Run Support in Games Started

  • Total runs in Starts, Avg. is per 27 outs
Run Support in Games Started
Avg 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Other Game Totals
4.43246767233110, 11 and 12 runs

Team Pitching Gamelog

Team Pitching Gamelog
Rk Gtm Date Opp Rslt IP H R ER UER BB SO HR HBP ERA BF Pit Str IR IS SB CS AB 2B 3B IBB SH SF ROE GDP # Umpire Pitchers Used (Rest-GameScore-Dec)
11Mar 28HOUL,1-59.01055028305.00371459300023530000002Sam HolbrookB.Snell (99-41-L), J.Beeks (99)
22Mar 29HOUW,4-29.06220410013.50361308410103110000015Dan IassognaC.Morton (99-59-W), D.Castillo (99-H), C.Roe (99-H), A.Kolarek (99-H), J.Alvarado (99-Sv)
33Mar 30HOUW,3-19.0811037102.67361328310013300000015Jim WolfT.Glasnow (99-54-W), R.Stanek (99-H), C.Roe (0-H), A.Kolarek (0-H), J.Alvarado (0-Sv)
44Mar 31HOUW,3-19.0311016102.25291207920012800000015Manny GonzalezY.Chirinos (99-75-W), A.Kolarek (0), C.Roe (0-H), J.Beeks (2-H), D.Castillo (1-Sv)
55Apr 1COLW,7-19.06110112012.00341338441003210000016Andy FletcherR.Stanek (1-54), R.Yarbrough (99-W), W.Font (99-H), J.Beeks (0-H), J.Alvarado (1), D.Castillo (0)
66Apr 2COLW,4-09.02000214001.67291278400012700000012Will LittleB.Snell (4-85-W), W.Font (0)
77Apr 3COLL,0-111.05110213101.523815110200013600000016Joe WestC.Morton (4-68), R.Stanek (1), J.Alvarado (1), D.Castillo (1), C.Roe (2-L), A.Kolarek (2)
88Apr 5@SFGW,5-29.0822028011.58391349440103630000215Kerwin DanleyT.Glasnow (5-71-W), W.Font (2), A.Kolarek (1-H), D.Castillo (1-H), J.Alvarado (1-Sv)
99Apr 6@SFGL,4-68.0866034102.09351378600103010011004Greg GibsonR.Stanek (2-58), J.Beeks (4), R.Yarbrough (4-BL), C.Roe (2)
1010Apr 7@SFGW,3-09.05000212001.88321309130003000000015Tripp GibsonY.Chirinos (6-67-W), A.Kolarek (1-H), C.Roe (0-H), D.Castillo (1-H), J.Alvarado (1-Sv)
1111Apr 8@CHWW,5-19.09110014101.80341439500103410000022Hunter WendelstedtB.Snell (5-67-W), H.Wood (99-Sv)
1212Apr 9@CHWW,10-59.07550611102.063919311553103300000015Jordan BakerC.Morton (5-57-W), W.Font (3), R.Stanek (2), J.Alvarado (1-H), A.Kolarek (1)
1313Apr 10@CHWW,9-19.06110114001.98341338300203330000002Vic CarapazzaT.Glasnow (4-78-W), J.Beeks (3-Sv)
1414Apr 12@TORW,11-79.09761411102.27391328510003530100106Quinn WolcottR.Stanek (2-59), R.Yarbrough (5-W), Y.Chirinos (4), A.Kolarek (2-H), D.Castillo (4-H), J.Alvarado (2)
1515Apr 13@TORL,1-38.05330314002.33311348210002820000013Gary CederstromB.Snell (4-78), C.Roe (5-BL), J.Beeks (2)
1616Apr 14@TORW,8-49.08440411212.444017510940003520000227Ramon De JesusC.Morton (4-53), A.Kolarek (1-W), C.Roe (0-H), R.Stanek (1-H), D.Castillo (1-H), H.Wood (5), W.Font (4)
1717Apr 16BALW,4-29.0722004002.41331127600103310000013Paul NauertT.Glasnow (5-58-W), J.Alvarado (3-H), D.Castillo (1-Sv)
1818Apr 17BALW,8-19.03110213102.33321429500003020000114CB BucknorR.Stanek (2-54), Y.Chirinos (4-W), W.Font (2), E.Pagan (99)
1919Apr 18BALL,5-611.01566057102.505120313300104531101006D.J. ReyburnH.Wood (3-52), J.Beeks (4), A.Kolarek (3), E.Pagan (0), J.Alvarado (1), D.Castillo (1-L)
2020Apr 19BOSL,4-69.01066029302.67361349000003420000036Mike WintersR.Stanek (1-55), R.Yarbrough (6), W.Font (1), A.Kolarek (0), D.Castillo (0-L), C.Sadler (99)
2121Apr 20BOSL,5-69.08660411112.833914910300003330101013Tim TimmonsC.Morton (5-49), J.Faria (99), J.Alvarado (1-L)
