Pirates bullpen, sorted by average leverage

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Team Relief Pitching*
Name Age IP G GR GF Wgr Lgr SVOpp SV BSv SV% SVSit Hold IR IS IS% 1stIP aLI
LevHi LevMd LevLo Ahd Tie Bhd Runr Empt >3o <3o IPmult 0DR Out/GR Pit/GR
Robert Stephenson303.255100000336117%72.3763023113203022.212
Colin Holderman2711.01111000000880082.24564192001100033.016
David Bednar2811.0111192098189%900092.22074092001100033.014
Dauri Moreta278.099310110100%32600%51.1145136215413322.719
Duane Underwood Jr.2810.11010310220100%634375%71.1075326132822223.114
Rob Zastryzny (15-day IL)*315.277110000220061.0871242230713212.414
League Average 67%30%.9593.419
Wil Crowe289.25520121150%20100%7.8841043022341415.836
Yohan Ramirez284.02200000011007.7910112000220206.045
Chase De Jong (15-day IL)296.13300000000400%7.4900120032130306.334
Jose Hernandez*258.066400000113133%8.0750152042431304.019
Team Total29.2 926923511412286%352024521%1.1022817244210171653161319143.419
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