Run Support in Games Started

  • Total runs in Starts, Avg. is per 27 outs
Run Support in Games Started
Avg 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Other Game Totals
5.842116241214 and 16 runs

Team Pitching Gamelog

Team Pitching Gamelog
Rk Gtm Date Opp Rslt IP H R ER UER BB SO HR HBP ERA BF Pit Str IR IS SB CS AB 2B 3B IBB SH SF ROE GDP # Umpire Pitchers Used (Rest-GameScore-Dec)
11Mar 28CLEW,2-09.02000113000.00301117710002910000002Tom HallionJ.Berrios (99-84-W), T.Rogers (99-Sv)
22Mar 30CLEL,1-29.04220313101.00341418610003000001005Phil CuzziJ.Odorizzi (99-75), T.May (99), A.Mejia (99), T.Rogers (1), B.Parker (99-L)
33Mar 31CLEW,9-39.06330613001.67371559710003110000014Todd TichenorM.Pineda (99-64), M.Perez (99-W), T.Hildenberger (99), R.Harper (99)
44Apr 2@KCRW,5-410.01044017212.19401369220103721001114Mark RippergerJ.Berrios (4-55), T.Rogers (2), T.Hildenberger (1-W), B.Parker (2-Sv)
55Apr 3@KCRW,7-69.0965135102.74391599420113601000104Jeff KelloggK.Gibson (99-26), A.Mejia (3), T.May (3-W), B.Parker (0-Sv)
66Apr 5@PHIL,4-108.011108297013.674419211853003330101016Cory BlaserJ.Odorizzi (5-28-L), R.Harper (4), M.Perez (4), T.Hildenberger (2), A.Mejia (1), T.May (1)
77Apr 6@PHIW,6-29.0722036103.43361368911003220001005Jeff NelsonM.Pineda (5-55-W), A.Mejia (0-H), T.Hildenberger (0-H), T.Rogers (3-H), B.Parker (2)
88Apr 7@PHIL,1-28.0422047103.30321338620102820000004Laz DiazJ.Berrios (4-64-L), T.May (1), T.Rogers (0), R.Harper (1)
99Apr 9@NYMW,14-89.01188078403.834521912640003830000007Mike MuchlinskiK.Gibson (5-43), T.Hildenberger (2-W), T.May (1), A.Mejia (2), B.Parker (2-H), R.Harper (1), C.De Jong (99)
1010Apr 10@NYML,6-98.059901010014.40391628866102700010005Mike WintersJ.Odorizzi (4-49-L), A.Vasquez (99), T.Hildenberger (0), M.Perez (4), T.May (0)
1111Apr 13DETW,4-39.01033019104.273714910600103530001004Mike EverittM.Pineda (6-49-W), T.Hildenberger (2-H), T.Rogers (5-H), B.Parker (3-Sv)
1212Apr 14DETW,6-49.08440413124.254117911861003520000005Bill WelkeJ.Berrios (6-64-W), T.May (3-H), T.Rogers (0-H), B.Parker (0-H), T.Hildenberger (0-Sv)
1313Apr 15TORL,3-59.01155029104.303814410100013540001003Mike EstabrookM.Perez (4-57), R.Harper (5-H), A.Mejia (5-BL)
1414Apr 16TORL,5-69.0966068004.43401599454103410000015Paul EmmelK.Gibson (6-45), R.Harper (0), T.May (1-L), T.Hildenberger (1), T.Duffey (99)
1515Apr 17TORW,4-19.08110110004.20341419010013300000004Bruce DreckmanJ.Odorizzi (6-58-W), A.Mejia (1-H), T.Rogers (2-H), B.Parker (2-Sv)
1616Apr 18TORL,4-79.0977016304.37361439910003510000014Sean BarberM.Pineda (4-23-L), R.Harper (1), T.Duffey (1), T.May (1)
1717Apr 20(1)@BALW,6-59.013550310314.41421519700203830000003Quinn WolcottJ.Berrios (5-42-W), T.Hildenberger (3-H), T.Rogers (2-Sv)
1818Apr 20(2)@BALW,16-79.01177012304.56371429600003610000023Gary CederstromM.Perez (4-45-W), F.Romero (99), T.Duffey (1)
1919Apr 21@BALW,4-39.09330210014.47391529820203610100004Marvin HudsonK.Gibson (4-60-W), T.May (2-H), T.Hildenberger (0-H), T.Rogers (0-Sv)
2020Apr 22@HOUW,9-59.01155033214.504116610310003710000005Dana DeMuthJ.Odorizzi (4-47-W), T.May (0), R.Harper (3), A.Mejia (4), B.Parker (4)
2121Apr 23@HOUL,4-108.012106456104.60401529351003430001225Angel HernandezM.Pineda (4-38), R.Harper (0), T.Hildenberger (1-L), A.Mejia (0), T.Duffey (2)

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