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New York Highlanders and New York Yankees vs. Chicago White Sox from 1876 to 2024

Total Wins for NYY 1084
Total Wins for CHW 834
Longest Winning Streak for NYY 10 August 14, 1944 to May 26, 1945 and April 22, 1964 to June 22, 1964
Longest Winning Streak for CHW 8 June 10, 1967 to August 22, 1967 and September 3, 1972 to July 10, 1973
Most Runs Scored by NYY 22 July 26, 1931
Most Runs Scored by CHW 17 June 18, 2000
Longest Game 18 June 25, 1903 and August 21, 1933
Times CHW Shutout NYY 119
Times NYY Shutout CHW 149
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W-L Records

W-L Records Table
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1903-05-20standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxW52972310J. TannehillP. Flaherty
1903-05-22standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL1244201111R. PattersonJ. Chesbro
1903-06-16standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxW10662321C. GriffithD. White
1903-06-17standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxW10411431B. WolfeP. Flaherty
1903-06-25standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White Sox661415663118
1903-06-26standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL23762032P. FlahertyJ. Chesbro
1903-06-27standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL47384533D. DunkleC. Griffith
1903-06-28 (1)standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxW1221490443J. TannehillF. Owen
1903-06-28 (2)standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL12710234411D. WhiteB. Wolfe
1903-07-04 (1)standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxW53791554J. ChesbroD. White
1903-07-04 (2)standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxW53792364C. GriffithP. Flaherty
1903-07-06standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxW42961074B. WolfeF. Owen
1903-07-07standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL23811137510D. WhiteJ. Tannehill
1903-08-22standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxW961311338511J. TannehillF. Owen
1903-08-23 (1)standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxW659122495C. GriffithD. White
1903-08-23 (2)standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL13953396R. PattersonH. Howell
1903-08-24standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL59101301978F. OwenB. Wolfe
1903-09-18 (1)standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxW7111925107B. WolfeD. White
1903-09-18 (2)standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxW639812117H. HowellF. Owen
For 1903, NYY won 11, CHW won 7
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1904-05-20standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxW32662312712J. ChesbroD. White
1904-05-21standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL21161451128F. OwenJ. Powell
1904-05-23standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL2681131129N. AltrockT. Hughes
1904-06-10standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL58108231210D. WhiteJ. PowellF. Owen
1904-06-11standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxW63115111310J. ChesbroR. Patterson
1904-06-12standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxW2066021410C. GriffithF. Owen
1904-06-13standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL1253201411D. WhiteB. Wolfe
1904-07-21standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL351010401412F. OwenC. Griffith
1904-07-22standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL56812311413F. SmithJ. Powell
1904-07-23standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL45118341414E. WalshJ. Chesbro
1904-07-25standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxW1044101514A. OrthF. Owen
1904-08-10standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL1553321515N. AltrockJ. Chesbro
1904-08-11standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL0156011516D. WhiteJ. Powell
1904-08-12standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxW2164011616A. OrthF. Owen
1904-08-13standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White Sox33652116165
1904-08-19standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxW61103331716J. ChesbroD. White
1904-08-20standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL2489001717F. OwenA. Orth
1904-08-22standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxW4387121817J. PowellF. Smith
1904-08-23standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxW1094011917J. ChesbroD. White
1904-09-30standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL0436411918D. WhiteJ. Chesbro
1904-10-01standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxW72108022018J. ChesbroR. Patterson
1904-10-02 (1)standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL1769512019D. WhiteJ. Powell
1904-10-02 (2)standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxW631242021197A. PuttmannD. White
For 1904, NYY won 10, CHW won 12
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1905-05-12standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxW73128112219A. OrthD. White
1905-05-13standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White Sox003501221911
1905-05-14standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL39912102220N. AltrockA. Puttmann
1905-05-15standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL410812122221D. WhiteA. Orth
1905-06-15standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL1597122222D. WhiteJ. Chesbro
1905-06-16standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxW3087102322A. OrthN. Altrock
1905-06-17standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL3676402323F. OwenB. Hogg
1905-06-19standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL69910422324F. SmithJ. Chesbro
1905-07-19standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxW2165112424J. ChesbroD. White
1905-07-20standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL46611202425F. OwenB. Hogg
1905-07-21standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL125713242612N. AltrockA. Orth
1905-07-22standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL1243142427D. WhiteJ. Chesbro
1905-08-10standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL28410522428F. SmithJ. Chesbro
1905-08-11standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxW2136202528A. OrthD. White
1905-08-18standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL06664125296F. SmithA. Orth
1905-08-19standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxW4210730262910J. ChesbroF. Smith
1905-08-20standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL127532263011D. WhiteA. Orth
1905-08-21standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxW531010022730J. ChesbroF. Smith
1905-09-21 (1)standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL2359002731D. WhiteJ. Chesbro
1905-09-21 (2)standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL267102127328F. SmithA. Orth
1905-09-22standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxW52106112832L. LeRoyN. Altrock
1905-09-23 (1)standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL1399322833F. OwenA. Puttmann
1905-09-23 (2)standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL1105143028347F. SmithB. Hogg
For 1905, NYY won 7, CHW won 15
