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New York Highlanders and New York Yankees vs. Boston Americans and Boston Red Sox from 1876 to 2024

Total Wins for NYY 1240
Total Wins for BOS 1026
Longest Winning Streak for NYY 12 May 27, 1936 to August 23, 1936, August 16, 1952 to April 23, 1953 and September 7, 2019 to September 19, 2020
Longest Winning Streak for BOS 17 October 3, 1911 to July 1, 1912
Most Runs Scored by NYY 24 September 28, 1923
Most Runs Scored by BOS 19 July 25, 2019
Longest Game 20 August 29, 1967
Times BOS Shutout NYY 121
Times NYY Shutout BOS 161
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W-L Records

W-L Records Table
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1903-05-07standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansL266132101B. DinneenL. Wiltse
1903-05-08standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansW611361311J. ChesbroG. Winter
1903-05-09standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansL5128172512C. YoungJ. Tannehill
1903-06-01standingsNew York HighlandersBoston AmericansL286122113T. HughesJ. Chesbro
1903-06-02standingsNew York HighlandersBoston AmericansL095143114B. DinneenJ. Tannehill
1903-06-03standingsNew York HighlandersBoston AmericansL396123115C. YoungC. Griffith
1903-07-23 (1)standingsNew York HighlandersBoston AmericansL167120116C. YoungJ. Chesbro
1903-07-23 (2)standingsNew York HighlandersBoston AmericansW42842326J. DeeringT. Hughes
1903-07-24standingsNew York HighlandersBoston AmericansL287121127N. GibsonC. Griffith
1903-07-25standingsNew York HighlandersBoston AmericansL577131128G. WinterJ. TannehillC. Young
1903-07-27standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansL05582229B. DinneenJ. Deering
1903-07-28standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansL033910210T. HughesC. Griffith
1903-07-29standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansW1514181648310H. HowellC. Young
1903-07-30standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansW12112625410J. DeeringN. Gibson
1903-09-07 (1)standingsNew York HighlandersBoston AmericansL046911411T. HughesJ. Chesbro
1903-09-07 (2)standingsNew York HighlandersBoston AmericansW5010702511J. TannehillC. Young
1903-09-08standingsNew York HighlandersBoston AmericansW102302611J. DeeringB. Dinneen
1903-09-12standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansL11091330612T. HughesJ. Deering
1903-09-14standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansW428813712J. ChesbroB. Dinneen
1903-09-15standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansL31281751713C. YoungJ. Tannehill
For 1903, NYY won 7, BOS won 13
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1904-04-14standingsNew York HighlandersBoston AmericansW8210603813J. ChesbroC. Young
1904-04-15standingsNew York HighlandersBoston AmericansL144904814N. GibsonJ. Powell
1904-04-16standingsNew York HighlandersBoston AmericansL61281632815B. DinneenT. Hughes
1904-05-06standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansL258820816J. TannehillT. Hughes
1904-05-07standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansW6311632916J. ChesbroB. Dinneen
1904-05-10standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansW2186311016J. PowellN. Gibson
1904-06-25standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansW531110121116J. ChesbroC. Young
1904-06-27standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansW84136211216J. PowellJ. Tannehill
1904-06-28standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansL2558211217N. GibsonT. Hughes
1904-07-07standingsNew York HighlandersBoston AmericansL1459221218N. GibsonJ. Chesbro
1904-07-08standingsNew York HighlandersBoston AmericansL312913311219G. WinterJ. Powell
1904-07-09standingsNew York HighlandersBoston AmericansL1258151220C. YoungJ. Chesbro
1904-07-11standingsNew York HighlandersBoston AmericansW101166141320J. PowellJ. Tannehill
1904-09-14 (1)standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansW3126371420J. ChesbroB. Dinneen
1904-09-14 (2)standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Americans11140114205
1904-09-15 (1)standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansL2398201421J. TannehillA. Orth
1904-09-15 (2)standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Americans1188121421
1904-09-16 (1)standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansW64910221521J. ChesbroB. Dinneen
1904-09-16 (2)standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansL2487331522C. YoungN. Garvin
1904-10-07standingsNew York HighlandersBoston AmericansW3255121622J. ChesbroN. Gibson
1904-10-08 (1)standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansL213613201623B. DinneenJ. Chesbro
1904-10-08 (2)standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansL01643016247C. YoungJ. Powell
1904-10-10 (1)standingsNew York HighlandersBoston AmericansL2368401625B. DinneenJ. Chesbro
1904-10-10 (2)standingsNew York HighlandersBoston AmericansW104411172510A. PuttmannG. Winter
For 1904, NYY won 10, BOS won 12
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1905-05-01standingsNew York HighlandersBoston AmericansL347920172611C. YoungA. Orth
1905-05-02standingsNew York HighlandersBoston AmericansL49510251727G. WinterA. Puttmann
1905-05-03standingsNew York HighlandersBoston AmericansW3272421827C. GriffithJ. Tannehill
1905-05-04standingsNew York HighlandersBoston AmericansL49710201828C. YoungA. Orth
1905-05-05standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansL2477211829G. WinterJ. Powell
1905-05-06standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansL2866211830B. DinneenC. Griffith
1905-05-08standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansW931010351930A. OrthC. Young
1905-05-09standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansL2547021931J. TannehillJ. Powell
1905-06-01standingsNew York HighlandersBoston AmericansW1551910222031J. ChesbroB. DinneenA. Puttmann
1905-06-03standingsNew York HighlandersBoston AmericansL310911112032J. TannehillA. Orth
1905-06-05standingsNew York HighlandersBoston AmericansW52107202132B. HoggC. Young
1905-06-24standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansL0362212133C. YoungB. Hogg
1905-06-28 (1)standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansW529422223310J. PowellB. Dinneen
1905-06-28 (2)standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansW3158002333J. ChesbroG. Winter
1905-09-02standingsNew York HighlandersBoston AmericansW1065302433A. OrthG. Winter
1905-09-04 (1)standingsNew York HighlandersBoston AmericansL49139602434J. TannehillJ. Chesbro
1905-09-04 (2)standingsNew York HighlandersBoston AmericansW851590425347C. GriffithE. Hughes
1905-10-05standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansL510910342535C. YoungA. Puttmann
1905-10-06standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansL1367422536N. GibsonW. Clarkson
1905-10-07 (1)standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansL6781234253710G. WinterA. Orth
1905-10-07 (2)standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansL9128123625385E. HughesD. NewtonB. Dinneen
For 1905, NYY won 8, BOS won 13
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1906-04-14standingsNew York HighlandersBoston AmericansW2171142263812J. ChesbroC. Young
