For 2006, as Reliever, (requiring Pitches≥40 and DR≤2), sorted by greatest Performances matching selected criteria by a Team in a game

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notice that Girardi had to bring in 'long relievers' in 7 of those games because of starter ineffectiveness. Torre had the 'long reliever' excuse just 3 times. Accounting for this makes Girardi's moves make more sense.
 Tm  Year Games Link to Individual Games
 KCR 2006    26 Ind. Games                
 WSN 2006    22 Ind. Games                
 LAD 2006    17 Ind. Games                
 FLA 2006    16 Ind. Games                
 CHC 2006    15 Ind. Games                
 TOR 2006    14 Ind. Games                
 NYY 2006    14 Ind. Games                
 STL 2006    13 Ind. Games                
 BAL 2006    13 Ind. Games                
 PHI 2006    12 Ind. Games                
 DET 2006    12 Ind. Games                
 PIT 2006    11 Ind. Games                
 NYM 2006    11 Ind. Games                
 MIN 2006    11 Ind. Games                
 TEX 2006    10 Ind. Games                
 TBD 2006    10 Ind. Games                
 ATL 2006    10 Ind. Games                
 SEA 2006     9 Ind. Games                
 LAA 2006     9 Ind. Games                
 CHW 2006     9 Ind. Games                
 ARI 2006     9 Ind. Games                
 MIL 2006     8 Ind. Games                
 OAK 2006     7 Ind. Games                
 HOU 2006     7 Ind. Games                
 CLE 2006     7 Ind. Games                
 Tm  Year Games Link to Individual Games
 SDP 2006     6 Ind. Games                
 BOS 2006     6 Ind. Games                
 SFG 2006     5 Ind. Games                
 COL 2006     4 Ind. Games                
 CIN 2006     4 Ind. Games                

Games found: 327.


This column contains the innings for the appearance and any decision ('W'in, 'L'oss, or 'S'ave) the player earned. Lower cases 's' and 'f' indicate they started or finished the game. A 'CG' indicates a complete game with the number giving the number of innings. 'SHO' is a shutout with the number of innings. For example, 's1-6 ,W' indicates the pitcher started the game and left during or after the sixth inning and earned the win.

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