Calfee Park

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  • Location: Pulaski, VA
  • Built: 1935
  • Seating Capacity: 2,500
  • Playing Surface: Grass


  • Left Field: 338 ft.
  • Center Field: 405 ft.
  • Right Field: 301 ft.


On the National Historic Register in Pulaski, VA is Calfee Park. Built in 1935 by the Works Progress Administration, Calfee Park is nestled between a residential neighborhood and iconic Appalachian mountain views. Because of the close proximity to residential areas of Pulaski, some people can literally sit on their front porch and watch the game. Calfee Park is the oldest park in Appalachian League Baseball, but has undergone extensive renovation in recent years. Like all Appy League parks, fans at Calfee Park are extremely close to the action. The park's beautiful stone entrance gate still stands to greet fans to the park.

Home Teams[edit]

Unique Features[edit]

Two of the oldest features of Calfee Park are the WPA's stone entrance gate, and the third base grandstand, and both date back to the park's opening in 1935. The rest of the stadium, however, has undergone extensive renovation. This dichotomy between old and new, between one of the oldest parks in Organized Baseball and a park fully capable of housing teams for years to come, is what makes Calfee Park so unique. Throughout the course of these recent renovations, several new and distinct features have been added to the facility.

The Right Field Wall[edit]

Approximately 301 feet from home plate is the right field wall. What makes this wall distinct is that it raises 19 feet above the playing surface and maintains this height throughout right field. Because of this height more balls stay in play, creating exciting fielding situations.

Open Air Luxury Boxes[edit]

Situated along the first base grandstand are what Calfee Park refers to as Open Air Luxury Boxes. Calfee Park could by no means support the luxury sky boxes that accompany many of the newer stadiums. Instead the 1999 renovations of the park created these unique cement floored booths where fans can get a bird's eye view of the game.

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