1906-04-16standingsNew York HighlandersBoston AmericansW4394022738L. LeRoyB. Dinneen
1906-04-17standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansW4395012838A. OrthG. Winter
1906-04-18standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Americans3341133283811
1906-04-19 (1)standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansL0279202839J. TannehillJ. Chesbro
1906-04-19 (2)standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansL1386312840C. YoungD. Newton
1906-04-30standingsNew York HighlandersBoston AmericansL413724222841J. TannehillJ. ChesbroG. Winter
1906-05-01standingsNew York HighlandersBoston AmericansW8071342941B. HoggN. Gibson
1906-06-27standingsNew York HighlandersBoston AmericansW651312243041A. OrthG. Winter
1906-06-28standingsNew York HighlandersBoston AmericansW74129023141B. HoggJ. Harris
1906-06-29standingsNew York HighlandersBoston AmericansW84148023241J. ChesbroB. Dinneen
1906-07-05standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansW83115193341B. HoggJ. Harris
1906-07-06 (1)standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansW4097053441J. ChesbroB. Dinneen
1906-07-06 (2)standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansW80128133541D. NewtonC. Young
1906-09-04 (1)standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansW70156023641W. ClarksonB. Dinneen
1906-09-04 (2)standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansW1074313741A. OrthR. Glaze
1906-09-05standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansW6194043841B. HoggC. Young
1906-09-06standingsNew York HighlandersBoston AmericansW651013113941J. ChesbroG. Winter
1906-09-10standingsNew York HighlandersBoston AmericansL14510323942G. WinterB. Hogg
1906-09-11standingsNew York HighlandersBoston AmericansW1131210024042W. ClarksonE. Barry
1906-09-12standingsNew York HighlandersBoston AmericansL2466114043R. GlazeA. Orth
1906-10-05standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansW64107024143A. OrthF. OberlinJ. Chesbro
1906-10-06standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansW54115354243T. HughesL. Swormstedt
For 1906, NYY won 17, BOS won 5
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1907-04-20standingsNew York HighlandersBoston AmericansW81116254343A. OrthB. Dinneen
1907-04-22standingsNew York HighlandersBoston AmericansW871213644443B. KeefeJ. Harris
1907-04-29standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansL12711214444C. YoungS. Doyle
1907-04-30standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansW3185314544A. OrthB. Dinneen
1907-05-01standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansL34109314545T. PruiettK. Brockett
1907-05-02standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansW52107414645B. HoggJ. HarrisW. Clarkson
1907-05-31standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansW4165324745F. KitsonG. Winter
1907-06-01standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansL0278024746C. YoungB. Keefe
1907-06-22standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansL212714304747C. YoungJ. Chesbro
1907-06-24 (1)standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansW981410624847A. OrthF. Oberlin
1907-06-24 (2)standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansW113169154947F. KitsonJ. Harris
1907-06-25standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansW3297215047B. HoggT. Pruiett
1907-06-26standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston AmericansL2676125048C. YoungA. Orth
1907-08-27standingsNew York HighlandersBoston AmericansW5187315148J. ChesbroC. Young
1907-08-28 (1)standingsNew York HighlandersBoston AmericansL35512505149C. YoungA. Orth
1907-08-28 (2)standingsNew York HighlandersBoston AmericansW1073115249J. NeuerR. Kroh
1907-09-02standingsNew York HighlandersBoston AmericansL112813605250C. YoungA. Orth
1907-09-03 (1)standingsNew York HighlandersBoston AmericansL236822525110C. MorganB. Hogg
1907-09-03 (2)standingsNew York HighlandersBoston AmericansW1051173353517J. NeuerT. Pruiett
1907-10-04standingsNew York HighlandersBoston AmericansW3173435451T. HughesE. Barry
1907-10-05standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Americans334813545111
For 1907, NYY won 12, BOS won 8
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1908-04-27standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Red SoxW1042125551J. ChesbroG. Winter
1908-04-28standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Red SoxW74125315651D. NewtonR. Glaze
1908-04-29standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Red SoxL15510415652C. YoungJ. Lake
1908-05-06standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxL0475335653E. CicotteD. Newton
1908-05-08standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxW30118025753R. ManningG. Winter
1908-05-09standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxW2169125853J. ChesbroC. Young
1908-05-11standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxW3092255953D. NewtonF. Burchell
1908-06-01standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Red SoxW2094046053J. ChesbroE. Cicotte
1908-06-02 (1)standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Red SoxL07310116054C. MorganB. Hogg
1908-06-02 (2)standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Red SoxL56148546055F. BurchellD. NewtonT. Pruiett
1908-06-03standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Red SoxL16714116056R. GlazeA. Orth
1908-06-27standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Red SoxW761410226156J. LakeE. Cicotte
1908-06-29standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Red SoxL1461011615711G. WinterA. Orth
1908-06-30standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Red SoxL08013306158C. YoungR. Manning
1908-07-01standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Red SoxL3478246159F. BurchellJ. ChesbroE. Cicotte
1908-09-11 (1)standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxW4288136259B. HoggF. Arellanes
1908-09-11 (2)standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxL1584226260C. MorganJ. Chesbro
1908-09-12standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxW1056226360R. ManningC. Young
1908-09-14standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxL1256366361E. SteeleJ. Lake
1908-09-15standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxW1045136461P. WilsonE. Cicotte
1908-10-05standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxL0486016462K. BradyR. Manning
1908-10-06standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxL3111414516463D. McMahonA. O'Connor
For 1908, NYY won 10, BOS won 12
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1909-04-26standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxL0124306464C. ChechD. Newton
1909-04-27standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxW4357336564P. WilsonC. MorganJ. Quinn
1909-04-28standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxL212512826565E. SteeleJ. Quinn
1909-04-29standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxL410713636566E. CicotteD. Newton
1909-05-05standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Red SoxW2056106666K. BrockettF. Arellanes
1909-05-06standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Red SoxL3478316667E. CicotteJ. Warhop