2222Apr 21BOSL,3-411.08440812102.854617110532313600111017Rob DrakeT.Glasnow (4-56), A.Kolarek (1), C.Roe (6-BSv), R.Stanek (1), E.Pagan (2), D.Castillo (1), J.Alvarado (0-L)
2323Apr 22KCRW,6-39.0633037302.86351318420003200000015Jeff KelloggY.Chirinos (4-50), C.Roe (0), W.Font (2-W), A.Kolarek (0-H), E.Pagan (0-Sv)
2424Apr 23KCRW,5-29.06220210112.82361329620003311000005Brian O'NoraR.Stanek (1-52), J.Beeks (4-W), A.Pruitt (99), A.Kolarek (0-H), E.Pagan (0-Sv)
2525Apr 24KCRL,2-109.014109157203.074316310222113731201114James HoyeB.Snell (10-41-L), R.Yarbrough (4), C.Roe (1), W.Font (1)
2626Apr 27@BOSW,2-19.05110711112.99391649820003110000126Chris SegalC.Morton (6-69-W), C.Roe (2-H), A.Kolarek (3-H), D.Castillo (5-H), J.Alvarado (5-H), E.Pagan (3-Sv)
2727Apr 28@BOSW,5-29.07220110102.95341268110003220001014Doug EddingsT.Glasnow (6-62-W), E.Pagan (0-H), J.Alvarado (0-H), D.Castillo (0-Sv)
2828Apr 29@KCRW,8-59.05532210102.95351237810103201001104John TumpaneR.Stanek (5-53), Y.Chirinos (6-W), D.Castillo (0-H), C.Roe (1)
May Opp Rslt IP H R ER UER BB SO HR HBP ERA BF Pit Str IR IS SB CS AB 2B 3B IBB SH SF ROE GDP # Umpire Pitchers Used (Rest-GameScore-Dec)
2929May 1(1)@KCRL,2-38.0433037112.97311187400212730000003Nic LentzR.Stanek (1-34-L), J.Beeks (7), H.Wood (12)
3030May 1(2)@KCRL,2-88.01188044103.14371569722203330000023Ted BarrettB.Snell (6-18-L), W.Font (6), A.Pruitt (7)
3131May 2@KCRW,3-19.05110112003.07331329310003222000004Kerwin DanleyC.Morton (4-68), E.Pagan (3), A.Kolarek (4-W), D.Castillo (2-Sv)
3232May 3@BALW,7-09.05000010002.98311147700003100000012Bill WelkeT.Glasnow (4-79-W), C.Sadler (13)
3333May 4@BALL,0-38.0733014102.9931996500003020000122Lance BarrettY.Chirinos (4-54-L), J.Alvarado (5)
3434May 6ARIW,12-19.02101310012.90331409200002900000013Sam HolbrookB.Snell (4-79-W), C.Roe (6), C.Sadler (2)
3535May 7ARIW,6-39.07330211212.91371519400103420000006Manny GonzalezR.Stanek (5-58), J.Beeks (5-W), C.Roe (0-H), D.Castillo (4-H), E.Pagan (4), A.Kolarek (4)
3636May 8ARIL,2-313.09330819002.875219812121004410000037Jim WolfC.Morton (5-49), E.Pagan (0), A.Pruitt (6), J.Alvarado (3), D.Castillo (0), A.Kolarek (0-L), C.Roe (0)
3737May 10NYYL,3-49.07431212012.88371479342113410000214Cory BlaserT.Glasnow (6-51-L), E.Pagan (1-BSv), A.Kolarek (1), C.Sadler (3)
3838May 11NYYW,7-29.0522016122.85321218800002920000024Laz DiazR.Stanek (3-55), Y.Chirinos (6-W), D.Castillo (2-H), J.Alvarado (2)
3939May 12NYYL,1-79.09770517102.964116511610003430111004Tony RandazzoB.Snell (5-63-L), C.Roe (3), R.Stanek (0), A.Pruitt (3)
4040May 14@MIAW,4-09.0600008002.88311157800003100000024Gerry DavisC.Morton (5-71-W), E.Pagan (3-H), D.Castillo (2-H), C.Roe (1)
4141May 15@MIAW,1-09.07000412002.82381499400003430000007Pat HobergR.Stanek (2-53), J.Beeks (7-W), A.Kolarek (4-H), E.Pagan (0-H), J.Alvarado (3-H), C.Roe (0-H), D.Castillo (0-Sv)
4242May 17@NYYL,3-48.2944018202.85361429100103520100005John TumpaneR.Stanek (1-53), Y.Chirinos (5), A.Kolarek (1), D.Castillo (1-H), J.Alvarado (1-BL)
4343May 18@NYYW,2-111.08110215002.794016610710003800000126Kerwin DanleyB.Snell (5-64), C.Roe (2), A.Kolarek (0), E.Pagan (2), H.Wood (16-W), J.Alvarado (0-Sv)
4444May 19@NYYL,5-138.0121311299302.984518110865103621100104Lance BarksdaleC.Morton (4-40), D.Castillo (1-L), R.Stanek (1), C.Sadler (8)

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