Team Future Payrolls

  • Buyouts are always shown when years are options ([*] for option details)
Team Future Payrolls
Name Age Yrs Acquired SrvTm Agent Contract Status 2022 2023 2024
Chad Pinder307Amateur Draft5.047Ballengee Group1 yr/$2.73M (22)$2.73MFA
Ramon Laureano275Traded3.014Octagon1 yr/$2.45M (22)$2.45MArbArb
Tony Kemp307Traded4.098Ballengee Group1 yr/$2.25M (22)$2.25MArbFA
Stephen Vogt3710Free Agency8.064All Bases Covered1 yr/$850k (22)$850kFA
Deolis Guerra336Free Agency3.071GSE Worldwide1 yr/$815k (22)$815kArbArb
Billy McKinney275Free Agency2.107Boras Corporation1 yr/$700k (22)$700kArbArb
Matt Davidson316Free Agency3.112MVP Sports GroupArbArb
Austin Pruitt325Free Agency3.098ArbArb
Adam Kolarek336Traded2.166Warner Sports Man...Arb
Sean Murphy274Amateur Draft2.029Rowley Sports Man...Arb
Paul Blackburn286Traded2.018Sosnick Cobbe & K...Arb
Sam Selman314Waivers1.128CAA SportsArb
A.J. Puk273Amateur Draft1.124ISE BaseballArb
Cole Irvin284Purchased1.120Arb
Seth Brown294Amateur Draft1.104Ball Players Agen...Arb
Vimael Machin283Purchased1.043Arb
Joel Payamps284Waivers1.027Arb
James Kaprielian283Traded1.004Arb
Beau Taylor323Free Agency0.171Ballplayers Agenc...Arb
Domingo Tapia303Waivers0.125Optimum Baseball ...
Ernie Clement262Waivers0.106
Skye Bolt283Purchased0.099Jet Sports Manage...
Kevin Smith252Traded0.047
Cristian Pache233Traded0.079Rep 1 Baseball
Sheldon Neuse273Waivers0.078Octagon
Sam Moll303Purchased0.075
Daulton Jefferies263Amateur Draft0.048Apex Baseball
Luis Barrera262Amateur Free Agent0.037
Domingo Acevedo282Free Agency0.033
Kirby Snead272Traded0.033Warner Sports Man...
Dany Jimenez282Free Agency0.031PNY Sports
Brent Honeywell Jr.271st0.008
Elvis Andrus traded to/from Texas Rangers-$7.25M
Jake Diekman buyout$750k
Name 2022 2023 2024
SignedPlayers With Guaranteed Contracts (does not include players with options)*6
Dollars CommittedValue of Guaranteed Contracts (no options are exercised and includes buyouts)*$3.29M
Contract OptionsPlayers with any type of option
Option ValuesMaximum value of options if all are exercised
Arb EligibleNumber of arbitration eligible players (1st-2nd-3rd-4th, "Arb" players = 3rds)0-0-4-00-0-16-0
Arb CostsRough estimated value of all arbitration cases (uses 3-year averages for 1st yr, 2nd,..)$19.78M$79.1M
Other PlayersAdditional Players Needed to Fill 25-man (no options exercised)219
Other CostsEstimate of Remaining Players Costs (based on 1-year avg of all pre-arb players)$14.7M$6.3M
Payroll (no options)Est. Total Payroll w/o Options (Guaranteed + Arb + Other)$34.5M$85.4M
Payroll (options)Est. Total Payroll w/ Options (Guaranteed + Options + Arb + Other)$34.5M$85.4M