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1906-05-21standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL67118132835F. OwenJ. Chesbro
1906-05-22standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxW82147252935A. OrthF. Smith
1906-05-23standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxW41126013035D. NewtonR. PattersonL. LeRoy
1906-06-08standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxW62105143135J. ChesbroD. White
1906-06-09standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxW2188003235W. ClarksonN. Altrock
1906-06-10standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL0181403236F. OwenA. Orth
1906-06-11standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxW3076113336B. HoggF. Smith
1906-07-12standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxW43116413436A. OrthF. Smith
1906-07-13standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL1397413437F. OwenB. Hogg
1906-07-14standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxW98118133537D. NewtonN. Altrock
1906-07-16standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL4751321353810D. WhiteD. Newton
1906-08-10standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL1255013539E. WalshJ. Chesbro
1906-08-11standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL1869323540F. OwenB. Hogg
1906-08-12standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL0397203541E. WalshA. Orth
1906-08-13standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White Sox0036303541
1906-08-18standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL010512623542E. WalshJ. Chesbro
1906-08-20standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL1455513543D. WhiteA. Orth
1906-08-22 (1)standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL1677103544E. WalshJ. Chesbro
1906-08-22 (2)standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL611813363545F. OwenB. Hogg
1906-09-21 (1)standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxW6376333645A. OrthE. Walsh
1906-09-21 (2)standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxW411030337456B. HoggF. Owen
1906-09-22standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL1759303746D. WhiteA. Orth
1906-09-23standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxW1052123846B. HoggE. Walsh
For 1906, NYY won 10, CHW won 12
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1907-05-25standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL1369103847F. SmithE. Moore
1907-05-26standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL18083038485E. WalshA. Orth
1907-06-13standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL34615013849E. WalshB. Keefe
1907-06-15standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxW2092123949A. OrthD. White
1907-06-17standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxW43131133404911S. DoyleD. White
1907-07-15standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL015816624050D. WhiteA. OrthN. Altrock
1907-07-16standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL2371013405113E. WalshA. Orth
1907-07-17 (1)standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL45137304052D. WhiteJ. Chesbro
1907-07-17 (2)standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxW51117134152B. HoggN. Altrock
1907-07-18 (1)standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxW112166144252D. NewtonD. White
1907-07-18 (2)standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxW4052024352A. OrthE. Walsh
1907-08-02standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxW751010514452S. DoyleN. Altrock
1907-08-03 (1)standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL36410214453E. WalshJ. Chesbro
1907-08-03 (2)standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL3548204454F. SmithD. Newton
1907-08-05standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxW84166314554B. HoggR. Patterson
1907-08-06standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL2688404555F. SmithE. Moore
1907-08-23standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL0449004556D. WhiteB. Hogg
1907-08-24standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL2547314557F. SmithA. OrthE. Walsh
1907-08-25standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL2376104558E. WalshD. Newton
1907-10-01standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxW3179224658J. ChesbroE. Walsh
1907-10-02standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxW4399004758R. CastletonD. WhiteS. Doyle
1907-10-03standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxW80133144858J. NeuerE. Walsh
For 1907, NYY won 10, CHW won 12
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1908-05-21standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL29127714859E. WalshJ. Lake
1908-05-23standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxW4054044959A. OrthF. Smith
1908-05-25standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL3998604960E. WalshR. Manning
1908-06-13standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL1567404961E. WalshA. Orth
1908-06-14standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL4586204962M. ManuelJ. LakeE. Walsh
1908-06-15standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL1238004963D. WhiteJ. Chesbro
1908-06-16standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL2335124964E. WalshF. Glade
1908-06-17standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxW5226145064J. ChesbroM. Manuel
1908-07-21 (1)standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL36612135065E. WalshD. Newton
1908-07-21 (2)standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxW63109025165B. HoggD. WhiteR. Manning
1908-07-23 (1)standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL2658225166E. WalshJ. Lake
1908-07-23 (2)standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL36793151678F. OwenA. Orth
1908-08-08standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxW4165235267J. LakeF. Owen
1908-08-09standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL3477135268F. SmithB. Hogg
1908-08-10standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL1259105269E. WalshJ. Chesbro
1908-08-11standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL1657325270E. WalshJ. Lake
1908-08-28 (1)standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxW1054225370J. LakeF. Smith
1908-08-28 (2)standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL1254305371E. WalshB. Hogg
1908-08-29 (1)standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL0159205372D. WhiteJ. Chesbro
1908-08-29 (2)standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL26410015373F. SmithR. Manning
1908-09-24standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxW1041015473J. LakeE. Walsh
1908-09-26standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL01268205474F. SmithP. WilsonN. Altrock
For 1908, NYY won 6, CHW won 16
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1909-05-23standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL37811215475E. WalshJ. Lake
1909-05-24standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL1254115476J. ScottK. BrockettF. Smith
1909-05-27standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White Sox2210620547610
1909-06-11standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL0137215477E. WalshJ. Lake