1909-05-07standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Red SoxW4311832676712J. LakeC. Chech
1909-05-08standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Red SoxL46109326768E. SteeleJ. Quinn
1909-06-22standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxL691013246769F. ArellanesJ. LakeV. Schlitzer
1909-06-23standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxL5141321436770E. SteeleS. Doyle
1909-07-07standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Red SoxL69914116771C. ChechR. Manning
1909-07-27standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Red SoxW60133126871P. WilsonV. Schlitzer
1909-07-28standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Red SoxL28912326872F. ArellanesJ. Warhop
1909-08-18 (1)standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Red SoxL0337206873S. WoodP. Wilson
1909-08-18 (2)standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Red SoxL3659026874E. CicotteJ. Chesbro
1909-08-19 (1)standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Red SoxW76910116974J. WarhopE. Karger
1909-08-19 (2)standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Red SoxW218732707410K. BrockettC. Hall
1909-09-04standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxW86158247174K. BrockettC. Hall
1909-09-06 (1)standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxL910101138717510S. WoodR. Manning
1909-09-06 (2)standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxW96711347275P. WilsonS. WoodT. Hughes
1909-10-02 (1)standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxW65108627375P. WilsonJ. Chesbro
1909-10-02 (2)standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxL16812217376C. SmithJ. LakeL. Pape
For 1909, NYY won 9, BOS won 13
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1910-04-14standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Red Sox44111130737614
1910-04-15standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Red SoxL2375417377C. SmithJ. Quinn
1910-04-16standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Red SoxW4299327477J. FrillF. Arellanes
1910-05-06standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxW110102157577J. FrillE. Karger
1910-05-07standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxW416715767710H. VaughnE. Cicotte
1910-05-09standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxL010511617678S. WoodJ. Frill
1910-07-05standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Red SoxW32108127778J. WarhopC. Hall
1910-07-06 (1)standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Red SoxW3268017878J. QuinnE. Cicotte
1910-07-06 (2)standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Red SoxL351211027879C. SmithT. Hughes
1910-07-07standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Red SoxL4131019647880E. KargerH. Vaughn
1910-07-27 (1)standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxL45117107881E. CicotteT. Hughes
1910-07-27 (2)standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxW6310933798111R. FordC. Smith
1910-07-28standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxW541014038081J. QuinnC. Hall
1910-07-29standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxW31410028181R. ManningS. Wood
1910-07-30standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxL459810818210F. ArellanesJ. WarhopC. Smith
1910-09-02standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Red SoxW6576128282J. QuinnS. Wood
1910-09-10 (1)standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxW63109458382R. FordE. Cicotte
1910-09-10 (2)standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxL35711228383S. WoodJ. Quinn
1910-09-12 (1)standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxL0439118384R. CollinsH. Vaughn
1910-09-12 (2)standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxL5691012838510S. WoodR. Fisher
1910-09-13standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxW751213138485T. HughesB. HuntR. Ford
1910-10-08 (1)standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Red SoxW4197118585J. WarhopS. Wood
1910-10-08 (2)standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Red SoxW651111118685R. CaldwellC. Mahoney
For 1910, NYY won 13, BOS won 9
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1911-04-25standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxL3576218686S. WoodR. Fisher
1911-04-26standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxL8111313648687E. CicotteH. AblesC. Hall
1911-04-27standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxW4344438787R. FordC. Hall
1911-04-28standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxW2179208887R. CaldwellR. Collins
1911-05-04standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Red SoxL0228128888S. WoodR. Caldwell
1911-05-05standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Red SoxL6141114328889C. HallK. Brockett
1911-05-06standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Red SoxW6398238989R. FordE. Cicotte
1911-05-08standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Red SoxL04154289906S. WoodR. Caldwell
1911-06-19standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Red SoxL3687118991S. WoodR. Caldwell
1911-06-20standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Red SoxW981611119091H. VaughnC. Hall
1911-06-21standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Red SoxL311617309092J. KillilayR. FisherS. Wood
1911-06-22standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Red SoxW70943391925J. WarhopL. Pape
1911-06-29 (1)standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxW3147449292J. WarhopS. Wood
1911-06-29 (2)standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxL2395419293J. KillilayH. Vaughn
1911-06-30standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxL671112329294E. CicotteJ. Quinn
1911-07-01standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxW82125249394R. FordR. Collins
1911-09-04 (1)standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxW6379159494R. FordS. Wood
1911-09-04 (2)standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxW51114249594H. VaughnE. Karger
1911-09-05standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxW4388029694R. CaldwellC. Hall
1911-10-03 (1)standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Red SoxL14410119695C. HallR. Fisher
1911-10-03 (2)standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Red SoxL07293196968S. WoodJ. Warhop
1911-10-04standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Red SoxL466101296978E. CicotteR. Ford
For 1911, NYY won 10, BOS won 12
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1912-04-11standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Red SoxL3577229698S. WoodR. Caldwell
1912-04-12standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Red SoxL25610209699B. O'BrienR. Ford
1912-04-13standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Red SoxL48574296100C. HallH. Vaughn
1912-04-20standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxL67814379610111C. HallH. Vaughn
1912-06-19standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Red SoxL255103296102H. BedientJ. Warhop
1912-06-20standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Red SoxL81516185396103B. O'BrienR. Ford
