Liveball-Era Pitchers with the most 4.0+ WAR seasons

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Rk Name Yrs From To Age
1Roger Clemens161986200523-42Ind. Seasons
2Bert Blyleven141971198920-38Ind. Seasons
3Tom Seaver141967198522-40Ind. Seasons
4Warren Spahn141947196326-42Ind. Seasons
5Lefty Grove131926193926-39Ind. Seasons
6Mike Mussina121992200823-39Ind. Seasons
7Greg Maddux121988200222-36Ind. Seasons
8Phil Niekro121967198428-45Ind. Seasons
9Gaylord Perry121964197825-39Ind. Seasons
10Justin Verlander112006201923-36Ind. Seasons
11Pedro Martinez111995200523-33Ind. Seasons
12Randy Johnson111993200529-41Ind. Seasons
13Curt Schilling111992200625-39Ind. Seasons
14Jim Palmer101969198223-36Ind. Seasons
15Steve Carlton101969198324-38Ind. Seasons
16Bob Gibson101961197225-36Ind. Seasons
17Clayton Kershaw92009201721-29Ind. Seasons
18Cole Hamels92007201623-32Ind. Seasons
19Kevin Brown91992200327-38Ind. Seasons
20Tom Glavine91991200525-39Ind. Seasons
21Don Drysdale91957196820-31Ind. Seasons
22Ted Lyons91925194224-41Ind. Seasons
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