1909-06-12standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL3569405478F. SmithJ. Chesbro
1909-06-14standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxW75911145578K. BrockettE. WalshT. Hughes
1909-06-15standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL37911015579F. SmithR. Manning
1909-07-13 (1)standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxW5184145679J. WarhopE. Walsh
1909-07-13 (2)standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL26105105680F. SmithR. Manning
1909-07-14 (1)standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxW43126045780T. HughesL. FieneJ. Lake
1909-07-14 (2)standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL28610615781J. ScottJ. Lake
1909-07-15standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL0949215782F. SmithJ. Warhop
1909-07-16standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL1346205783J. ScottJ. Quinn
1909-08-11standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxW2183125883S. DoyleF. Smith
1909-08-12standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL02411015884J. ScottJ. Quinn
1909-08-13standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL34710425885E. WalshJ. Warhop
1909-08-14standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL37812445886F. SmithR. Manning
1909-08-21standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL4591025588713F. SmithS. Doyle
1909-08-22standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxW65106235987T. HughesE. WalshJ. Warhop
1909-08-23standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL1567315988F. SmithJ. Chesbro
1909-09-21standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxW5086116088J. WarhopJ. Scott
1909-09-23 (1)standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxW42113126188J. LakeE. Walsh
1909-09-23 (2)standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxW71116126288J. QuinnD. White
For 1909, NYY won 8, CHW won 14
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1910-05-24standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White Sox559933628812
1910-05-25standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxW50105036388R. FordF. Olmstead
1910-05-26standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxW43614106488J. QuinnJ. Scott
1910-05-27standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL1288136489E. WalshJ. Warhop
1910-06-03standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL1341206490E. WalshJ. Warhop
1910-06-04standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxW32116106590T. HughesJ. Scott
1910-06-05standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxW2065216690R. FordF. Smith
1910-07-08standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxW134159206790J. WarhopJ. Scott
1910-07-09 (1)standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL251010536791D. WhiteJ. QuinnE. Walsh
1910-07-09 (2)standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxW327931689111R. FordE. Walsh
1910-07-11standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxW84176116991J. QuinnF. Olmstead
1910-07-12standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxW43711007091J. WarhopJ. Scott
1910-08-13standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxW1034027191R. FordD. White
1910-08-14 (1)standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL14415027192F. LangeT. HughesE. Walsh
1910-08-14 (2)standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxW5167227292R. FisherE. Walsh
1910-08-15standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL2327127293J. ScottJ. Warhop
1910-08-16standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxW71107027393J. QuinnF. Olmstead
1910-08-25standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxW84156137493T. HughesF. Lange
1910-08-27 (1)standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxW431011417593J. WarhopE. Walsh
1910-08-27 (2)standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White Sox66761275938
1910-09-19standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL0153007594F. OlmsteadJ. Quinn
1910-09-20standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL0325317595F. LangeH. Vaughn
1910-09-21standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL4669227596E. WalshJ. Warhop
For 1910, NYY won 13, CHW won 8
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1911-05-23standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxW4311723769612R. FordE. Walsh
1911-05-24standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxW53115207796R. CaldwellF. Olmstead
1911-05-25standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL2312902779710E. WalshJ. Warhop
1911-06-08standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL27513327798E. WalshR. Ford
1911-06-09standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxW92167437898R. FisherJ. BakerJ. Quinn
1911-07-07standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL3569027899E. WalshR. Caldwell
1911-07-08 (1)standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL255100078100D. WhiteR. Fisher
1911-07-08 (2)standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL076126078101F. LangeK. Brockett
1911-07-09standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxW521153179101R. FordI. Young
1911-07-10standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxW52127008010111H. VaughnE. Walsh
1911-07-28standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL571512608010214E. WalshR. Caldwell
1911-07-29 (1)standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL2107135180103E. WalshH. Vaughn
1911-07-29 (2)standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL781214338010410F. OlmsteadR. FisherD. White
1911-07-31standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL0134172080105D. WhiteJ. Warhop
1911-08-01 (1)standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxW431071181105R. CaldwellE. Walsh
1911-08-01 (2)standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxW821290282105R. FordI. Young
1911-08-24standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL358123282106E. WalshJ. Quinn
1911-08-25standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL561381282107I. YoungR. FisherD. White
1911-08-26standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxW321051183107R. FordD. White
1911-09-23standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL2311100383108J. ScottR. Caldwell
1911-09-25standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxW73892384108R. FisherJ. Scott
1911-09-26standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL45995384109J. ScottR. Ford
For 1911, NYY won 9, CHW won 13
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1912-05-21standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxW981385085109R. FordF. Lange
1912-05-22standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL51111108285110E. WalshR. Caldwell
1912-05-23standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL41012103385111R. PetersR. Hoff
1912-06-09standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL12551185112G. MogridgeR. Fisher
1912-06-10standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxW51754386112R. FordF. Lange
1912-06-11standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxW631091187112J. WarhopD. White
1912-06-12standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL21112113087113E. WalshH. VaughnG. Mogridge