1912-06-21standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Red SoxL3119153096104S. WoodJ. Quinn
1912-06-22 (1)standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Red SoxL2137152196105C. HallG. McConnell
1912-06-22 (2)standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Red SoxL310992196106R. CollinsJ. Warhop
1912-06-28 (1)standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxL458115296107C. HallR. Ford
1912-06-28 (2)standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxL468124296108H. BedientJ. Warhop
1912-06-29 (1)standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxL61310217096109B. O'BrienJ. QuinnL. Pape
1912-06-29 (2)standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxL0611001961107S. WoodC. Thompson
1912-07-01standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxL14632196111C. HallG. McConnell
1912-07-02standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxW9714122397111R. FordH. Bedient
1912-09-02 (1)standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Red SoxL12280197112H. BedientR. Ford
1912-09-02 (2)standingsNew York HighlandersBoston Red SoxL01872097113S. WoodG. McConnell
1912-09-24 (1)standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxW521471198113G. McConnellH. Bedient
1912-09-24 (2)standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxL139901981148B. O'BrienR. Caldwell
1912-09-25standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxL06264098115S. WoodA. Schulz
1912-09-26standingsNew York Highlanders@Boston Red SoxL1215171414981168L. PapeR. Caldwell
For 1912, NYY won 2, BOS won 19
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1913-04-14standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL12481098117S. WoodR. Caldwell
1913-04-15standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW32782299117R. KeatingC. Hall
1913-04-26standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL585104299118H. BedientJ. Warhop
1913-04-30standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL189132299119H. BedientA. Schulz
1913-05-24standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red Sox3387219911910
1913-05-26standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL13583099120H. BedientG. McConnell
1913-06-02 (1)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL34443299121D. LeonardR. FisherH. Bedient
1913-06-02 (2)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL6811120199122S. WoodG. McConnellH. Bedient
1913-06-25standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW524814100122R. FordS. Wood
1913-06-27 (1)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL31041524100123D. LeonardR. Keating
1913-06-27 (2)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL467912100124H. BedientR. Fisher
1913-06-28 (1)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL69131250100125R. CollinsG. McConnell
1913-06-28 (2)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW7691015101125R. FordC. Hall
1913-09-01 (1)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL0641231101126E. MoseleyA. Schulz
1913-09-01 (2)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL3410103210112711D. LeonardR. Ford
1913-09-02standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL2491003101128H. BedientM. McHale
1913-09-03standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW11416704102128R. CaldwellF. Anderson
1913-09-29 (1)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW319820103128R. KeatingH. Bedient
1913-09-29 (2)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW5186131041288R. FisherF. Anderson
1913-09-30 (1)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL2371212104129D. LeonardR. Ford
1913-09-30 (2)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL03211311041308E. MoseleyM. McHale
For 1913, NYY won 6, BOS won 14
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1914-04-29standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW107701105130R. FisherD. Leonard
1914-05-01standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW608311106130R. CaldwellH. Bedient
1914-05-07standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL024711106131R. FosterR. Fisher
1914-05-08standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL033712106132D. LeonardR. Keating
1914-05-09standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW328904107132M. McHaleR. Collins
1914-05-11standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW626714108132R. CaldwellF. Coumbe
1914-06-24 (1)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL034520108133D. LeonardM. McHale
1914-06-24 (2)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW327610109133R. CaldwellH. Bedient
1914-06-25 (1)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW328522110133J. WarhopR. Collins
1914-06-25 (2)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL34101110110134R. JohnsonR. CaldwellS. Wood
1914-06-26standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL12560111013510D. LeonardR. Fisher
1914-06-27standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL3551040110136S. WoodK. Cole
1914-08-13standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW104801111136R. FisherD. Leonard
1914-08-14standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW7671124112136K. ColeR. Collins
1914-08-15standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL019810112137V. GreggM. McHaleE. Shore
1914-09-07 (1)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL154712112138R. FosterM. McHale
1914-09-07 (2)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW8172021131387R. KeatingS. Wood
1914-09-08standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL5691300113139E. ShoreR. Fisher
1914-10-01 (1)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW539762114139J. WarhopR. Foster
1914-10-01 (2)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL246922114140H. BedientM. McHale
1914-10-02standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL51161444114141B. RuthC. Brown
1914-10-03standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW325437115141R. FisherE. Shore
For 1914, NYY won 11, BOS won 11
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1915-04-27standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW206202116141R. KeatingR. Foster
1915-04-29standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW6481145117141M. McHaleE. Shore
1915-05-06standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW4310122411814113C. PiehB. Ruth
1915-05-07standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL3581110118142D. LeonardR. Caldwell
1915-05-08standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW10313742119142R. FisherR. Collins
1915-05-10standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL137801119143R. FosterM. McHale
1915-06-01standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL3413101311914413S. WoodR. Keating
1915-06-02standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL1751310119145B. RuthJ. Warhop
1915-06-25standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL5911811119146B. RuthR. Caldwell
1915-06-26 (1)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW518913120146J. WarhopR. Foster
1915-06-26 (2)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL242602120147S. WoodC. BrownC. Mays
