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High Heat Stats

Posted by Andy on November 3, 2011

I'm happy to announce a new blog, High Heat Stats.

This blog will pick up where we left off here. I'm administering and authoring, plus John Autin and Raphy have agreed to write there as well.

Please come visit, subscribe to our RSS feed, comment, and contribute.

20 Responses to “High Heat Stats”

  1. Steve Lombardi Says:

    Andy, John, Raphy - just wanted to say best of luck with the new blog. Looks great.

  2. dukeofflatbush Says:

    Hey Andy,
    That was one quick transition, hats off.
    I signed up, even put an avater, but I couldn’t tell if comments were activated yet. Also I had trouble filling out the membership without my full name being required and visible, is there any way to avoid that?

    And, just a suggestion, will you put in a non-stat, editorial type, weekly addition. Something topical, but a bit of a departure from the hardnose, black and white number driven pieces.

    It might let the site stand out and establish its independence and separation from BB-ref, ushering in the new. Just a though.
    Good luck. Good job.

  3. nightfly Says:

    I knew the loss of one forum wouldn't keep you guys down. That's welcome news. See you over there!

  4. Matt L. Says:

    Sounds like a Climate Change Science blog. Good luck, I'll be a follower

  5. Andy Says:

    Duke, there are a lot of different ways to sign up--you can create a new google account and use that--no need to use your real name or email address.

  6. 704_Brave Says:

    Of course this blog is blocked at work...guess there's always twitter on the smartphone...

  7. DaveZ Says:

    Bummer, my work firewall blocks the new blog!!

  8. Andy Says:

    Those of you who cannot get on at work--when you do log in from home, sign up to follow by email and you'll get posts sent to you. It's on the right sidebar of the new blog.

  9. Matt Vandermast Says:

    I miss all the Honus Wagner avatars we had over here. True greatness should never go unrecognized.

    (Just saying something so I can get follow-up comments. Seriously, the site looks great, and thanks for setting it up so soon.)

  10. kds Says:

    I hope Sean will list High Heat Stats among the links on the right sideof the page. I'll be there.

  11. John Autin Says:

    @1, Steve -- Thanks for the best wishes. Come back and write when life flows that way again, or at least drop in from time to time.

  12. Steve Lombardi Says:

    Thanks John. I'll drop in, for sure.

    As far as writing, when I wasn't asked to come over, I decided to work on something else, myself, in order to keep going. Working on that now. Should be up soon.

  13. El Dandy Says:

    I will be headed over there now. Awesome stuff and congrats on the new blog!

  14. Timmy Pee Says:

    You guys need a good HoF debate to get things going over there! Say Jack Morris or Johnny Damon. Maybe get some Joe Carter and Juan Pierre discussions going.

  15. Mike Felber Says:

    I have been commenting there, thanks, you folks are going great thus far!

    My HOF player discussion bias is towards those i find more deserving. The Tigers '80's middle infielders, Fisk & certainly Allen. We already "inducted" many worthy modern pitchers overshadowed by the big 4 (Clemens, Martinez, Mad Dog & Johnson).

  16. Josh Says:

    This is great news, I couldn't believe it the other day when this blog was shut down. Thanks for keeping the blog alive somewhere else. I, along with everyone else, appreciate it.

  17. TheGoof Says:

    Looking forward to seeing you there, Andy!

  18. Frank Clingenpeel Says:

    Just have one thing to say...

    THANK YOU !!!

  19. Rico petrocelli Says:

    Hard to believe bbrf can afford toturn aware customer relationships
    The blog was the draw
    Go sox and see you away from this site


  20. mrmaroon25 Says:

    Quick question - I'm not sure where to post this. I noticed on Dale Sveum's wiki page the following quote:

    During his career, Sveum had the distinction of playing for five separate managers who would, at some point in their careers, win a league Manager of the Year Award. These managers were Tony La Russa ('83, '88, '92, '02), under whom Sveum played in Oakland, Joe Torre ('96, '98), in New York, Lou Piniella ('95, '01, '08), in Seattle, Jim Leyland ('90, '92, '06) in Pittsburgh, and Gene Lamont ('93) in Milwaukee and Pittsburgh.

    Do any of you fine folks know if this is a record?