1912-07-22standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxW1331460488113R. FisherR. Peters
1912-07-23standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL46794288114J. BenzR. FordE. Walsh
1912-07-24standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxW431091189114G. McConnellE. Walsh
1912-07-25standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL461014208911510J. BenzJ. WarhopE. Walsh
1912-07-31standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxW12316101790115R. FordE. Cicotte
1912-08-01standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL121090290116D. WhiteG. McConnell
1912-08-02standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL35773190117E. WalshJ. Warhop
1912-08-03standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxW21643191117R. CaldwellJ. Benz
1912-08-21standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxW61982292117R. CaldwellJ. Benz
1912-08-22standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL4910132192118E. WalshJ. Warhop
1912-08-23standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxL24784092119E. CicotteR. Fisher
1912-08-24standingsNew York HighlandersChicago White SoxW7611132293119R. FordD. White
1912-09-13standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL02560193120E. WalshR. Ford
1912-09-14standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL14581093121D. WhiteR. Keating
1912-09-15standingsNew York Highlanders@Chicago White SoxL241070093122E. CicotteR. Caldwell
For 1912, NYY won 9, CHW won 13
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1913-05-15standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL23753193123J. ScottA. Schulz
1913-05-16standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL07393393124J. BenzG. McConnell
1913-05-17standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL366103293125R. RussellR. Keating
1913-05-18standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL35640193126E. WalshR. Fisher
1913-06-07standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW32671394126R. FordE. Walsh
1913-06-09standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW41873295126R. FordE. Cicotte
1913-06-10standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL15790395127J. ScottG. McConnell
1913-06-11standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL016110095128R. RussellR. Fisher
1913-07-09standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL02661195129J. ScottR. Ford
1913-07-10standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW21931196129J. WarhopR. RussellG. McConnell
1913-07-11standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW1111741497129R. KeatingB. O'Brien
1913-07-30standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW30540198129R. FisherR. Russell
1913-07-31standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW31742099129R. CaldwellE. Cicotte
1913-08-02standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL14462099130J. ScottJ. Warhop
1913-08-14standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW206500100130R. FordR. Russell
1913-08-15standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL238611100131E. CicotteR. Caldwell
1913-08-16standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL024442100132J. ScottR. Fisher
1913-08-17standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW328104210113212R. KeatingJ. Benz
1913-09-17 (1)standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL3971830101133J. ScottR. Ford
1913-09-17 (2)standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW3287131021338R. FisherE. Cicotte
1913-09-18standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW6310703103133M. McHaleR. Russell
For 1913, NYY won 10, CHW won 11
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1914-05-25standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL013610103134J. ScottJ. Warhop
1914-05-26standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL1261022103135J. BenzR. Caldwell
1914-05-28standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW615704104135R. FisherE. Cicotte
1914-06-06standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White Sox1133131041358
1914-06-07standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL043710104136R. FaberM. McHale
1914-06-08standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL012210104137R. RussellR. Fisher
1914-06-09standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL47101252104138E. CicotteR. KeatingJ. Scott
1914-07-11standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW9412814105138K. ColeR. Faber
1914-07-13 (1)standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL026620105139E. WalshR. Keating
1914-07-13 (2)standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW316613106139R. CaldwellR. Faber
1914-07-15 (1)standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL2381021106140J. ScottJ. WarhopR. Faber
1914-07-15 (2)standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW2167101071408K. ColeJ. Benz
1914-07-25standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL01641210714113J. BenzJ. Warhop
1914-07-26 (1)standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW105400108141K. ColeE. Walsh
1914-07-26 (2)standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL3791131108142R. FaberC. BrownE. Cicotte
1914-07-27standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW505511109142R. CaldwellR. Russell
1914-07-28standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL263820109143J. ScottR. Keating
1914-08-22standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW5211812110143J. WarhopE. Cicotte
1914-08-24standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL126700110144J. ScottR. Fisher
1914-08-25standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW909712111144K. ColeJ. Benz
1914-09-17standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW7213712112144J. WarhopJ. Benz
1914-09-18standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL5781101112145R. RussellK. ColeE. Cicotte
1914-09-19standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW417721113145R. KeatingJ. Scott
For 1914, NYY won 10, CHW won 12
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1915-05-24standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL457717113146R. RussellC. PiehE. Cicotte
1915-05-26standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL6711943113147J. ScottR. Keating
1915-05-27standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL2851323113148J. BenzJ. Warhop
1915-06-09standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL01321850113149E. CicotteM. McHale
1915-06-10standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL457911113150J. ScottR. Fisher
1915-06-11standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW109101210114150J. WarhopR. Russell
1915-07-22 (1)standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL135642114151J. ScottB. Shawkey
1915-07-22 (2)standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL146821114152R. FaberR. Caldwell
1915-07-23standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL235701114153E. CicotteB. Donovan
1915-07-30standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL4691030114154E. CicotteB. ShawkeyJ. Scott
1915-07-31standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW216501115154R. CaldwellJ. Benz
