York Yankees (21, 22)
Victor González31.4Los Angeles Dodgers (20, 21, 23)
Conner Greene1-0.4Baltimore Orioles (21)
Eddie Guardado213.2Cincinnati Reds (06, 07)
Kyle Hart1-0.9Boston Red Sox (20)
Lou Lucier10.3Boston Red Sox (43)
Drew Millas10.2Washington Nationals (23)
Denyi Reyes1-0.2Baltimore Orioles (22)
Eduardo Salazar1-0.1Cincinnati Reds (23)
Ryan Thompson40.7Tampa Bay Rays (20, 21, 22, 23) Arizona Diamondbacks (23)
Cody Wilson1Washington Nationals (21)
Danny Young10.4Seattle Mariners (22)