MLB Silver Slugger Award Winners - American League

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Shading is not used to differentiate the players' performances. It is merely used to quickly illustrate long strings of games/years played by a single player. When a player in the column changes, so does the color of the shading.

List of Silver Slugger Winners

List of Silver Slugger Winners Table
Year & Common C 1B 2B 3B SS OF OF OF DH
2018 AL Perez Abreu Altuve Ramirez Lindor Martinez Trout Betts Martinez
2017 AL Sanchez Hosmer Altuve Ramirez Lindor Upton Springer Judge Cruz
2016 AL Perez Cabrera Altuve Donaldson Bogaerts Trumbo Trout Betts Ortiz
2015 AL McCann Cabrera Altuve Donaldson Bogaerts Martinez Cruz Trout Morales
2014 AL Gomes Abreu Altuve Beltre Ramirez Brantley Trout Bautista Martinez
2013 AL Mauer Davis Cano Cabrera Hardy Hunter Jones Trout Ortiz
2012 AL Pierzynski Fielder Cano Cabrera Jeter Hamilton Trout Willingham Butler
2011 AL Avila Gonzalez Cano Beltre Cabrera Ellsbury Granderson Bautista Ortiz
2010 AL Mauer Cabrera Cano Beltre Ramirez Hamilton Crawford Bautista Guerrero
2009 AL Mauer Teixeira Hill Longoria Jeter Hunter Suzuki Bay Lind
2008 AL Mauer Morneau Pedroia Rodriguez Jeter Hamilton Quentin Sizemore Huff
2007 AL Posada Pena Polanco Rodriguez Jeter Guerrero Suzuki Ordonez Ortiz
2006 AL Mauer Morneau Cano Crede Jeter Guerrero Dye Ramirez Ortiz
2005 AL Varitek Teixeira Soriano Rodriguez Tejada Guerrero Sheffield Ramirez Ortiz
2004 AL Martinez Rodriguez Teixeira Soriano Mora Tejada Guerrero Sheffield Ramirez Ortiz
2003 AL Posada Delgado Boone Mueller Rodriguez Wells Ramirez Anderson Martinez
2002 AL Posada Giambi Soriano Chavez Rodriguez Ordonez Williams Anderson Ramirez
2001 AL Posada Giambi Boone Glaus Rodriguez Suzuki Ramirez Gonzalez Martinez
2000 AL Posada Delgado Alomar Glaus Rodriguez Ordonez Ramirez Erstad Thomas
1999 AL Rodriguez Delgado Alomar Palmer Rodriguez Ramirez Griffey Green Palmeiro
1998 AL Rodriguez Palmeiro Easley Palmer Rodriguez Griffey Belle Gonzalez Canseco
1997 AL Rodriguez Martinez Knoblauch Williams Garciaparra Justice Griffey Gonzalez Martinez
1996 AL Rodriguez McGwire Alomar Thome Rodriguez Griffey Belle Gonzalez Molitor
1995 AL Rodriguez Vaughn Knoblauch Gaetti Valentin Salmon Ramirez Belle Martinez
1994 AL Rodriguez Thomas Baerga Boggs Ripken Puckett Griffey Belle Franco
1993 AL Stanley Thomas Baerga Boggs Ripken Griffey Belle Gonzalez Molitor
1992 AL Tettleton McGwire Alomar Martinez Fryman Carter Puckett Gonzalez Winfield
1991 AL Tettleton Fielder Franco Boggs Ripken Carter Canseco Griffey Thomas
1990 AL Parrish Fielder Franco Gruber Trammell Canseco Henderson Burks Parker
1989 AL Tettleton McGriff Franco Boggs Ripken Yount Puckett Sierra Baines
1988 AL Fisk Brett Franco Boggs Trammell Greenwell Canseco Puckett Molitor
1987 AL Nokes Mattingly Whitaker Boggs Trammell Puckett Evans Bell Molitor
1986 AL Parrish Mattingly White Boggs Ripken Puckett Bell Barfield Baylor
1985 AL Fisk Mattingly Whitaker Brett Ripken Henderson Winfield Bell Baylor
1984 AL Parrish Murray Whitaker Bell Ripken Armas Winfield Rice Thornton
1983 AL Parrish Murray Whitaker Boggs Ripken Moseby Winfield Rice Baylor
1982 AL Parrish Cooper Garcia DeCinces Yount Wilson Jackson Winfield McRae
1981 AL Fisk Cooper Grich Lansford Burleson Henderson Winfield Evans Oliver
1980 AL Parrish Cooper Randolph Brett Yount Wilson Oliver Oglivie Jackson
39 years 16 players 22 players 17 players 22 players 15 players 55 players 24 players
Most Common Rodriguez Mattingly Altuve Boggs Ripken Ramirez Griffey Gonzalez Ortiz

Multiple Winners of the Silver Slugger Award


M Piazza (10)

I Rodriguez (7)

B McCann (6)

L Parrish (6)

G Carter (5)

J Mauer (5)

J Posada (5)

B Posey (4)

B Santiago (4)

C Fisk (3)

M Tettleton (3)

S Perez (2)


D Ortiz (7)

E Martinez (4)

P Molitor (4)

D Baylor (3)

F Thomas (2)

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