1915-06-28 (1)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW329802121147R. FisherE. Shore
1915-06-28 (2)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL367711121148V. GreggM. McHaleC. Mays
1915-06-29standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL348104112114910B. RuthR. Caldwell
1915-09-06 (1)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW406302122149R. FisherR. Foster
1915-09-06 (2)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW528602123149R. CaldwellB. Ruth
1915-09-07standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW8312824124149G. MogridgeE. Shore
1915-10-04 (1)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW519623125149C. MarkleD. Leonard
1915-10-04 (2)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW326422126149R. CaldwellR. Foster
1915-10-06 (1)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL024601126150D. LeonardG. MogridgeC. Mays
1915-10-06 (2)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL245932126151B. RuthD. Tipple
1915-10-07standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW438801127151B. ShawkeyR. Collins
For 1915, NYY won 12, BOS won 10
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1916-04-25standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL34890412715210B. RuthR. Caldwell
1916-04-26standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW9012403128152C. MarkleM. McHale
1916-04-28standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL231270112815311V. GreggR. Keating
1916-05-04standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL032930128154D. LeonardR. Caldwell
1916-05-05standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW841172212915413B. ShawkeyV. Gregg
1916-05-06standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW548801130154C. MarkleR. FosterN. Cullop
1916-05-08standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW408303131154G. MogridgeV. Gregg
1916-05-26 (1)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW2110621132154R. FisherD. Leonard
1916-05-26 (2)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW651464313315410B. ShawkeyS. Jones
1916-05-27standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW428421134154R. KeatingB. Ruth
1916-05-29standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL033800134155C. MaysR. Caldwell
1916-06-20standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW4112701135155R. KeatingD. Leonard
1916-06-21standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL020800135156R. FosterB. Shawkey
1916-06-22standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL013702135157B. RuthR. Fisher
1916-09-01standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW739922136157N. CullopC. Mays
1916-09-02standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL35121020136158R. FosterG. MogridgeD. Leonard
1916-09-04 (1)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL1751141136159B. RuthA. Russell
1916-09-04 (2)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW437611137159B. ShawkeyC. Mays
1916-09-27standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL23672313716010C. MaysU. Shocker
1916-09-28standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW421171313816010G. MogridgeC. Mays
1916-09-29standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL035921138161B. RuthB. Shawkey
1916-09-30standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL01671213816210D. LeonardN. Cullop
For 1916, NYY won 11, BOS won 11
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1917-04-11standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL31031401138163B. RuthR. Caldwell
1917-04-12standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL167950138164D. LeonardB. Shawkey
1917-04-14standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW728701139164G. MogridgeH. Pennock
1917-04-21standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL4691120139165B. RuthB. Shawkey
1917-04-23standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW9691334140165S. LoveR. Foster
1917-04-24standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW218034141165G. MogridgeD. Leonard
1917-06-20 (1)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW328912142165A. RussellD. Leonard
1917-06-20 (2)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL138540142166B. RuthA. Russell
1917-06-21standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW5410821143166U. ShockerH. Pennock
1917-06-22standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL123621143167C. MaysB. Shawkey
1917-06-28 (1)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL239220143168D. LeonardR. Fisher
1917-06-28 (2)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL054831143169H. PennockR. Caldwell
1917-06-29standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL121172014317010R. FosterG. Mogridge
1917-06-30standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL2961101143171C. MaysN. Cullop
1917-07-02standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red Sox4415111114317111
1917-09-03 (1)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW107610144171B. ShawkeyR. Foster
1917-09-03 (2)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW415610145171R. FisherD. Leonard
1917-09-04 (1)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL245611145172B. RuthG. Mogridge
1917-09-04 (2)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW7311602146172R. CaldwellC. Mays
1917-09-13standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW137171231147172B. ShawkeyH. PennockS. Love
1917-09-14standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL5681222147173C. MaysU. Shocker
1917-09-15standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL3861230147174B. RuthN. Cullop
1917-09-17standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL165902147175D. LeonardR. Fisher
For 1917, NYY won 9, BOS won 13
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1918-04-19 (1)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL124820147176B. BushA. Russell
1918-04-19 (2)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL5913860147177B. RuthH. Thormahlen
1918-04-20standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL3411700147178C. MaysS. Love
1918-04-22standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW11413824148178G. MogridgeD. Leonard
1918-04-23standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL013220148179B. BushH. Thormahlen
1918-05-03standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW329101114917911S. LoveB. Bush
1918-05-04standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW548803150179A. RussellB. Ruth
1918-05-06standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW103131003151179G. MogridgeC. Mays
1918-06-24standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW327350152179G. MogridgeB. Bush
1918-06-25standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL3771011152180S. JonesA. Russell
1918-06-26standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW316401153180S. LoveC. Mays
1918-06-27standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW75101714154180G. MogridgeB. BushR. Caldwell
1918-08-10 (1)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW511290015518010G. MogridgeB. Bush
1918-08-10 (2)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW418720156180R. CaldwellC. Mays
