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1988 Results Table
Yr# Gm# Date Batter Opp Pitcher Score Event_type Inn RoB Out Pit(cnt) RBI WPA RE24 LI Play Description
111988-04-10Terry Kennedy@CLEDan Schatzederdown 6-3Outt812-01 (0-0)0-0.07-0.582.79Foul Popfly: 3B
221988-04-10Joe Orsulak@CLEDan Schatzederdown 6-3SOt812-13 (0-2)0-0.05-0.472.31Strikeout Swinging
331988-04-10Wade Rowdon@CLEDan Schatzederdown 6-3Outt812-23 (1-1)0-0.04-0.441.54Flyball: CF
411988-04-14Cal Ripken KCRBret Saberhagentied 3-3Outb8-2-22 (1-0)0-0.08-0.312.85Groundout: 2B-1B
521988-04-14Jim Dwyer KCRGene Garberdown 4-3Outb912-24 (1-2)0-0.17-0.426.56*ENDED GAME*:Groundout: 1B-P
611988-04-16Ken Gerhart CLEGreg Swindelltied 0-0Outb8-2-18 (3-2)0-0.07-0.352.56Flyball: LF
721988-04-16Billy Ripken CLEGreg Swindelltied 0-0Outb8-2-21 (0-0)0-0.08-0.312.85Groundout: P-1B
831988-04-16Cal Ripken CLEGreg Swindelltied 0-0Outb912-06 (3-2)0-0.11-0.573.32Flyball: RF
941988-04-16Larry Sheets CLEGreg Swindelltied 0-0Outb912-12 (0-1)0-0.07-0.304.31Groundout: 2B-1B; Stone to 3B; Murray to 2B
1051988-04-16Rick Schu CLEGreg Swindelltied 0-0Outb9-2321 (0-0)0-0.13-0.584.61Flyball: CF
1161988-04-16Cal Ripken CLEDoug Jonesdown 1-0Outb11-2317 (0-2)0-0.30-0.795.92Lineout: P
1271988-04-16Larry Sheets CLEDoug Jonesdown 1-0IBBb11-2324 (3-0) Walk
1381988-04-16Terry Kennedy CLEDoug Jonesdown 1-0SOb1112324 (1-2)0-0.27-0.7510.78*ENDED GAME*:Strikeout Looking
1411988-04-17Terry Kennedy CLEDan Schatzederdown 4-1Outb912-13 (1-1)0-0.06-0.462.61Flyball: CF
1521988-04-17Rick Schu CLEDan Schatzederdown 4-1Outb912-21 (0-0)0-0.04-0.421.59*ENDED GAME*:Flyball: RF
1611988-04-20Jeff Stone@MILDan Plesacdown 8-5Outt812-11 (0-0)0-0.05-0.412.30Groundout: SS-2B/Forceout at 2B; Kennedy to 3B; Stone to 1B
1721988-04-20Rick Schu@MILDan Plesacdown 8-6BBt912-24 (3-0)00.070.332.84Walk; Ripken to 3B; Rowdon to 2B
1831988-04-20Carl Nichols@MILDan Plesacdown 8-6Outt912321 (0-0)0-0.14-0.775.69*ENDED GAME*:Flyball: RF
1911988-04-26Ken Gerhart@MINJeff Reardondown 3-2Outt8-2-12 (0-1)0-0.08-0.363.03Popfly: SS (SS-2B)
2021988-04-26Larry Sheets@MINJeff Reardondown 3-2Outt8-2-23 (1-1)0-0.08-0.322.88Flyball: CF (Deep LF-CF)
2131988-04-26Joe Orsulak@MINJeff Reardondown 4-2Outt912-05 (2-2)0-0.24-1.264.46Line Drive Double Play: SS-2B
2211988-04-27Eddie Murray@MINKeith Athertondown 7-51Bt91-324 (1-2) to CF (Ground Ball thru SS-2B); Ripken Scores; Ripken to 3B
2321988-04-27Fred Lynn@MINKeith Athertondown 7-6Outt91-325 (2-2)0-0.16-0.505.89*ENDED GAME*:Groundout: 2B-1B
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