1915-08-02standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW327512116154C. BrownR. Faber
1915-08-21 (1)standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL01562011615511J. ScottR. Caldwell
1915-08-21 (2)standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW329711117155R. FisherE. Cicotte
1915-08-22 (1)standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL256623117156J. BenzK. ColeR. Russell
1915-08-22 (2)standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL05101121117157R. FaberC. Brown
1915-08-23standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL34891111715811J. ScottB. Shawkey
1915-09-16standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW3210600118158B. ShawkeyE. CicotteK. Cole
1915-09-17standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW328611119158A. RussellJ. Scott
1915-09-18 (1)standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL378721119159J. BenzD. Vance
1915-09-18 (2)standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL145831119160R. RussellG. Mogridge
1915-09-20standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW3211632120160K. ColeE. Cicotte
For 1915, NYY won 7, CHW won 15
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1916-05-09standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL456523120161E. CicotteR. Caldwell
1916-05-10standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL255741120162R. RussellR. Keating
1916-05-11standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW215310121162N. CullopR. Faber
1916-05-12standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW2010130122162G. MogridgeD. DanforthB. Shawkey
1916-06-03standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW508610123162G. MogridgeJ. Scott
1916-06-04standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL41261611123163R. FaberR. Fisher
1916-06-05standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW326621124163N. CullopJ. Benz
1916-07-06standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW437421125163N. CullopJ. Benz
1916-07-07standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW439122012616312G. MogridgeJ. Scott
1916-07-08standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL124802126164E. CicotteR. Caldwell
1916-07-25standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL81311913126165E. CicotteR. CaldwellJ. Scott
1916-07-26standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL021711126166E. CicotteG. Mogridge
1916-07-27standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW8612620127166S. LoveM. WolfgangB. Shawkey
1916-07-28standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW5310623128166B. ShawkeyL. Williams
1916-08-19standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL134822128167E. CicotteG. Mogridge
1916-08-21standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW6210910129167N. CullopJ. Scott
1916-08-22standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW7613921130167B. ShawkeyE. Cicotte
1916-08-23standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW5410342131167R. FisherR. Russell
1916-09-22standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL36111213131168E. CicotteG. Mogridge
1916-09-23standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW7213801132168B. ShawkeyR. Russell
1916-09-24standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL126431132169L. WilliamsN. Cullop
1916-09-25standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL1551010132170E. CicotteA. Russell
For 1916, NYY won 12, CHW won 10
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1917-05-10standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW104512133170B. ShawkeyR. Russell
1917-05-11standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW617201134170R. CaldwellD. Danforth
1917-05-12standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL126342134171J. ScottG. Mogridge
1917-05-13standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL012511134172E. CicotteN. Cullop
1917-06-12standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW439102213517212S. LoveE. Cicotte
1917-06-13standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW7614192213617210R. CaldwellJ. Benz
1917-07-12 (1)standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL126103013617310E. CicotteG. Mogridge
1917-07-12 (2)standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL356710136174R. RussellB. Shawkey
1917-07-13standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW651483313717411A. RussellR. Faber
1917-07-14standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL148823137175R. RussellS. Love
1917-07-25 (1)standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL1471003137176E. CicotteG. Mogridge
1917-07-25 (2)standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL1571232137177R. FaberR. Fisher
1917-07-26standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW6513123013817714B. ShawkeyL. Williams
1917-07-27standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL59131320138178R. RussellR. CaldwellE. Cicotte
1917-07-28 (1)standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW546921139178A. RussellR. Faber
1917-07-28 (2)standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW4313631140178R. CaldwellJ. Scott
1917-08-26standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL38131410140179R. RussellG. MogridgeD. Danforth
1917-08-27standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL035811140180E. CicotteB. ShawkeyR. Faber
1917-08-28standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL34101012140181L. WilliamsR. CaldwellR. Faber
1917-09-29 (1)standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW128151423141181S. LoveD. Danforth
1917-09-29 (2)standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL138932141182E. CicotteH. Thormahlen
1917-10-01standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW429701142182U. ShockerR. Faber
For 1917, NYY won 10, CHW won 12
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1918-05-20standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL2661021142183L. WilliamsS. Love
1918-05-22standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW107103114318314H. ThormahlenE. Cicotte
1918-06-01standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW6311911144183H. ThormahlenL. WilliamsA. Russell
1918-06-02standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL266831144184F. ShellenbackS. Love
1918-06-03standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL2981020144185E. CicotteA. Russell
1918-06-04standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL45121432144186D. DanforthR. Caldwell
1918-07-06 (1)standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW316502145186S. LoveE. Cicotte
1918-07-06 (2)standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL239951145187R. RussellH. Robinson
1918-07-08standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW658843146187J. FinneranD. Danforth
1918-07-09 (1)standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW6410612147187R. CaldwellE. Cicotte
1918-07-09 (2)standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL3411130114718810J. BenzH. Robinson
1918-07-10standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL455842147189R. RussellG. MogridgeF. Shellenback
1918-08-06standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL4511124114719015J. QuinnG. Mogridge