1918-08-12standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW214302157180H. RobinsonB. Ruth
1918-09-02 (1)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL237901157181S. JonesS. Love
1918-09-02 (2)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW4391011158181G. MogridgeJ. Dubuc
For 1918, NYY won 11, BOS won 6
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1919-04-23standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL01041340158182C. MaysG. Mogridge
1919-05-01standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW739912159182J. QuinnC. Mays
1919-05-02standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW316611160182A. RussellS. Jones
1919-05-03standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL237610160183B. RuthB. Shawkey
1919-05-05standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW518600161183J. QuinnG. Dumont
1919-06-22standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW6216511162183E. ShoreS. Jones
1919-06-28 (1)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL027422162184C. MaysH. Thormahlen
1919-06-28 (2)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW417810163184E. ShoreC. MaysB. Shawkey
1919-06-29standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL3571022163185S. JonesG. Mogridge
1919-06-30 (1)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW7414706164185B. ShawkeyB. James
1919-06-30 (2)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW4212412165185J. QuinnH. Pennock
1919-07-24standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL348713165186H. PennockB. Shawkey
1919-07-25standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL68131012165187B. RuthA. Russell
1919-07-26standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW85141032166187A. RussellS. Jones
1919-07-28standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL158900166188H. PennockP. Schneider
1919-09-08 (1)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL137810166189S. JonesH. Thormahlen
1919-09-08 (2)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL0331011166190W. HoytG. Mogridge
1919-09-24 (1)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL045622166191S. JonesJ. Quinn
1919-09-24 (2)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW215131116719113B. ShawkeyW. Hoyt
For 1919, NYY won 9, BOS won 10
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1920-04-19 (1)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL065830167192W. HoytG. Mogridge
1920-04-19 (2)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL3871023167193B. BushC. Mays
1920-04-20standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL2331002167194H. PennockB. Shawkey
1920-04-30standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL248801167195W. HoytC. Mays
1920-05-01standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW6010401168195B. ShawkeyH. Pennock
1920-05-02standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW7113811169195H. ThormahlenS. Jones
1920-05-03standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL133711169196A. RussellG. Mogridge
1920-05-04standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW6110620170196J. QuinnW. Hoyt
1920-05-27standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW6110822171196B. ShawkeyH. HarperC. Mays
1920-05-28standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW43101000172196E. ShoreA. RussellJ. Quinn
1920-05-29 (1)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW4371012173196J. QuinnB. Bush
1920-05-29 (2)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW8311732174196C. MaysS. Jones
1920-06-25standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL366640174197H. PennockJ. Quinn
1920-06-26standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW14018101175197R. CollinsB. Bush
1920-06-27standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW7510731176197C. MaysA. RussellJ. Quinn
1920-06-29standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW6512601177197H. ThormahlenS. Jones
1920-07-25standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW8211412178197C. MaysW. Hoyt
1920-07-26standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL0931001178198S. JonesR. Collins
1920-09-02standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL265621178199E. MyersB. Shawkey
1920-09-03standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW5381101179199C. MaysB. Karr
1920-09-04 (1)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW5311921180199R. CollinsS. JonesB. Shawkey
1920-09-04 (2)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL569930180200B. BushC. Mays
For 1920, NYY won 13, BOS won 9
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1921-04-17standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW4010400181200C. MaysS. Jones
1921-04-20standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW8412912182200J. QuinnA. Russell
1921-05-02standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL127500182201S. JonesC. Mays
1921-05-03standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW2091000183201B. PiercyH. Pennock
1921-06-20standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW7610111218420110C. MaysE. Myers
1921-06-21 (1)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL38101310184202H. PennockB. Shawkey
1921-06-21 (2)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL1651030184203B. BushW. Hoyt
1921-06-22 (1)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW8215604185203J. QuinnS. Jones
1921-06-22 (2)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL156820185204A. RussellB. Piercy
1921-06-23standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW6112510186204R. CollinsH. Thormahlen
1921-06-29 (1)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW8511731187204B. ShawkeyH. Pennock
1921-06-29 (2)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW53991018820410C. MaysB. Bush
1921-07-02 (1)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW539702189204R. CollinsA. Russell
1921-07-02 (2)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW5110720190204W. HoytE. Myers
1921-09-05 (1)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW8014832191204B. ShawkeyS. Jones
1921-09-05 (2)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL2841310191205B. KarrR. Collins
1921-09-06standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL126911191206B. BushW. Hoyt
1921-09-07 (1)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW6291200192206C. MaysA. Russell
1921-09-07 (2)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW729701193206H. HarperH. Pennock
1921-09-11 (1)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL137552193207B. BushW. Hoyt
1921-09-11 (2)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW5111501194207B. ShawkeyB. Karr
1921-10-02standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW7610930195207B. PiercyC. Fullerton
For 1921, NYY won 15, BOS won 7
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1922-04-18standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW108161414196207B. BushB. KarrS. Jones
1922-04-19 (1)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL3591011196208J. QuinnC. Mays
1922-04-19 (2)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW6113503197208W. HoytA. Russell
