Run Support in Games Started

  • Total runs in Starts, Avg. is per 27 outs
Run Support in Games Started
Avg 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Other Game Totals
6.30113112811210, 11, 12, 12 and 13 runs

Team Pitching Gamelog

Team Pitching Gamelog
Rk Gtm Date Opp Rslt IP H R ER UER BB SO HR HBP ERA BF Pit Str IR IS SB CS AB 2B 3B IBB SH SF ROE GDP # Umpire Pitchers Used (Rest-GameScore-Dec)
11Mar 20@OAKW,9-79.0976138306.00381288300003530000025Jeff NelsonM.Gonzales (99-47-W), N.Rumbelow (99), C.Gearrin (99-H), Z.Rosscup (99-H), H.Strickland (99-Sv)
22Mar 21@OAKW,5-412.010431610003.865221113143004610000117Bill WelkeY.Kikuchi (99-52), R.Elias (99), D.Altavilla (99-BSv), B.Brennan (99), M.Festa (99), Z.Rosscup (0-W), H.Strickland (0-Sv)
33Mar 28BOSW,12-49.01143118003.60401429611203830001214Larry VanoverM.Gonzales (7-39-W), R.Elias (6), C.Gearrin (7), B.Brennan (6)
44Mar 29BOSL,6-79.0876138414.15381498820003410000126Alfonso MarquezY.Kikuchi (7-59), M.Festa (7-H), Z.Rosscup (7-H), C.Gearrin (0-H), H.Strickland (7-BL), R.Elias (0)
55Mar 30BOSW,6-59.09523311003.75411459521103810000314Dan BellinoM.Leake (99-55-W), B.Brennan (1), Z.Rosscup (0), N.Rumbelow (9-Sv)
66Mar 31BOSW,10-89.0986284204.11451669651003730000106David RackleyW.LeBlanc (99-32-W), N.Rumbelow (0), M.Festa (1-H), R.Elias (1-H), C.Gearrin (1-H), C.Bradford (99-Sv)
77Apr 1LAAW,6-39.0831215013.68371388820003510100115Mark WegnerF.Hernandez (99-50-W), C.Bradford (0-H), Z.Rosscup (1-H), B.Brennan (1-H), R.Elias (0-Sv)
88Apr 2LAAW,2-19.0411014003.36321097520003110000002Jim ReynoldsM.Gonzales (4-73-W), A.Swarzak (99-Sv)
99Apr 5@CHWL,8-108.09108256113.90401659862103430000225Chad FairchildY.Kikuchi (6-36), M.Festa (4-H), C.Gearrin (4-L), Z.Rosscup (3-BSv), C.Bradford (3)
1010Apr 6@CHWW,9-29.010220110203.723815211020003710000004Mike EstabrookM.Leake (6-53-W), B.Brennan (4), R.Elias (4), C.Sadzeck (99)
1111Apr 7@CHWW,12-59.01055039103.83411559900003830000104Paul EmmelW.LeBlanc (6-57-W), M.Festa (1), C.Bradford (1), A.Swarzak (4)
1212Apr 8@KCRW,13-59.01055039013.93411379200003720000005Quinn WolcottF.Hernandez (6-40), C.Bradford (0), R.Elias (1-W), C.Sadzeck (1), C.Gearrin (2)
1313Apr 9@KCRW,6-39.0832136003.78381379321103331002113Gary CederstromM.Gonzales (6-53-W), B.Brennan (2-H), A.Swarzak (1-Sv)
1414Apr 10@KCRW,6-59.01055045203.87391298520523521200005Ramon De JesusY.Kikuchi (4-52), M.Festa (2-BSv), Z.Rosscup (4), A.Swarzak (0-W), R.Elias (1-Sv)
1515Apr 11@KCRW,7-610.08660414323.984617710800004040000205Marvin HudsonM.Leake (4-43), C.Gearrin (2), E.Swanson (99), B.Brennan (1-W), C.Sadzeck (2-Sv)
1616Apr 12HOUL,6-109.0161010039304.354516110520014240000004Adam HamariW.LeBlanc (4-44), S.Armstrong (99-L), R.Alaniz (99), C.Gearrin (0)
1717Apr 13HOUL,1-39.0633018214.27341298300003210000013Jordan BakerF.Hernandez (4-52-L), B.Brennan (1), C.Sadzeck (1)
1818Apr 14HOUL,2-39.0733037104.20351177720103210000024Todd TichenorM.Gonzales (4-51), B.Brennan (0-L), C.Gearrin (1), A.Swarzak (3)
1919Apr 15CLEL,4-69.07651710114.244116910042203300000116Tim TimmonsY.Kikuchi (4-52-L), R.Alaniz (2), Z.Rosscup (4), C.Sadzeck (1), S.Armstrong (2), R.Elias (4)
2020Apr 16CLEL,2-49.01344016004.233815010100113640010024Rob DrakeM.Leake (4-52-L), R.Elias (0), C.Gearrin (1), S.Armstrong (0)
2121Apr 17CLEL,0-19.03110111104.08311287900003000000004Mike MuchlinskiE.Swanson (5-69-L), Z.Rosscup (1), B.Brennan (2), A.Swarzak (2)
2222Apr 18@LAAW,11-109.0161010047204.344517110622104150000025Dana DeMuthF.Hernandez (4-40), R.Alaniz (2), B.Brennan (0-H), A.Swarzak (0-BW), R.Elias (1-Sv)
2323Apr 19@LAAW,5-39.0933026114.29361148110003210001014Angel HernandezM.Gonzales (4-53), C.Gearrin (2), Z.Rosscup (1-W), R.Elias (0-Sv)
2424Apr 20@LAAW,6-59.01355038104.324216310520003841001115Ed HickoxY.Kikuchi (4-32-W), C.Sadzeck (4-H), Z.Rosscup (0-H), C.Gearrin (0-H), A.Swarzak (1-Sv)
2525Apr 21@LAAL,6-88.01187146414.44391278300003440100023Nick MahrleyM.Leake (4-46-L), S.Armstrong (4), R.Alaniz (2)
2626Apr 23@SDPL,3-68.0864206304.44331178511003310000103Jeff NelsonE.Swanson (5-40-L), C.Gearrin (2), C.Bradford (14)

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