1918-08-07 (1)standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL48141700147191E. CicotteS. Love
1918-08-07 (2)standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL0410503147192F. ShellenbackR. Sanders
1918-08-17 (1)standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL4713922147193F. ShellenbackG. MogridgeD. Danforth
1918-08-17 (2)standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW7281023148193S. LoveD. Danforth
1918-08-19standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL1410611148194J. QuinnR. Caldwell
For 1918, NYY won 6, CHW won 12
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1919-05-22standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL019430148195L. WilliamsJ. Quinn
1919-05-23standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL0591020148196E. CicotteB. Shawkey
1919-05-24standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW218520149196H. ThormahlenR. Faber
1919-06-05standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL158710149197E. CicotteE. Shore
1919-06-07standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW6410611150197J. QuinnL. Williams
1919-06-08standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW4012111151197B. ShawkeyR. Faber
1919-07-20standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL12361015119810E. CicotteE. Shore
1919-07-21 (1)standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL67141122151199D. KerrJ. Quinn
1919-07-21 (2)standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL45960015120010D. KerrH. Thormahlen
1919-07-22standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW6113710152200J. QuinnD. Kerr
1919-07-29standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW10116621153200H. ThormahlenE. Cicotte
1919-07-30 (1)standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW651181315420010B. ShawkeyG. Lowdermilk
1919-07-30 (2)standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL356130215420110R. FaberJ. Quinn
1919-07-31standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL2751321154202D. KerrE. Shore
1919-08-23standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL21061421154203E. CicotteB. Shawkey
1919-08-24standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL147702154204L. WilliamsJ. Quinn
1919-08-25standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW65131100155204H. ThormahlenB. James
1919-09-17 (1)standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL027711155205D. KerrJ. Quinn
1919-09-17 (2)standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL21191922155206B. JamesH. Thormahlen
1919-09-18standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW6413921156206C. MaysE. Mayer
For 1919, NYY won 8, CHW won 12
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1920-05-11standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW6513811157206C. MaysR. Wilkinson
1920-05-12standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW148201112158206B. ShawkeyL. Williams
1920-06-16standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW7411942159206J. QuinnR. FaberB. Shawkey
1920-06-17standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW727712160206C. MaysL. Williams
1920-06-18standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW327800161206B. ShawkeyD. Kerr
1920-06-19standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL5615104316120710L. WilliamsG. Mogridge
1920-07-17standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW205221526162207C. MaysE. Cicotte
1920-07-18standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW849821163207R. CollinsL. Williams
1920-07-19 (1)standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW8213912164207B. ShawkeyR. Wilkinson
1920-07-19 (2)standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL58101240164208D. KerrH. Thormahlen
1920-07-20 (1)standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL57101132164209R. FaberJ. QuinnD. Kerr
1920-07-20 (2)standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW6381020165209G. MogridgeE. Cicotte
1920-08-01standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL0351110165210E. CicotteB. Shawkey
1920-08-02standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW7011900166210J. QuinnL. Williams
1920-08-03standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL1351101166211R. FaberC. Mays
1920-08-04standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL31091421166212D. KerrG. Mogridge
1920-08-26standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL516101710166213D. KerrG. Mogridge
1920-08-27standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW6512160116721312J. QuinnD. Kerr
1920-08-28standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW306602168213B. ShawkeyR. Faber
1920-09-16standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL3891421168214D. KerrJ. Quinn
1920-09-17standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL4681322168215R. FaberH. Thormahlen
1920-09-18standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL915112124168216E. CicotteB. Shawkey
For 1920, NYY won 12, CHW won 10
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1921-05-18standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL21251223168217R. FaberJ. Quinn
1921-05-19standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW11416712169217W. HoytD. Mulrenan
1921-05-20standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL56131103169218D. KerrC. Mays
1921-05-21standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW7412712170218A. FergusonD. McWeeny
1921-06-15standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL2781500170219D. KerrJ. Quinn
1921-06-16standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW7314712171219B. ShawkeyR. Wilkinson
1921-06-18standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL347722171220R. FaberW. Hoyt
1921-06-19standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL4661312171221D. KerrB. Piercy
1921-07-08standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL1410900171222D. KerrB. Shawkey
1921-07-09standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL91019192217122316S. HodgeW. Hoyt
1921-07-10standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL1451311171224R. FaberJ. Quinn
1921-07-11standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW407511172224R. CollinsD. Kerr
1921-08-07standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW2051021732245R. CollinsR. Faber
1921-08-08 (1)standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW7010401174224B. ShawkeyJ. Wieneke
1921-08-08 (2)standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL457921174225D. KerrW. HoytR. Faber
1921-08-09standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL4510710174226R. WilkinsonC. Mays
1921-08-10standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW148151020175226R. CollinsS. Hodge
1921-08-17standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW113126201762267B. ShawkeyR. Wilkinson
1921-08-18standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL6791220176227R. FaberC. MaysS. Hodge
1921-08-19standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL913152021176228S. HodgeB. Piercy
1921-09-13standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL2651012176229D. KerrH. Harper
1921-09-14standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW118101112177229R. CollinsS. HodgeW. Hoyt
