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B-R Blog End of Season

Posted by Sean Forman on November 1, 2011

One of the tough parts of running a business is deciding when to put more effort into something and when to not. After a lot of internal debate, we've decided to stop posting editorial content on the B-R blog.

This obviously has nothing to do with the quality of the content produced by our writers (Andy, Steve, Raphy, John, or Neil or any of the guest writers). Their posts were phenomenal. I always looked forward to their posts and know you did to. A big thanks to them for making this such a vital place for baseball discussion and analysis. As a small company, focus is vital for our success, and we are choosing to focus our energy on pumping out as much statistical baseball data as possible and that means cutting back in other areas.

None of the existing content is going to go away. We'll keep it up here for as long as the site is open (which we intend to be a very long time). If our writers should end up writing at new venues, we'll certainly post links to their new addresses here.

As best I can tell we've had a blog in one form or the other for eleven years now dating back nearly as far as weblogs as a form and the website itself (see outside the box on the front page from Dec. 2, 2000, First post on A-Rod signing with Texas). It's been a tough decision, but we really like baseball data and want to focus ourselves more there.

Lastly, thank you most of all for your patronage as our readers.

203 Responses to “B-R Blog End of Season”

  1. Mike Harris Says:

    I'm really disappointed to read this. Just want to say that this blog caused me to think about the game in ways that had never occurred to me before. Thank you guys for finding new reasons every day for me to love the game than I did the day before.

  2. Mel Skye Says:

    Thank you for your blog.Really thank you! Much obliged.

  3. Lawrence Azrin Says:

    Hello, I am _VERY_ late to this discussion, as I went on vacation the day it was announced,and just got back to my normal life a short time ago. Let me echo many others here who lament the end of one of the most intelligent cyberspace locations ever for serious baseball talk. I am glad that Andy is moving this discussion forum over to "High Heat Stats".

    I would like to thank the following people for mentioning me by name in this post above:

    #24 (Robert Meyer)
    #32 (Johnny Twisto)
    #91 (John Q)
    #128 (Timmy P.)
    I also echo the thoughts in #128 (Kahuna Tuna)

    I am in awe of the accumulated baseball knowledge that was displayed daily on the blog.

    I would also like to thank Sean Forman for taking the time to answer our queries on the end of this blog, I am sure it was not an easy decision.

    I will be talking to many of you soon at High Heat Stats .