1922-04-28standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW10314731198208B. BushB. Karr
1922-04-29standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL2510102319820914A. FergusonW. Hoyt
1922-04-30standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL128710198210H. PennockB. Shawkey
1922-05-01standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL2541000198211A. FergusonC. Mays
1922-05-02standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW126181022199211S. JonesC. Fullerton
1922-06-01standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW54111011200211B. BushR. Collins
1922-06-03standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL2647132002127J. QuinnS. JonesA. Ferguson
1922-06-22standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL2651011200213J. QuinnW. Hoyt
1922-06-23standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL4510912200214H. PennockB. Bush
1922-06-24 (1)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL712111314200215A. RussellS. Jones
1922-06-24 (2)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL2571011200216B. PiercyB. Bush
1922-06-26standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW64111021201216B. ShawkeyJ. Quinn
1922-07-23standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW117151035202216B. BushA. FergusonS. Jones
1922-09-05 (1)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL34101101202217H. PennockW. Hoyt
1922-09-05 (2)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL5691021202218R. CollinsB. Bush
1922-09-06standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW92131212203218B. ShawkeyJ. Quinn
1922-09-28standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL134901203219R. CollinsB. Bush
1922-09-29standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL015601203220J. QuinnB. Shawkey
1922-09-30standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW317821204220W. HoytA. FergusonB. Bush
For 1922, NYY won 9, BOS won 13
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1923-04-18standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW417311205220B. ShawkeyH. Ehmke
1923-04-19standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW8210603206220B. BushA. Ferguson
1923-04-20standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW4312501207220S. JonesB. Piercy
1923-04-21standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW7681300208220C. MaysL. O'DoulS. Jones
1923-04-26standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL45111220208221L. O'DoulB. Bush
1923-04-27standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW428614209221B. ShawkeyC. Fullerton
1923-04-28standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL355802209222G. MurrayB. Bush
1923-05-31standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW8114515210222B. ShawkeyG. Murray
1923-06-01standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL0571201210223J. QuinnS. Jones
1923-06-02standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL3761411210224H. EhmkeW. Hoyt
1923-06-22standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW429923211224B. ShawkeyJ. Quinn
1923-06-23standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW409520212224B. BushH. Ehmke
1923-06-25standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW146171221213224S. JonesB. PiercyB. Shawkey
1923-06-26standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL1311821213225J. QuinnW. Hoyt
1923-09-09 (1)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW6211610214225B. BushC. Fullerton
1923-09-09 (2)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW407302215225B. ShawkeyG. Murray
1923-09-10standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW8113220216225S. JonesJ. Quinn
1923-09-11standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL031611216226H. EhmkeG. Pipgras
1923-09-27standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW8310803217226G. PipgrasB. Piercy
1923-09-28standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW244301123218226S. JonesH. Ehmke
1923-09-29 (1)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL45141120218227J. QuinnW. Hoyt
1923-09-29 (2)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL2311101021822816G. MurrayG. Pipgras
For 1923, NYY won 14, BOS won 8
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1924-04-15standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW215203219228W. HoytH. Ehmke
1924-04-16standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL6961104219229J. QuinnS. Jones
1924-04-17standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL1951430219230A. FergusonW. Hoyt
1924-04-23standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW13415922220230H. PennockH. Ehmke
1924-04-24standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW639612221230B. ShawkeyA. Ferguson
1924-04-25standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW527622222230B. BushB. Piercy
1924-04-26standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW4312110022323011W. HoytJ. Quinn
1924-06-21 (1)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW5312930224230B. ShawkeyJ. Quinn
1924-06-21 (2)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red Sox3338002242305
1924-06-22standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL26101201224231H. EhmkeB. Bush
1924-06-26standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL58151231224232H. EhmkeC. Markle
1924-06-27 (1)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW127141401225232B. ShawkeyG. MurrayS. Jones
1924-06-27 (2)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW105111005226232W. HoytB. Ross
1924-06-28standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW4310112322723212H. PennockA. Ferguson
1924-09-01 (1)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW305533228232H. PennockC. Fullerton
1924-09-01 (2)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW12216742229232B. ShawkeyB. Piercy
1924-09-02 (1)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL614101821229233H. EhmkeW. Hoyt
1924-09-02 (2)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW52111030230233B. BushA. Ferguson
1924-09-03standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW116151102231233W. BeallJ. QuinnS. Jones
1924-09-08standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW206201232233B. BushC. Fullerton
1924-09-09standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW5481023233233H. PennockJ. QuinnW. Hoyt
1924-09-11 (1)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW439701234233S. JonesH. Ehmke
1924-09-11 (2)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW8316911235233B. ShawkeyA. Ferguson
For 1924, NYY won 17, BOS won 5
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1925-04-18standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW638414236233H. PennockA. Ferguson
1925-04-21standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW5113600237233S. JonesO. Fuhr
1925-05-01standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL57141221237234J. QuinnH. Pennock
1925-05-02standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL458813237235T. WingfieldB. Shawkey
1925-05-26 (1)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL238801237236H. EhmkeH. Pennock
1925-05-26 (2)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW619400238236U. ShockerT. Wingfield