For 1921, NYY won 9, CHW won 13
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1922-05-08standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW75111101178229G. MurrayG. LeverettC. Mays
1922-05-09standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW8713143117922910S. JonesJ. Acosta
1922-05-10standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL12782117923011C. RobertsonC. Mays
1922-05-11standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW418515180230S. JonesR. Faber
1922-06-06standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW316901181230W. HoytR. Faber
1922-06-07standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW97111311182230B. BushF. Schupp
1922-06-08standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW7215610183230B. ShawkeyC. Robertson
1922-06-09standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL610141300183231H. CourtneyW. Hoyt
1922-07-15standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL2310113118323212F. SchuppC. Mays
1922-07-16standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL043703183233R. FaberB. Bush
1922-07-17standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL7819131118323411T. BlankenshipC. MaysG. Leverett
1922-07-18standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW144201014184234B. ShawkeyT. Blankenship
1922-07-29standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW6213702185234B. BushH. Courtney
1922-07-30standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL56101320185235T. BlankenshipW. HoytG. Leverett
1922-07-31standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL236500185236C. RobertsonB. ShawkeyG. Leverett
1922-08-18standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW87982018623610B. BushL. Davenport
1922-08-19standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW12516812187236B. ShawkeyS. Hodge
1922-08-20standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW75111010188236W. HoytR. Faber
1922-09-13 (1)standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL3751221188237R. FaberS. Jones
1922-09-13 (2)standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW63131001189237W. HoytC. Robertson
1922-09-14standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW419401190237B. BushG. Leverett
1922-09-15standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL124800190238T. BlankenshipC. Mays
For 1922, NYY won 13, CHW won 9
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1923-05-20standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW328901191238S. JonesR. Faber
1923-05-21standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW5012712192238W. HoytH. Thurston
1923-05-22standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW311240419323815H. PennockM. Cvengros
1923-06-05standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW7612140219423810C. MaysT. Blankenship
1923-06-06standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL1451100194239R. FaberH. Pennock
1923-06-08standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL3781310194240M. CvengrosS. Jones
1923-07-10standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW327612195240S. JonesM. Cvengros
1923-07-11standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW319801196240W. HoytR. Faber
1923-07-12standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW106131131197240B. ShawkeyT. Blankenship
1923-07-13standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL348111019724110T. BlankenshipB. Bush
1923-07-28standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL138811197242C. RobertsonW. Hoyt
1923-07-29 (1)standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL2310710197243R. FaberB. Bush
1923-07-29 (2)standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW8212301198243B. ShawkeyM. Cvengros
1923-07-30standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW539612199243S. JonesG. Leverett
1923-08-18standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW65121210200243S. JonesM. CvengrosH. Pennock
1923-08-19standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL346832200244C. RobertsonW. Hoyt
1923-08-20standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW165161403201244H. PennockR. Faber
1923-09-12 (1)standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW216600202244W. HoytC. Robertson
1923-09-12 (2)standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW53121020203244H. PennockM. Cvengros
1923-09-13standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW9512814204244B. BushT. Blankenship
1923-09-14standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL478902204245G. LeverettB. Shawkey
1923-09-15standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW10413924205245S. JonesC. Robertson
For 1923, NYY won 15, CHW won 7
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1924-05-10standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW21551120624510S. JonesH. Thurston
1924-05-13standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL5712701206246T. LyonsB. ShawkeyT. Blankenship
1924-06-03standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW6313802207246H. PennockH. Thurston
1924-06-04standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL3410923207247T. LyonsB. Bush
1924-06-06standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW5312620208247S. JonesD. McWeenyH. Pennock
1924-07-08 (1)standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL21081320208248H. ThurstonB. Bush
1924-07-08 (2)standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW85161121209248W. HoytT. LyonsH. Pennock
1924-07-09standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL68101110209249R. FaberC. MarkleS. Connally
1924-07-10 (1)standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW619800210249H. PennockS. Connally
1924-07-10 (2)standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW18522402211249B. ShawkeyM. CvengrosG. Pipgras
1924-07-11standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW129131002212249M. GastonT. Lyons
1924-07-26standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW5414132221324914H. PennockS. Connally
1924-07-27standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL67111033213250C. RobertsonB. Shawkey
1924-07-28 (1)standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW8312813214250B. BushR. Faber
1924-07-28 (2)standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW1210171800215250B. ShawkeyL. MangumW. Hoyt
1924-07-29standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW94121202216250H. PennockH. Thurston
1924-08-16standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW327821217250W. HoytM. Cvengros
1924-08-17standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW214801218250H. PennockH. Thurston
1924-08-18standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW205400219250B. BushC. Robertson
1924-09-13standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW16117803220250B. BushM. Cvengros
1924-09-14standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL2541102220251H. ThurstonH. Pennock
1924-09-15standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW204700221251S. JonesR. Faber
For 1924, NYY won 16, CHW won 6
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1925-05-12standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL45872022125210H. ThurstonU. Shocker
1925-05-13standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL043611221253C. RobertsonW. Hoyt
1925-05-14standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL019401221254T. LyonsH. Pennock
1925-05-15standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW656763222254S. JonesM. CvengrosW. Hoyt
1925-06-19standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW4310100122325411H. PennockM. Cvengros
1925-06-20standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW122221102224254W. HoytC. Robertson
1925-06-21standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL2991010224255R. FaberS. Jones
1925-06-22standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL167912224256T. LyonsB. Shawkey
1925-07-11standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW5397022252568H. PennockM. Cvengros
1925-07-12standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL035700225257T. LyonsS. Jones
1925-07-13standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL4871211225258R. FaberW. Hoyt
1925-07-14standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL0351111225259T. BlankenshipU. Shocker
1925-08-09standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL341081022526012H. ThurstonU. Shocker
1925-08-11standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL215101932225261T. BlankenshipW. Hoyt
1925-08-12standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW207210226261H. PennockT. Lyons
1925-08-25standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW7414721227261S. JonesH. Thurston
1925-08-26standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL017602227262R. FaberH. Pennock
1925-08-27standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL5611824227263T. LyonsB. Shawkey
1925-09-22 (1)standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW11681411228263W. HoytH. ThurstonS. Jones
1925-09-22 (2)standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL246611228264T. BlankenshipH. Johnson
1925-09-23standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW7681003229264G. BraxtonT. LyonsU. Shocker
1925-09-24standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW651171423026410B. ShieldsS. Connally
For 1925, NYY won 9, CHW won 13
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1926-05-15standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW10116312231264H. PennockR. Faber
1926-05-17standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW5381011232264U. ShockerT. Blankenship
1926-05-18standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW53101101233264H. PennockH. Thurston
1926-06-17standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL263901233265T. BlankenshipW. Hoyt
1926-06-18standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW10216904234265H. PennockT. Thomas
1926-06-19standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW65101100235265M. ThomasJ. EdwardsW. Beall
1926-06-20standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL349822235266T. BlankenshipU. Shocker
1926-07-21 (1)standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL3481211235267T. BlankenshipW. Hoyt
1926-07-21 (2)standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW548811236267H. PennockT. LyonsB. Shawkey
1926-07-22standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW1310171120237267S. JonesH. Thurston
1926-07-23standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW11313832238267U. ShockerT. Lyons
1926-07-24standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW749704239267B. ShawkeyJ. EdwardsH. Pennock
1926-07-25standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW215711240267W. HoytT. Blankenship
1926-07-31standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW217710241267S. JonesJ. Edwards
1926-08-01standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW8413912242267H. PennockT. Thomas
1926-08-02standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL126611242268R. FaberU. Shocker
1926-08-03standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW76151320243268B. ShawkeyM. Steengrafe
1926-08-17standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL3539102432695S. ConnallyW. Hoyt
1926-09-20 (1)standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL3761022243270R. FaberH. Pennock
1926-09-20 (2)standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL349710243271T. BlankenshipS. JonesS. Connally
1926-09-21standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW14016215244271W. HoytT. Lyons
1926-09-22standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL1241002244272H. ThurstonU. Shocker
For 1926, NYY won 14, CHW won 8
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1927-05-07standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW8013503245272H. PennockT. Lyons
1927-05-08standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW9013904246272W. HoytT. Blankenship
1927-05-09standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL127112124627310R. FaberW. Moore
1927-06-07standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW416720247273W. HoytT. Thomas
1927-06-08standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW121115191124827311M. ThomasS. Connally
1927-06-09standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW839710249273H. PennockT. Blankenship
1927-06-10standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL245911249274T. LyonsU. Shocker
1927-07-21standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW415721250274W. HoytS. Connally
1927-07-22standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL57121332250275T. LyonsH. Pennock
1927-07-23standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW5210910251275U. ShockerT. BlankenshipW. Moore
1927-07-24standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW327810252275G. PipgrasT. ThomasW. Moore
1927-08-06standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxL3681300252276T. LyonsH. Pennock
1927-08-07standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW4371111253276U. ShockerT. BlankenshipW. Moore
1927-08-16standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW8113901254276H. PennockT. Thomas
1927-08-17standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW32560025527611W. MooreS. Connally
1927-08-18standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxW5414115225627612W. MooreT. Lyons
1927-08-19standingsNew York Yankees@Chicago White SoxL238810256277T. BlankenshipW. Hoyt
1927-09-16standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW7213722257277W. MooreT. Blankenship
1927-09-17 (1)standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW328611258277U. ShockerR. Faber
1927-09-17 (2)standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW8115910259277H. PennockS. Connally
1927-09-18 (1)standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW2110400260277G. PipgrasT. Thomas
1927-09-18 (2)standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW5110811261277W. HoytT. Lyons
For 1927, NYY won 17, CHW won 5
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1928-05-04standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW104111310262277H. PennockT. Thomas
1928-05-05standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW7013602263277G. PipgrasT. Blankenship
1928-05-06standingsNew York YankeesChicago White SoxW426910264277S. Coveleski