1925-05-27standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW4310600239236A. FergusonR. RuffingW. Hoyt
1925-05-28 (1)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL138801239237J. QuinnB. Shawkey
1925-05-28 (2)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW7210812240237S. JonesR. Francis
1925-05-31standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL6910150224023812J. QuinnB. Shawkey
1925-06-27 (1)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW105111302241238A. FergusonJ. QuinnS. Jones
1925-06-27 (2)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW5151000242238U. ShockerR. Ruffing
1925-06-29standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL51081610242239T. WingfieldA. Ferguson
1925-06-30standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW3010411243239S. JonesH. Ehmke
1925-07-01standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW118141124244239H. PennockO. FuhrU. Shocker
1925-09-01standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW214901245239B. ShawkeyH. Ehmke
1925-09-02standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW429615246239H. PennockP. Zahniser
1925-09-07standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL1551310246240H. EhmkeS. Jones
1925-09-08 (1)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW549821247240B. ShawkeyR. RuffingW. Hoyt
1925-09-08 (2)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW7414902248240H. PennockB. Ross
1925-09-09standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL459913248241T. WingfieldH. Johnson
1925-09-13standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL125611248242T. WingfieldW. Hoyt
For 1925, NYY won 13, BOS won 9
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1926-04-13standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW1211151431249242B. ShawkeyH. EhmkeS. Jones
1926-04-14standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL78111540249243R. RuffingW. HoytT. Wingfield
1926-04-16standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW3271011250243H. PennockP. Zahniser
1926-04-21standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW8510930251243W. HoytH. Ehmke
1926-04-22standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL8916133325124410T. WingfieldB. Shawkey
1926-04-23standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW316700252244H. PennockR. Ruffing
1926-04-24standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW9112404253244U. ShockerH. Wiltse
1926-05-23standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW8310631254244W. HoytT. Wingfield
1926-05-24standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW426501255244U. ShockerH. Wiltse
1926-05-25 (1)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW5314813256244M. ThomasP. Zahniser
1926-05-25 (2)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW54101201257244H. PennockH. Ehmke
1926-05-26standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW98141010258244G. BraxtonD. Lundgren
1926-06-03standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW8511321259244M. ThomasH. WiltseS. Jones
1926-06-24standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL566140225924511T. WingfieldW. Hoyt
1926-06-25 (1)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW12213711260245S. JonesF. Heimach
1926-06-25 (2)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW11414823261245U. ShockerP. Zahniser
1926-06-27standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW719512262245W. BeallF. Heimach
1926-08-15 (1)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW428600263245H. PennockT. Wingfield
1926-08-15 (2)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL359900263246P. ZahniserM. Thomas
1926-09-07standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW42121121264246U. ShockerT. Wingfield
1926-09-08standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL2551102264247H. WiltseS. Jones
1926-09-09standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW10012401265247B. ShawkeyP. Zahniser
For 1926, NYY won 17, BOS won 5
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1927-04-16standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW5261001266247U. ShockerR. Ruffing
1927-04-17standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW14218803267247W. HoytJ. Russell
1927-04-18standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW3010300268247D. RuetherS. Harriss
1927-04-19standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL369921268248H. WiltseB. Shawkey
1927-04-29standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW9012612269248D. RuetherS. Harriss
1927-04-30standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL2310812269249H. WiltseU. Shocker
1927-05-29standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW15717723270249M. ThomasT. Wingfield
1927-06-21 (1)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW7313621271249H. PennockT. Wingfield
1927-06-21 (2)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW719501272249W. HoytT. Welzer
1927-06-22 (1)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW7491001273249W. MooreH. Wiltse
1927-06-22 (2)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW323612274249U. ShockerR. RuffingW. Moore
1927-06-23standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW11415901275249D. RuetherD. Lundgren
1927-06-29standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW8215322276249G. PipgrasH. Wiltse
1927-06-30standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW13619932277249W. MooreS. Harriss
1927-07-01standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW7412931278249H. PennockD. MacFaydenB. Shawkey
1927-07-02standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW329710279249D. RuetherJ. Russell
1927-08-31standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW10313912280249G. PipgrasR. Ruffing
1927-09-05 (1)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL111221202628025018H. WiltseW. Hoyt
1927-09-05 (2)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW5073002812505U. ShockerH. Wiltse
1927-09-06 (1)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW14220710282250H. PennockT. Welzer
1927-09-06 (2)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL256810282251J. RussellD. Ruether
1927-09-07standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW1210101303283251B. ShawkeyS. Harriss
For 1927, NYY won 18, BOS won 4
Date Standings Tm   Opp RS RA H Hopp E Eopp W L Inn Win Loss Save
1928-04-16standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW7210531284251G. PipgrasD. MacFayden
1928-04-18standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW107151232285251W. HoytH. Bradley
1928-04-19 (1)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxL67161002285252S. HarrissW. MooreR. Ruffing
1928-04-19 (2)standingsNew York Yankees@Boston Red SoxW72116102862526H. PennockH. Wiltse
1928-04-26standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW9413831287252A. ShealyD. MacFayden
1928-05-21 (1)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxL489622287253E. MorrisA. Shealy
1928-05-21 (2)standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW324812288253W. HoytR. Ruffing
1928-05-22standingsNew York YankeesBoston Red SoxW14422803289253S. CoveleskiS. Harriss